Projects to get you up and active during COVID-19!

  • So, we’ve been flattening the curve, self-isolating, social distancing and just staying at home for a few weeks now. Though perhaps it has been months? Or does it only feel like longer? It is becoming harder to tell. But no matter how long you have been at home we are sure there are still some projects and cleaning up that hasn’t happened. Whether you’ve fallen into a spiral of Netflix or spent far too much timing trying to bake bread, we are confident you’ll feel much better at the end all this if you have something significant to show for it. We are of course talking about a full Lift N Load Bin that our team can take away for you! Because frankly, our team is tired of spending too much time baking bread also!

The possibilities are now endless for what you can accomplish while still doing your part to flatten the curve. Here are a few places where you might want to start:

The Garage

Many of us have been there, and don’t want to go back. The garage is notorious for becoming a dumping ground of the old, the broken and the ‘we might need that someday’ items. Now that the weather is improving its time to air out the garage and start getting rid of things you don’t need or had forgotten about entirely. By the end of the project, you might even be able to park the car in there!

The Backyard

As the snow is hopefully gone and finished for the season, it is time to clean up and clean out the backyard. Start by trimming back bushes, removing those weeds and rebuilding the garden. By removing the old and starting fresh, you can set yourself up for a lovely vegetable garden or begin designing a peaceful backyard oasis.


While a backyard oasis sounds lovely to some, maybe the first things that come to your mind are the mosquitos and summer thunderstorms that will put a damper on any relaxation. If this is the case you can start an indoor home renovation project, the first step, of course, being to get a Lift N Load Bin delivered! Start knocking down walls or tearing up carpets, whatever your renovation doesn’t need Lift N Load can take it away!

By the end of this social distancing period, it sure would be nice to have something to show for all your isolation time besides loaves upon loaves of bread. So, whether you are planning to tackle the garage, the backyard or an indoor renovation the first step should be to call Lift N Load to get you bin delivered today!

Stay home and complete those Spring Tasks!

  • As one of the top suppliers of removable bins in the province, and the fact that the weather is starting to get better we thought we would put together a list of our top activities to do in April. However, this has been put in overdrive with the start of the COVID-19 epidemic. We are staying home to flatten the curve, and that list of projects is not getting any smaller. So, we thought we would put together some uses of our Load N Lift Bins that allow you to complete your projects and physically distance at the same time!

Spring Yard Cleanup

As the snow and ice start to melt, we begin to see the branches and the decaying leaves that we forgot to pick up in the Fall. This quarantine is a perfect time to get some fresh air, and physically distance yourself while doing your yard cleanup. You can use a Load N Lift bin to collect the green waste, and other junk that you have decided did not last through winter. From pots that got the worst of it, to old deck furniture, your Load N Lift bin can handle it all!

Spring cleaning in the house

We all have that one room… the room that no one talks about in your home. It is the dumping zone, the land of forgotten toys, and well, this is the perfect time to start thinking about cleaning it out. The first step is to call Load N Lift to get one of our bins delivered. Next, you can begin removing the larger pieces and either cleaning them or throwing them out. Then, you move to the smaller pieces and remove those as well. It is a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day you get a room back, and your stuff is hauled away by our experts.

Home improvement projects

If you want to get something done, you can even start that home improvement project you have been avoiding for the last few months. Whether it is a partial or full demo of a room, the team at Load N Lift can help with the excess materials. You can store your new stuff in the home, and start removing the demoed material to the bin. Once you are done, you simply call our team, and we pick it up. Talk about home renovations done easy! No matter your situation, the team at Load N Lift, is here to help. Our bin services are some of the best in the industry, and we can get through this crazy time together. Remember, support your local companies, stay home and most importantly, WASH YOUR HANDS!

Five simple ways you can reorganise your space

Whether you are in a townhome or a house, there is always something you can do to give you a little more space. As one of the premier bin rental companies in Ontario, we have helped out hundreds of homes with their reorganisation process! So, since we have gone through this a couple of times, we have picked up a few tips and tricks over the years. Here are five simple ways you can reorganise your space.

Declutter one room at a time

The reorganisation of a home can seems like a huge task, but when you divide it by room, you can tackle your space, room by room. Look to start in the kitchen and move to some of the smaller rooms. You will be surprised to see how fast you get through the home!

Organise one room at a time

After you declutter, you will need to move to the organisation. This will allow you to find excess stuff and ensure that you and your space are at their peak. From getting rid of excess furniture to cleaning up old books or magazines, you will start to find more and more making its way to the throw-out pile as you move through your home.

Assign a home to every object

This may seem like a Mary Kondo style exercise but finding a home for every purpose in your house is a great way to see if you need something. You can utilise new furniture such as double use furniture or use cupboards and other underutilised spaces to find new homes. Yes, this means that each blanket, pillow and trinket need a home, and if not, it needs to go!

Add some shelves

If you are looking to reorganise, one of the best ways is to add some additional storage spaces. Whether this is adding a couple of floating shelves on your wall, or adding in other bookshelves, you can find some new homes for your things. This will also help you declutter and organise; it is a win-win.

Find a bin

When you need to get rid of your stuff, skip the trips to the dump in your neighbours’ truck, and trust the experts at Load N Lift to provide you with a bin that fits your needs. From larger bins that will handle furniture, to smaller ones meant for household garbage, we have the bin for your reorganisation!

