Transporting Small Machinery

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Using small machinery like a bobcat or a lift truck can help boost your productivity on almost any job. Though these vehicles may seem small, you will be amazed what you can accomplish in a day’s work when you use them. Bobcats are used across the home renovation and construction industry, while lift trucks are found in warehouses everywhere. Although these vehicles are extremely useful on a job site, they can be a real pain to move from one place to another. Local regulations often prevent you from driving them on the road, and even if you could, these vehicles are not built for speed. Whether you are a large company or a small, independent bobcat operator, if you want to get your machine to the next job site quickly and efficiently, you should consider the services of a small machinery moving company like Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal. These are just a few of the reasons why you should trust the professionals to move your small machine for you.

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Downsizing in Retirement

Senior man is pulling wheeled dumpster

If you have recently retired or are planning on retiring soon, you know that there are a lot of decisions that must be made. You need to plan out how you want to live the rest of your life and then you need to make things happen. Everyone has a different dream for their retirement. Some people want to travel the world, others want to work on their golf swing, and some just want to enjoy the comforts of home. Whatever your plan for retirement is, deciding what you want to do with your home will be an important part of the process. Many people want to stay in the same house that they lived in while they were working, but others want to downsize to a property that is easier to manage. There are pros and cons to both of these approaches, but no matter what approach you choose, you should still consider taking a thorough inventory of all your things and deciding which are worth keeping.

Downsizing involves figuring out what is really important in your life, reducing the clutter in your home, and possibly deciding to move to a smaller space that better suits your changing needs. Every situation is unique, and only you know what your future plans are, but everyone can benefit from a thorough cleanup of their living space. Retirement or impending retirement is the perfect time to take stock of one’s possessions and decide which are meaningful moving forward. It can be extremely liberating and gratifying to give your unneeded or unwanted possessions away to family members, friends, or a charity. Often when you really take the time to clean your home, or if you are moving away, you realize that you might have accumulated a lot of junk that simply needs to be disposed of. Retirement can mean moving to a new home, renovating, or just simply cleaning house. If you have a larger than normal amount of household junk that you need to get rid of, ordering a disposal bin from Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal can make the whole process easier. You can get rid of all your garbage quickly and cost-effectively, and move forward to focus on the things that really matter in your retirement.

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How to complete a fall cleanup

The leaves are starting to change, and the temperature continues to drop, and that can only one thing, fall is here. Now besides the pumpkin spice lattes, the pumpkin patches and the haunted corn mazes, fall means a few things for homeowners. First, they need to start dealing with any air conditioner units, or things stored under the stairs to ensure they will be ok for winter. Secondly, they have to start that infamous fall cleanup of their yards. A winterized yard will allow your green space around your home to bounce back immediately during the spring thaw. No matter if you are looking to get ahead of the game, or just need something to do while the turkey is cooking, a fall clean up is a great task to cross off the to-do list. In this article, we are going to look at some helpful tips on how to best complete a fall clean up properly.

Mow the lawn

As much as we love assigning ourselves with the last day of mowing, the actual reality is that the grass will continue to grow. Cool season grasses such as bluegrass and fescue will continue to grow slowly, and will not stop until the ground freezes. You should move to a two-week mowing schedule, with the cutting height as low as possible. That first low cut will yield a lot of grass, so brown bagging this grass will help with collecting and will limit the possibility of lawn smothering.

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How to deal with childhood belongings when you need space

Child holding cardboard box packed with toys. Moving and growing concept

With the kids heading off to university, many parents are starting to wonder what they should be doing with their empty nest. Choosing those personal belongings from childhood that deserve a spot in your home can be tough, but not matter if you are a parent dealing with your adult children’s stuff, or your very own childhood items, the process is practically the same. Here at Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal, we have made this process a little easier with a guide on how to choose which childhood souvenirs to keep, and which to forget.

Let Go of Others’ Memories

It might be a keepsake from your best friend’s wedding or a simple picture that your nephew drew, but no matter what it is, you need to be careful before removing this item from your life. It may not have a meaning to you, but for that person, it could be a significant memory. However, if they are indifferent to the item, it is time to remove it from your home.

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7 Safety Tips for Mini-Bin Customers

Builder Putting Waste Into Rubbish Skip

If you have a freshly-delivered mini-bin in your driveway, it’s tempting to dive head-first (not literally) into your new waste management solution. Before you start throwing your construction waste into your new friend, it’s worth reviewing a few safety tips to reduce your risk of injury.

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5 Things to Remember When You Book a Mini-Bin or Dumpster

red garbage figure with crumpled paper ball

If you are looking to rent a mini-bin or dumpster, it’s worth taking some time before you make a booking to consider the best approach for your project. With a few simple tricks and tips, you can make your life easier and get the most out of your rental. Follow this simple guide, and you’ll be amazed how smoothly the whole operation will run, from the first booking to the final pick-up.

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Tips and Guidelines for Responsible Disposal of Furniture


One of the more problematic civic issues in metropolitan urban areas in Canada related to waste disposal is the illegal dumping of furniture. It’s always been a symptom of excessive urban densification, and there’s no one who find discarded furniture and other personal belonging ditched at the side of the road.

Here at Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal, we’ve worked hard to be a leading southern Ontario waste disposal company, and a part of our service for customers is encouraging them to dispose of their household waste responsibly and then providing tips on how to do so.

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Clean Workspace the BEST Billboard


We can feel it, the weather has turned. Spring has finally come to Southern Ontario, if the blooming flowers and budding trees weren’t enough of an indicator the streets lined with various sizes, makes and models of trucks should tip you off.

Contractors and tradespeople of every ilk may argue the title of this article, and you’d have a point to say your finished product is the best billboard. Thing is, your company sign isn’t going to stay up forever. Sooner or later that back deck, veranda or beautifully landscaped front yard will speak for itself and the only advertisement you will get from that work will be the client’s own testimony. This will be intermittent at best.

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