NYC’s New Trash Barrel Robots

How many of you have at some point felt that it’s the one time you need a city trash bin when there’s none to be found nearly anywhere. You need to make your way to one, and if not you have one of 2 options; carry your refuse with you indefinitely or be civically irresponsible and litter. But what about if there’s the chance that a trash bin is making its way to you? Technology is quite amazing, and as much as we admire it we’re thankful that what we do as dumpster rental in Trenton and Colborne provider is much more straightforward and doesn’t require a whole lot more than the bins, a fleet of trucks to deliver and pick them up, and a commitment to good customer service and the best price on disposal bin rentals around here.

Enough about that though. Where we’re going with this talk about trash bins and technology is this; It’s about a good 9-hour drive from here to New York City but if you were to make the trip to the Big Apple you might encounter a trash barrel robot that isn’t the type to stay in just one spot on the sidewalk at all times.

Go Robot

Researchers at Cornell University has built two trash barrel robots, one for landfill waste and one for recycling, and they are both remote controlled. They were well received in New York, and now the researchers have plans to see how well they are received in other cities around the United States. Now granted these barrels don’t do trash disposal on a mega scale like we do with our disposal bin rentals in Colborne and Trenton, but they move under their own power and there’s a whole lot to like about that.

These self-powered and moving garbage bin robots haven’t been given names yet, but they are either one of 2 colours; blue or grey. But what is more noteworthy is that recycled hoverboard parts are a key component used in either type. They also feature a 360-degree camera and are operated using a joystick. So yes, it’s quite possible that trash robot operator will soon be job title at the City of New York’s sanitation department.

There’s plenty of video footage showing how people were appreciative for the service and one man even remarked how it was nice to have a trash bin ‘meeting us where we are’ with a play on the expression so frequently used with modern service and marketing approaches.

Still Mixed Reaction

Apparently some people still had concerns about the cameras and how that might be misused as public surveillance. Some people made obscene gestures towards them and one person even knocked one over.

This type of research is helpful during prototype development because it can flag potential problems robots are likely to encounter when encountering and interacting with humans in city cores or even in suburban areas if these trash bin robots start to be rolled out in satellite cities too. Plenty of those around New York the same way they are around Toronto here with the Golden Horseshoe, but again we’ll stay in our lane and stick to waste disposal and dumpster rentals for Trenton and Colborne.

These news trash bin robots are still a work in progress, but it’s another example of how technology is making major inroads into all industries, including waste disposal and trash management. Something to keep an eye on, because as we know trash and waste is a huge challenge that a lot of cities haven’t done very well with keeping up over the years.

Watching how that’s changing is always going to be something that grabs our attention here, and we hope it’s a subject that’s of interest to you too.

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Conventional Microwaves for Solar Cell Recycling

The green shift is well underway all around the world as it needs to be, and part of going green is relying on energy sources that are in line with the net-zero goals most countries are aspiring to. Solar is at the forefront of that, for obvious reasons. The sun rises in the east and sets in the West no matter where you are and the fact it’s up there a good 10+ hours a day means there’s power to be had from it.

Solar charging panels are seen all over the place, and they’re becoming as commonplace as it is to think of Load n’ Lift first for dumpster rentals in Trenton and Colborne Ontario. But as much good as they do with clean energy production, solar panels are a bit of a headache when it comes to recycling them once they’ve reached the end of their working lives.

But there’s new research that has come out of Macquarie University in Australia that is indicating that commercial microwaves may make that recycling prep much less of a big deal.

We’re definitely thankful that our dumpsters for rent in Colborne and Trenton are a thousand times more durable and that they can keep on going out to jobsites for years upon years and just come back with the occasional new dent. Part of the advantage of being the best disposal bin rental provider in the area, but we do take interest in anything that’s related to taking away items that aren’t needed / wanted anymore.

That applies to recycling too, and so this news about using micro waves to break down solar panels more quickly is something that’s worthy of a blog entry.

Exclusive Heating

When the silicon in solar panels is being made it passes through a process called ‘annealing’ where materials are heated to temperatures well above 500°C. What’s been determined now is that annealing is actually better done with microwaves and using them means the panels are also easier to disassemble at EOL (end of life).

The reason for this is the way that microwave radiation heats individual substances, and it heats a very thin layer of silicon instead of heating the entirety of all the materials around it as would be the case if an oven was being used. This happens especially fast with a microwave, and then another part of what makes the whole thing easier too is the fact that the microwave doesn’t have to be carefully cleaned after.

