The five keys to getting your grass back to normal

With the last remnants of winter starting to melt away, the time is right for you to start looking at your grass. You might notice some patches or even some bare spots, and if that is so, you need to start looking at reseeding options. In this blog, we are going to look at the five keys to get your grass back to normal!

1. Rake

When you are looking to reseed, one of the best things you can do is to start anew. This is why we always suggest raking any dead grass, leaves or debris off of the area you are looking to reseed. This will give your lawn the ability to get much-needed sunlight and moisture to spur on growing.

2. Rent a Load N Lift Bin

If you are starting to wonder where you are going to put the compost and new topsoil for your reseeding mission, skip the tarp on the driveway and rent a Load N Lift Bin. With easy access and accessible storage, the bins at Load N Lift are ideal for helping clients with reseeding.

3. Level your compost

As grass seed needs some help to grow, compost is the ideal base layer when laying seed. Spread 2 to 3 inches of compost, or 5-7 cm, of compost over the area, and smooth with a back of a rake. You want to ensure that the entire area is covered and level with the surrounding soil.

4. Mix the seed with equal parts sand

One of the keys to growing grass on the Canadian Shield is sand. It might be surprising, but equal parts of sand and seed will do wonders on your reseeding project. The moisture from the sand will help speed up the germination process of the seeds and will help keep the seeds in place during windy days. Make sure to buy wetter sand, as playground sand or other coarse sands are not great for this job.

5. Keep the area moist, but not wet

Finally, it would help if you kept the area that you are trying to grow moist, but not soggy. Grass seed needs to be germinated regularly, but not so much that they drown. The rule of thumb is to run a fine spray of water two or three times during the day, and that should be enough to spur on growth.

Growing grass is an art, and to help you become a master, the team at Load N Lift here to help you with your outside chores. Call our team today, and find out how a Load N Lift can help your next project!

Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer Cleaning Tips

With the weather starting to get beautiful, and the kids getting the summer itch to stay home, the team at Load N Lift thought it would be good to sit down and discuss some easy summer cleaning tips. No matter if you are looking to keep the house clean or merely wanting to host a BBQ at your home, these summer cleaning tips will make it easy!

Wipe Down all surfaces

Naturally, if you live in an area with high humidity, or have a room that that is exposed to high humidity, like a bathroom, you need to wipe down your surfaces. When you are looking to wipe down your surfaces make sure to grab a damp cloth and start from the back and move forward. Try and make this a nightly chore, and this will help ensure that your surfaces are clean, and looking great for the entire summer!

Enlist the Kiddos

When you are dealing with summer cleaning, why do it by yourself? The kids are off of school, and they are perfectly able to help you with your summer cleanup. Give them a few tasks that they can do weekly, and let them get into a rhythm. For the bigger kids, try vacuuming or cleaning the floor, while for the little ones you can have them help with the dishes or just putting their clothes and toys away. Keep it simple, but the most important thing is that you get free cleaning help!

Hose down the doormats

After a tough spring, your doormats can use some tender loving care. The summer is a perfect time to take the hose and give your doormats a good hosing. Make sure to take your time, and give your mats some new life! Hosing down your mats is a great summer cleaning tip and should be a weekly occurrence during the summer.
Rent a Bin

The key to the Summer cleanup is to have a great Load N Lift bin help with the garbage and green waste removal. The benefit of Rent a Bin is we will drop off the bin at your convenience and will pick it up once you are done. There are no rushes or deadlines. Instead, you get to experience a summer cleanup at your pace!

Call the team at Load N Lift today to rent your bin to help with your summer cleanup! After your summer cleanup, your home and yard will be the perfect place to host the next family bbq.

The top five benefits of using a Load N Lift Bin


Load N Lift has been the leader in providing bin solutions that truly work for our clients. From larger companies that have used us for demolition or rubbish removal for years, to new clients who need a quality bin to help clean up a yard or home, our bins have been at your service. However, with the ever-expanding demand for our high-quality bins, sometimes you have to go back to the basics. This is why in this blog we are going to go over the top five benefits of using a Load N Lift bin.

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Four simple tips to help with your spring cleanup

Young woman raking leaves autumn pile garden veranda housework sweeping

The days are getting longer, the birds are starting to chirp, and you have quickly realised that you did not do enough raking before the snow hit. Your backyard is a complete and utter mess, and you probably do not even know where to start. So naturally, the team at Load N Lift has decided to give a helping hand and showcase four simple tips that will help you with your spring cleaning!

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The art of spring cleaning

Sign With English Text Spring Cleaning. Spring Flowers Like Grape Hyacinth And Crocus. Gardening Tools Like Rake And Shovel. Hemp Fabric Ribbon. Aged Wooden Background

With the thaw just around the corner, the team at Load N Lift thought it might be time to touch on some tips and tricks for your upcoming spring cleaning. From smart ideas to organise, to how to best get rid of your excess stuff, here is the art of spring cleaning.

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The load-n-lift specials

The word "DISCOUNT" written in vintage wooden letterpress type

As we are a community here in Trenton, we like to give back when we can. Thus, we are proud to offer a variety of specials and deals for our community every day. Here are just a few of our great offers.

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Out of the box ideas on how to use a load-n-life bin

Load N Lift 005

When it comes to traditional views on how to utilise a load-n-lift bin, we have seen it all. However, in this blog, we decided to have some fun, and showcase some of the outs of the box ideas in which you could potentially use a loan-n-lift bin. Now naturally, these are not to be done, and you always need to pay attention to our contracts, but as it is yet another cold winters eve, let’s curl up and discuss some ridiculous out of the box ideas in which you could use a load-n-lift bin.

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What can you use a load-n-lift service for?

Garbage Bin Rentals and Rubbish Removal

Although we have been working in the Greater Trenton area for more than a couple of decades, sometimes we still get asked what our bins can be used for. So, in this blog, we are going to review some of the services that could be used for, and some best practices to ensure your rental works out great. Naturally, these are not the only services you can use our bins for, but they are indeed the most popular uses.

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New Technologies Promise Better Repurposing of Waste in Canada

At this point of the 21st century we’re seeing all sorts of technological advances that are improving the way we live together in urban centres in Canada. Waste management is no exception, and here at Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal as a waste disposal provider for Trenton and Colborne we’re especially interested in those sorts of advances as they pertain to our industry.

We thought we’d write a new blog post to talk about all these new waste management technologies and the ways they’re making it so that less waste is disposed of and more of it is reused, recycled, or otherwise. So let’s have a look, and keep in mind that the new waste management approaches we’re going to discuss here aren’t exclusive to Ontario. Rather, they’re being implemented across Canada and North America as a whole.

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What are the best ways to help a hoarder?


When you are looking to help a family member or friend, there are a few steps in which you can take to help them with their hoarding addiction. Here at Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal we have assisted with some hoarding cases throughout the years, and have enjoyed supporting members of our community. No matter if you know a person, or are just looking for more information, here are four great ways in which you can help a hoarder overcome their addiction and better their lives.

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