Biggest Benefit for Recycling

As it is now solar cell recycling is a very energy intense process where panels are crushed up and then heated to temperatures of 1000°C or more. This extreme heat is what allows valuable components to be extracted from the panels so that they can be used again. The biggest advantage here is in the way the silicon cell pad can be separated from the glass.

As easy as it is to have Trenton and Colborne area dumpster rentals delivered to your job site the same day? Different context and different type of easy, but you’re free to make the connection if you like. We’ll continue talking about using microwaves for solar cell panel recycling though. Using an oven to cook the panels means the some of the reusable solar cell components are destroyed, and the most valuable of them is the toughened glass on the top of the panel. In this case the glass ends up being sold as scrap, but if you recycle the panels using a microwave to heat it up then the glass can be saved because microwaving the silicon softens the plastic in a different way and makes it easy to peel.

Next up with the list of advantages is the way extra chemicals are not needed to wash and dissolve the plastic in the way they would be if the oven process was still being used. There is some challenge in finding way to make them microwaves capable of heating up to those types of temperatures and then being able to handle them.

Success so far there though with developing the types of units that could become commonplace for solar panel recycling and refurbishing. Some of the prototypes developed so far are able to go from room temperature to 500 degrees Celsius in as little as two seconds.

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Grading System for Diverting Textiles from Landfills

Clothing doesn’t remain wearable forever, and many times the reason it’s not worn anymore is because it’s not intact. But that doesn’t mean it no longer exists, and a lot of the time old clothing ends up in the trash and then in landfills. Estimates are that Canadians throw out around 500 million kilograms of clothing and fabric home items each year, and it’s something we all do and will likely continue to be doing as long as it’s not acceptable to leave the house naked. All joking aside, textile waste in landfills is a problem in Canada.

It’s a far stretch from what we do as a dumpster rental provider for Trenton and Colborne here in Ontario, but as is always the case any topic that is connectable to waste management interests is going to be of interest to us. So that’s what we’ll use as our blog entry here this time around. Have a read through to learn more about how a grading system may be effective for having much less textile waste ending up in landfills.

Call Load n’ Lift for Colborne disposal bin rentals and we can do the entirety of your Trenton jobsite cleanup with waste pickup and disposal using one of our dumpsters. Unlikely you’ll have mounds of textile waste, but if you do there’s no type of jobsite cleanup we can’t handle with whatever waste has been generated and needs to go ASAP.

Quality Call

Researchers from the University of Waterloo and Seneca College aren’t far from us here in the Trenton and Colborne area where we do dumpster rentals. Why we mention those folks here is they have developed the new method to evaluate a textile item’s quality, grading it from an A to an F not unlike what you used to see on your report card when you were a kid. This determination is used to figure out whether the textile can be resold or recycled, or whether it should in fact just be tossed.

Already so far with this testing and grading method they have found that more than half of textile waste in Canada could be reused, and darn near 25% of what is not recycled could be. We’re all well aware of how consumers buy, use and dispose of new garments, and the way in which ‘fast fashion’ more clothing is discarded more quickly than ever before. A lot of it ends up in the landfill, and less than 1% of the materials are recycled.

Another factor is the way Canada doesn’t have a standardized process for sorting textiles, and these researchers are suggesting a broader definition of textile waste that accessories, shoes and soft toys, in addition to clothing and home textiles is a good place to start. By sorting the materials to ensure consistency in grading and proper evaluation of the item’s condition, there’s more of a standardized reference point for where they should go from there.

The possibilities with this for better textile waste management are extensive as having a comprehensive assessment delivers more data and insights into waste management and prevention. Items that were able to receive a grade A to D classification made up more than 50% of the waste stream analyzed, so there’s merit in putting more resources into this. This finding emphasizes that there are many opportunities to divert textile waste in Canada.

Texting recycling in Canada is still a work in progress and needs to be better, unlike dumpster rentals Trenton and Colborne with waste disposal services. There’s also a connection to be made between better textile waste management and recycling and climate change with the way this waste can actually contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

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Future of Solid Waste Management

There’s no getting around the fact that humans create trash, and we’ve been doing it since we were cavemen. The only difference is that back then there wasn’t very many of us, and the small amounts of refuse made by those humans weren’t much of a problem. Fast forward thousands of years and the sheer number of people on the planet means the amount of solid waste we make it hugely problematic. But it’s going to happen one way or another, and so civic governments have to have the right approaches to dealing with it.

Our scope of operations and responsibilities here at Load n’ Lift is much smaller and simpler, and what we need to be relied on for is delivering disposal bin rentals for Trenton and Colborne area residents who need them. Nothing too complicated or challenging about that, and we take a lot of pride in our service track record with getting people their rental dumpsters quickly as soon as they need them. Figuring out what to do with an entire regions solid waste production with regards to proper and responsible disposal is going to be a handful.

First world countries have made serious positive progress in processing solid waste and minimizing the environmental impact of it. Second and 3rd-world countries, not so much. However, there’s reason for optimism with how we can all collectively be better with solid waste management and that is what we will look at with your blog entry here at Load n’ Lift this time around.

Serious Detriment

Solid waste management is a universal issue that matters to all of us no matter where you live. When you consider that 90% of waste is openly dumped or burned in low-income countries, you can make the connection that it is poor and vulnerable people who are most affected.

From an environmental perspective, poorly managed waste is contaminating the world’s oceans, causing drains to clog and causing flooding. It also transmits diseases, puts people more at risk for respiratory problems from burning, and it also harms animals that consume waste unknowingly.

Economic development is affected too, and we already know that greenhouse gases from waste are also a key contributor to climate change. A study done 5 years ago found that 5% of global emissions were generated from solid waste management and we can be sure things haven’t improved since then and likely have gotten worse. Those emissions numbers exclude transportation.

Heady stuff for sure, and much more so than talking about the best rates on dumpster rentals for Colborne and Trenton. Which are here at Load n’ Lift, but let’s continue with our look at better future management approaches for solid waste.

More and More

No good news to be had here, as solid waste generation is increasing at a disturbing rate. Countries are rapidly developing and doing so without adequate systems in place to manage the changing composition of waste produced by their citizens. More than half of humans on earth now live in cities, and it is these people that are generating more than 80% of the world’s GDP but are also at the root of the global waste challenge.

Estimates are that right now the world generates 2.01 billion tons of municipal solid waste each year, and about 33% of it is not managed in a manner that would be considered environmentally safe. Add to this the fact that economic development is being foreseen to push global waste to increase by 70% over the next 30 years. This is expected to work out to 3.40 billion tonnes of waste generated annually.

Waste Production by Region

The largest percentage of the world’s solid waste – 23% of it – comes from the East Asia and Pacific region. High income countries produce 34% of the entire solid waste despite the fact they only account for 16% of the world’s population. Waste generation is always going to increase with economic development and population growth, and lower middle-income countries is where this is going to happen most prominently in the near future. In Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia waste generation is expected to triple by 2050 and these regions should be producing upwards of 30% of the total waste by the time.

Upper-middle and high-income countries provide nearly universal waste collection, and more than 1/3 of waste in high-income countries is recovered through recycling and composting. Low-income countries collect about 48% of waste in cities, but only 26% in rural areas. Only 4% is recycled in these countries. Overall, 13.5% of global waste is recycled and 5.5% is composted.

The Fixes

Solid waste management is a key issue when it comes to planning sustainable, healthy, and inclusive cities and communities. Governments must take urgent action to address waste management for their people and the planet. It makes economic sense to invest in sustainable waste management as uncollected waste and poorly disposed waste have significant health and environmental impacts. Using us for disposal bin rentals Trenton and Colborne can minimize environmental impacts in your community.

One positive seen right now is the way the World Bank is working with countries, cities, and partners worldwide to create and finance effective solutions that can lead to gains in environmental, social, and human capital. Since 2000 they committed over $4.7 billion to more than 340 solid waste management programs around the globe, looking for the best initiatives and areas of engagement.

The biggest challenge is with financing solid waste management systems but the World Bank is helping there too.

  • In Azerbaijan, World Bank loans supported the rehabilitation of the main landfill site and establishment of a state-owned waste management company, increasing the population served by the formal solid waste management system from 53 to 74%
  • In China, a results-based incentive program has upped participation in household kitchen waste separation. The Bank’s $80 million loan has also supported the construction of a modern anaerobic digestion facility to ferment and recover energy from organic waste that stands to benefit 3 million people
  • In Nepal, a results-based financing project of $4.3 million facilitated increased user fee collection and improved waste collection services in five municipalities to the benefit of 800,000 urban-area residents
  • In Pakistan, a $5.5 million dollar project for support of a composting facility in Lahore in market development and the sale of emission reduction credits that led to reductions of 150,000 tonnes of CO2-equivalent and expansion of daily compost production volume from 300 to 1,000 tonnes per day.

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RFID Tagging for Hazmat Waste Disposal

The fact of the matter is that hazmat (hazardous material) waste continues to be improperly disposed of way too often, and while that is not the case in Canada and the USA this is especially true in other areas of the world where enforcement of proper disposal is lax. We are certainly not experts with hazmat waste here at Load n’ Lift, but we are certified for hazmat waste disposal and it’s something we do much less often than disposal bin rentals for the Trenton and Colborne areas of Ontario. We may not be experts on the waste itself, but we are experts when it comes to getting that waste to where it needs to go in the best way possible.

RFID stands for radio-frequent identification, and these days most people will be familiar with the term based on the anti-card data theft wallets that prevent your cards from being scanned without you knowing it when a person passes by your purse or pocket with the right device. RFID blockers do work well, and now RFID technology is showing promise for making sure that hazardous material waste is properly disposed of. We taking interest in any topic that’s related to waste disposal, and so this is another in the long line of many that have made the grade when it comes to being a blog entry topic here at Load n’ Lift.

Utilizing RFID Tech

As economies develop, they always begin to produce more hazardous waste. the amount of hazardous waste produced by textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic and other industries worldwide increases year by year. Improper handling, storage and use of hazardous waste has the potential to cause atmospheric damage, water and soil pollution, serious health hazards to the production and living environment, and put people and communities at risk.

Any technology that can contribute to the automation and intelligent process of hazardous waste disposal is going to be most welcome, and in the here and now RFID is at the forefront of that. The introduction of RFID technology into the hazardous waste information system enables systems for recognition, automation, standardization and information management.

RFID tags placed in / on pallets or other transport means for hazmat waste will have specific information written into the tags. Staff will use handheld RFID readers to scan labels and barcodes and they will then be uploaded to a backend database. The background system generates tasks and stores them in the warehouse, while sending task commands to the smart forklift or other means based on the type of waste and whatever specific handling protocols may apply to it.

Intelligent Forklifts

An intelligent forklift consists of a forklift industrial control computer (IPC) and an RFID reader. The advantage of these forklifts with smart hazmat handling tech is that they can work with the RFID tags to directly receive the warehousing tasks generated by the background system, and guide the forklift driver to the designated loading point for shipment of the dangerous goods. Delivering dumpster rentals for Trenton and Colborne is a simple matter, but this is certainly much more of a detailed process than that.

Forklifts arriving at the loading and unloading point to load dangerous goods will have their RFID reader supplying the info of the pallet label and be querying the background data system for confirmation of the information needed as pertains to dangerous goods being transferred. Determining handling protocols at this part of the chain means there is less chance of any amount of hazmat materials escaping from the transport.

RFID Dangerous Goods Management

Install RFID tags at warehouse entrances where Hazmat materials are handled will also be a part of this When the forklift enters the warehouse, the RFID reader will obtain the location information in the tag and compare it with the back-end system data. As information matches, it tells the forklift to go to the correct location and following handling protocols as established and with notes if those protocols may vary given the volume of material or any other contributing factor that might not be addressed with conventional hazmat handling approches.

After the forklift driver arrives at the designated shelf, the RFIDHY RFID forklift management system will start unloading. When unloading, the RFID reader will read the shelf label and check whether the shelf information is correct. Provided it is, it will complete the warehousing operation and give feedback to the background system to update the inventory information in time.

RFID for Hazmat Storage Pre-Disposal

There are many instances where Hazmat materials need to be stored before they can be disposed of properly. Utilizing RFID tags in the warehousing process will help the hazardous waste management center strictly classify and store hazardous materials. Warehousing efficiency is improved as it means avoiding dislocation caused by human error, and maximizes the protection of dangerous goods.

There can also be benefits for the pretreatment of outbound dangerous goods and in accordance with relevant operating procedures. Different dangerous goods, methods and steps are different, and avoiding the wrong handling process is something that is make much more of a guaranteed when the correct information is readily and reliably available via an RFID tag.

RFID technology can definitely improve the automation, efficiency and standardization of hazardous waste in and out management.

Dumpster rentals for Colborne and Trenton are always just a call away for same-day site delivery with Load n’ Lift. Everyday materials or Hazmat, we can take take away every last bit of the waste you need gone and we have as many disposal bins as you need for making that happen. Rent a disposal bin from us and you’re automatically entered into a draw to win $250 that happens 4 times a year.

Long and Short on Littering

With every municipality in the Province and the entire country full of more people than ever before, it is also more important to properly dispose of garbage and trash than ever before too. Nearly every topic that we talk about with our blog here at Load and Lift is related to waste disposal in some way or another, and today we’re talking it down to the lowest common denominator with talking about what people do – or don’t do – to dispose of their litter and why people are inclined to do what they do with it, good or bad.

A bit of long ways off from talking about disposal bin rentals for Trenton and Colborne, but we can still frame the two topics in the same blog entry if we get creative. Or not. But for now let’s have a look at this because the huge problem with littering isn’t just a problem in Toronto or Hamilton here in Ontario, and other Provinces will say the same thing for locales that aren’t their big cities.

We all need to be better with not littering, although there are some people out there that genuinely never even do it once. If you’re one of them we tip our hat to your being a very civically-responsible citizen in that regard, and with that said let’s get into this topic

Starts with Manufacturers

Around the 1950s manufacturers started producing a higher volume of litter-generating products and packaging made of materials like plastic. Much of what led to the start of littering being common behaviour was because the mean of having litter was put into people’s hands. Incidences of littering grew swiftly in the next few decades after that, and the problem is that as it continues it steadily contributes to air pollution, land pollution and ocean pollution.

The fact that 8 million tons of plastic waste finds its way into our oceans every year is disturbing, but what we do is make sure that job site waste around here goes into one of our Colborne and Trenton dumpster rentals and being Ontario nothing gets anywhere near the sea to begin with. Back on track, these littering facts aim to shed light on what littering is, why people litter, how litter affects the environment and what any one person can do to end littering and promote others to do the same.

Littering Happens

Littering is the improper disposal of waste products. It can be done mistakenly, like with an unsecured object flying out the back of a truck bed or something similar), but by and large littering is done deliberately. And what are the most commonly littered items? Here is a list of them, and you can go ahead and assume this is equally true of Canada and the USA in the same way:

  • Fast food packaging
  • Food packaging
  • Alcoholic beverage containers
  • Tire and vehicle debris
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic bottles
  • Construction waste*

(make sure yours ends up in a CFB Trenton dumpster rental from Load n’ Lift!)

But the most frequently littered item is also the most pathetic of all of them. Smoking cigarettes is downright stupid to begin with, but in the USA and estimated 9.7 billion cigarette butts are discarded along roadways and waterways every year, and it is a huge problem here in Canada too.

Another one that is really disturbing (and equally pathetic depending on who you talk to) is the way that since early 2020 one of the most littered items across the whole world has been PPE masks. It’s estimated that well over 200 million of them and counting have been carelessly thrown to land wherever they may, and again you can be darn sure many of them have ended up in the ocean.

Why People Litter

There have been studies done on this, and apparently why people litter comes down to 4 primary reasons.

  • Laziness or carelessness
  • No trash receptacles immediately available
  • Lack of municipal bylaw enforcement around littering
  • Other litter already being in the area

People who litter out of laziness or carelessness often believe that someone else will come along and pick up the litter after them and then do proper disposal of it. Others may not have been educated on the impact of littering and therefore litter because they don’t know it causes harm, while still others may live in an area where littering is an accepted part of the culture.

Litter Causes Pollution

Chemicals and microparticles are released when litter degrades over time if it is not collected. Unfortunately a lot of litter makes its way into areas in and around civic infrastructure where it’s out of view and therefore no one picks it up ever. Litter that is washed down storm drains is hugely problematic for obvious reasons.

Cigarette butts can contain chemicals such as arsenic and formaldehyde. These poisons can make their way into the soil and freshwater sources, which negatively impacts both humans and animals. There are estimates that 60% of water pollution is attributed to litter. Researchers also estimate that more than 40% of the world’s litter is burned in the open air, which also release toxic emissions.

Definitely don’t litter, and if you need a dumpster rental in Trenton or Colborne be sure to get in touch with our front desk people here at Load n’ Lift. Canadian Military and Families receive a 5% discount on all bin rentals, and we also have big discounts for Senior citizens. We want to be the provider you call EVERY time you need a disposal bin rental around here.

Ways to Repurpose Old Garbage Bins

Continuing along with this blog entry as a continuation of the last one with the remaining 7 ways you can repurpose and old garbage bin. We’ll get right to them, but as always we’ll say that for disposal bin rentals in Colborne and Trenton you have the best service provider in this part of Ontario with Load n’ Lift. Our bins have yet to be repurposed but let’s go ahead and say those steel walls endure a lot more wear and tear that your standard garbage bin ever could.

Not something you’ll ever have at the end of your driveway for years and years though before needing to be put out to pasture, as the expression goes. You won’t be producing piles and piles of waste at any one time anyways, and if you did you’d be looking for a Trenton dumpster rental with job site delivery or something similar. So let’s continue right along here where we left off last entry. Old garbage bins that need to be replaced? Don’t necessarily get rid of them, as there are ways to repurpose old garbage bins.

1. Recycling Container

We touched on the idea of using bins for recycling purposed last entry when we talked about taking back empties and getting the deposit on them. But let’s expand on that to say that old garbage bins can be turned into recycling bins for any type of item that can be taken back. You would need to put some type of labelling on it to indicate it is now for recycling when you leave it out, but it is something to consider if you have an old garbage bin and need something for recycling.

2. Loose Material Transporter

This would require you to have a truck or van too, but if you do and you need something to load up on mulch, bark, or even some sand or gravel if someone has some for sale then you can use an old garbage bin to serve as the receptacle for transportation. You may be taking it to the municipal yard here following a dumpster rental in Trenton or Colborne or you may be taking it to an Eco station or a private residence where someone has whatever it is you need for whatever it is you’re doing.

3. Soil Blender

Mention number 3 here for people who have a garden in their backyard or on a rooftop. If you need a large container for mixing soil then an old garbage bin can do the job nicely. Plus the fact that many of them will be on wheels means they can roll around your yard just as easily as they used to roll up and down the driveway to the curb and back.

4. Impromptu Worktop

This is one here is a little bit of a reach maybe, but we’re talking about garbage bin repurposing of all sorts here and not about large waste disposal services for Trenton or Colborne. So suggesting that you might want to turn your old bin over and use the bottom as an impromptu worktop with a piece of particle board or something similar on it gets to go into the list.

This is something you can do if your old bins are empty from time to times, like for example if they’re used to blend soil ^ in the springtime but the rest of the summer they’re not in use the same way.

5. Mouse-Proof Bird Seed Container

Mice sometimes have a way of finding your bird seed or grass seed over the winter, and if that happens then your old garbage bin might be just what you need to keep them out. Store any such items with the lid sealed to keep these kinds of critters at bay.

That’s it for our list of ways you can repurpose old garbage bins, and if you take us up on any of these suggestions we’d like to see what you did if you’re inclined to share. But more importantly call Load n’ Lift first if you need Trenton and Colborne area dumpster rentals with same-day drop off service and then full-service waste disposal that is always done in full adherence to Provincial guidelines. We are also certified for Hazmat waste disposal in Ontario.

How many do you need, and where / how soon do you need them?

Ways to Repurpose Old Garbage Bins

Most people are talking about opinions when they say everyone has one, but we’re talking about garbage bins. They fit that qualification too, as every household probably even has a few of them. Garbage bin technology has improved over the years just like it has for any consumer item While the bins at your home are dwarfed by the ones we send out to sites all around Trenton and Colborne as a disposal bin rental provider they still provide the same value. Just on a much smaller scale.

Every type of item has a working lifespan, and when your garbage bins come to the end of theirs you have a decision to make; do your bins go in a bin of their own? Not realistic or practical to begin with, so why don’t you give some thought to repurposing your old garbage bins? This is the kind of topic that we can really get into given what service we provide and it’s actually really interesting to see all the ways they can be reinvented and continue on with a service life of a different sort.

This will be one blog entry of 2 on the topic, as there are quite a number of options for garbage bin repurposing for us to look at here. Call us for dumpster rentals near CFB Trenton or Colborne, but if you have much less grand waste disposal needs like everyone else here’s our first of two lists for what you can do with old trash bins.

1.Make it into a Composter

Composting is a very rewarding practice for anyone who grows their own crops of any sort at home, and when done right composting can provide you with the means for some extremely nutrient-rich soil. There’s plenty of information online for how to do this, and the only real challenging part is to do surgery on the lid to add the proper ventilation for the unit to function as it should.

2. Leaf Storage

A garbage bin is an ideal spot to store excess leaves for your compost, keeping them dry and on your property to easily supplement your compost year-round. If you’ve got 2 bins that are ready to be retired from active service, how about making a composter out of one bin and use the other bins to store leaves and other organic waste?

3. Empties Storage

Recycling is just as important as job site waste disposal Trenton and Colbone and one of the things everyone recycles often is empties, because you get your deposit back on them. Old garbage bins are perfect for storing empty beverage containers for recycling. Use them for your bottles and you can eliminate the need for plastic bags when bringing them into the depot! Well, that is provided you have a truck or a van. Likely won’t work in a passenger vehicle. But this is something to think about.

4. Rainwater Collector

Another good idea for anyone who’s a green thumb and wants / needs to conserve water. Transforming your old bin into a rain barrel! This can be clever way to keep your bin from going to waste while cutting down on your water bill at the same time. One tip though – keep it out of direct sunlight to discourage any leaching from the garbage bin.

5. Planter Box

Here’s one you likely would never have thought of. You can use your bin to grow your own produce and if you do a quick search you’ll find that one of the popular options for people here is to use the depth of the bin to allow for growing corn in a bin. Do check if the type of plastic is food safe first, and don’t forget to drill drainage holes in the bottom.

Here’s another possibility – cut your bin in half and make two mini raised garden beds.

6. Dry Firewood Holder

Have a fireplace in your home, and not one of the electric ones that so many newer homes do. If you burn logs in yours then you likely cut your own cords of firewood in the fall to prepare for winter. Get really cold here in Ontario and nothing to do with Colborne dumpster rentals or waste disposal service but one thing you can do with an old garbage bin is keep dry firewood in it to keep it dry and readily accessible when those sub-zero days do arrive.

7. Garden Shed Storage

Old garbage bins can be turned into tool and odds n ends or whatever storage in your garden shed. Some people even keep kids’ summer lawn toys and the like in them. The possibilities are wide here for this use for an old garbage bin.

That’s the first half of our list of potential old bin repurposing options, and we’ll list out the next 7 in our next entry. Need a dumpster rental in Trenton or Colborne? Get the best service around with bins dropped off and then picked up when full when you call Load n’ Lift.

Huge Promise Seen Across the Board with Advanced Recycling Practices

One thing a disposal bin rental provider in Trenton or anywhere else in Canada, North America, or the world will be able to tell you is that the nature of what we do gives us a real insight into how keeping as much as possible out of landfills and other waste collections sites is hugely beneficial. We’re all doing much better with recycling, although the unfortunate truth is that a whole lot of what needs to be recycled doesn’t end up where it is supposed to. But continuing to make efforts to improve on that is what needs to be done.

There is a lot of talk about advanced recycling these days, and for job site cleanup in Colborne or any other task where a lot of material must be removed, you’ll be best to get a dumpster rental from Load n Lift and fill it before we remove it the same way we delivered it. Along with disposing of OR recycling the materials collected, we are firm about doing what we can to contribute positively to better waste disposal and management of it here in Ontario.

Plastics are always going to be a big part of that, as we are entirely addicted to the use of disposable plastics in our consumerism and that is not changing anytime soon. But better plastics recycling is a huge part of advanced recycling and it’s a good starting point for us to talk about with our blog entry this month.

Moving Along with Demand for Circular Polymers

As industries continue to shift away from fossil fuels and toward sustainability the demand for circular polymers is rapidly increasing—but capacity can’t keep pace with demand. Advanced recycling is recent technological developments meant to complement mechanical recycling— which relies on high-quality and relatively clean sorted waste. That’s not the reality with a lot of the waste being produced

Advanced recycling has the ability to accommodate the types of plastics that are recyclable as well as produce other plastics that have tailored molecular weight distributions and comonomers that are suited for high-value applications. The most noteworthy being flexible packaging for food.

This pushes demand for recycled polymers based on increased consumer awareness, CPG pledges, and regulations. What makes mechanical recycling different from advanced recycling here is that instead of plastic waste being washed, shredded, and pelletized (mechanical), it is now changed chemically and eventually becomes more ready-to-use plastic.

By 2025 more than 80 global CPG, packaging, and retail companies have made public commitments to reach recycled content in their packaging between 15 and 5%. Here in North America, legislation in the United States varies from State to State, and Canada is slightly ahead in terms of overall recycling requirements as compared to our US neighbours.

There are too many tangents to potentially break off onto around this subject, and this is a blog entry not a paper, so we’ll stick to talking about recycled plastics in food-grade materials. Plus, we’re a Trenton and Colborne dumpster rental and pick up service and not any type of recycling industry expert.

Return to Hydrocarbons

Contaminants must be a concern if plastics are recycled into food containers. Advanced recycling gets around this by converting recycled material back into hydrocarbons and precursors that other processes can use as chemical feedstocks. Advanced recycling uses technologies like pyrolysis, gasification, solvolysis, and microwave. Some polymers can’t be manipulated this way, but most can.

Sustainability benefits are a big part of this too, as using waste itself as the production medium rather than fossil fuels is not only reducing the reliance on the petrochemical industry, but it is also huge for diverting plastic waste away from landfills and incineration. This is big, as even here in Canada landfills are nearing capacity in some regions and burning plastics is obviously bad for carbon emissions.

Advanced recycling requires further development of key technologies and waste collection, plus the as right new partnerships and investments. Advanced recycling technology needs to be improved, infrastructure needs to be more widespread and effective, and scaling partnerships across the value chain needs to be prioritized. This is likely something we’ll say even more headway made around in coming years here in Canada.

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Growing Role of IoT (Internet of Things) in Waste Management

The reality nowadays is that if you even just blink once you may well miss a major development in technology that would be the talk of the town for months, that is if it weren’t hundreds of other developments occurring at pretty much the same time. We are fairly simple folks here at Load n’ Lift, and as you’ll know our expertise is all in waste removal and disposal for Colborne and Trenton areas of Ontario. You’ll never find us engineering software now or at any time in the foreseeable future, but when it comes to Trenton disposal bin rentals we know our stuff, although maybe not in a way that’s as impressive as web development.

Where we’re going with all of this is the fact that in the last decade plus there’s been the building of a different type of Internet, and specifically with the Internet of Things. Without veering too far off topic, the IoT is a means of using the web to connect everyday devices to the Internet and each other when they have computing devices embedded in them. Google’s pursuit of self-driving cars might be the most dramatic example of how this technology is starting to be incorporated, but it’s also seen in smart thermostats and other devices that you might already be utilizing in your home.

What’s most interesting for us given what we do is that the Internet of Things also has a lot of potential for applications in waste management, and with an eye on making it MUCH more efficient, far-reaching, and cost-effective. That’s what we’ll look at with our blog entry here for this month, and it certainly is an interesting topic.

Eco Concerns with Waste Globally

Better and more responsible waste management is a global concern. Not long ago a world Bank report indicated that around 2.01 billion tonnes of solid waste is generated every year around the world. 33% of that waste is not managed in a way that is in line with ecology interests and not being harmful to the environment. Waste pickup and disposal in Trenton and Colborne is smaller scale in comparison, but waste management in many densely populated urban areas around North American and elsewhere is a major problem.

When this management is done improperly it promotes environmental contamination, and in developing countries one of the most pressing problems is this greatly increased the risk of certain diseases spreading. Now if we look ahead to 2050, this amount of solid waste generation is estimated to grow to 3.40 billion tonnes.

The good news is that IoT waste management systems can help. They are already being employed for modern supply chains. IoT waste management systems have already become very valuable with the way they have been optimizing and automating most of the processes in the industry. Industry experts say IoT adoption is far more significant on the supply chain side.

Smart City Application

Smart city infrastructure will incorporate IoT technology to collect data of personal vehicles, buildings, public transport, components of urban infrastructures such as power grids and waste management systems, and the individual citizens themselves. Real-time data derived from it will be used by municipalities to help manage these systems. Local authorities are still getting accustomed to IoT waste management as they aim to reduce municipal waste. But hopefully it is embraced the way IoT has been for other interests – estimates are that over 70% of cities have deployed IoT systems for security, traffic, and water level monitoring.

Rapid population increases in major cities pushes the need for IoT to be a part of civic waste management practices, and this is certainly something we can relate to here in Ontario and in the GTA in particular. We are just outside of it with dumpster rentals in Colborne and Trenton, but populations are growing in smaller Ontario cities too.

IoT promises to get rid of operational inefficiencies in waste management too, and the greatest application it likely will have is in route management for the vehicle fleet being used to collect municipal waste. This will reduce fuel consumption too – another huge plus considering the current world we are living in.

Other Proven Benefits

IoT in waste management has other immediate benefits that will be seen when widespread implementation of the technology occurs:

  • Reduced Waste Collection Costs
  • No Missed Pickups (trash bins that can communicate when they’re full and need to be picked up, for example)
  • Waste Generation Analysis
  • Reduced Carbon Dioxide Emission with route management optimization
  • Efficient Recycling

Overall management of waste collection, sorting, segregation and categorization is going to benefit from a smart waste management system that is wired to take advantage of IoT. By employing IoT in waste management, waste management companies can increase operational efficiency.

Anyone with a major project underway in this area can get it right the first time by calling Load n’ Lift for Colborne disposal bin rentals and to have responsible waste disposal where your bin is dropped off and then picked up once you’ve filled it. We then dispose of waste in the best manner as per Provincial guidelines and you’ve got rid of everything you needed to from the site. Need more bins at a later date? We can arrange that for you too, and there’s no job that’s too big for us.

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