If you need a bin, then it is about time that you called Load N Lift. From reorganisation to construction, the team at Load N Lift has hauled them all. Call our team today and see how Load N Lift can help you the next time you need to haul something!

Unusual uses for Load N Lift Bins

As one of the leading bin rental companies in Ontario, the team at Load N Lift is your go-to option for all of your bin needs. However, we like to see how our clients can use our bins, and sometimes they are downright unusual. In this fun blog, we are going to look at some of the more unusual uses for Load N Lift bins.

Swimming Pool

It might seem a little crazy, but we have seen our bins used for everything, including a swimming pool. Our bins are not watertight, nor are they are designed to be a swimming pool, but with a little ingenuity, they can certainly be used for anything. Our client, who used our bins for a pool, threw a watertight tarp and filled it up. Seems simple, but that is part of the reason that we love this! Simple does it, and a Load N Lift ban can undoubtedly be used with a swimming pool.

Snow Removal

If you are trying to dig out after the last snowstorm and realise that you ran out of the room, you might need a Load N Lift bin to help. With our drop off and pick up services, a Load N Lift bin can be an excellent option for simple and efficient snow removal. We have helped out during massive storms, and we know there is a max to how much snow you can pile up. With a Load N Lift bin, you can either have us haul the snow, or use it as a storage spot before dumping the snow in another location. Snow removal is done simply, and that is a Load N Lift great use for your bins!

Soil Storage

If you are thinking about completing a yard refresh, you might need to get some new dirt for your lawn or gardens. This means that you will need to get some topsoil, and that means you need storage. Instead of the classic tarp on the driveway, and praying it does not rain, you could step up your soil storage. With a Load N Lift bin, you will be able to store the soil without having to worry about run-off or soil erosion from storms. The best way to do that is to tarp off the bin and use it when you need it. With a Load N Lift bin, your yard work will be simple as ordering a bin.

From soil storage to swimming pools, the team at Load N Lift is here for you! If you need a bin rental, call our team and see how Load N Lift can help you out.

The many ways a Load-n-Lift rental can help you this spring.

Load-n-Lift is a Trenton based company that specialises in rubbish removal and provides a valuable service for individual homeowners, independent contractors, and small businesses alike. Although dumpster or bin rentals may seem like an unlikely asset, several ways having a convenient and reliable rubbish removal service can make your project much more manageable.

  • Construction, Maintenance, and Renovation

Spring is a popular time to start home renovation projects or repair damage that may have occurred in the past, and Load-n-Lift’s year-round service is always ready to accommodate your needs. Having an onsite dumpster makes all home construction projects simpler, providing a secure method to dispose of debris from re-shingling and roofing repairs, drywall, kitchen and bathroom tiling and scraps, and many other kinds of construction debris. Load-n-Lift bins and dumpsters can also be used for smaller projects such as spring cleaning and getting rid of large or heavy objects.

  • Personal Lawn and Garden Care

High-quality soil and mulch are essential parts of a gardener’s toolkit. They can help prevent erosion, aid in water retention, and inhibit weed growth from improving the overall health of a lawn or garden. However, sometimes a gardener needs to store mulch or soil to use later. Load-n-Lift offers bin rentals of varying size, so you can be sure to find one to accommodate your needs. Aspiring and veteran gardeners alike often find these containers perfect for storing mulch or soil safely and conveniently.

  • Landscaping

Whenever you are doing landscaping work, whether on your own home or as a contractor, there are almost always materials to haul away.Onsite disposal can make the process faster and cleaner for the homeowner. For a contractor, this offers a unique way to minimise costs like gas and time spent travelling back and forth from a job site to a dumpsite. Load-n-Lift offers bins with a ground level entry for easy access and uses a special hydraulic lifting system that eliminates the risk of dragging the bin, thus preventing a lawn from being damaged.

  • Events, Functions, and Parties

Any significant function or gathering is sure to create waste, and Load-n-Lift bins are the perfect way of ensuring that waste is disposed of quickly and tidily. Load-n-Lift trucks can carefully manoeuvre into tight areas that others cannot, and thus are ideal for your next event.

Load-n-Lift’s friendly and accommodating staff are happy to help you with your next project, no matter the size.

How to prep for a Load N Lift bin

When it comes to Load N Lift bins, one of the most common questions we get is how to prep for the bin to arrive. So, we thought it was about time to tackle this question head-on and put pen to paper. Thus, here is how to prep for a Load N Lift bin!

Remember, you need to walk to the bin

When it comes to where to drop the bin off, we are often dealing with tight residential areas. If you are looking to utilise a bin, take some to consider where the work is being done, and where you are going to be able to haul the debris. For instance, if you are doing work on the east side of the home, it would not make much sense to put the bin on the west side of the property, as that is merely adding additional work to dump the debris. Instead, plan and make sure that the bin is dropped in the ideal location for your project.

Leave some space around the bin

Although we can work in tight spaces, it might be worth a thought to consider leaving some space around the bin. You will have to work in the area and having access to all four sides might be beneficial in moving forward.

Clear the space

Load N Lift bins are delivered by a large truck that will need some room to work. Although our drivers are some of the best in the business, we need the space that the bin will be dropped off at clear of any debris or other things. If we are dropping it on your driveway, please ensure that there are no vehicles blocking the way and provide our drivers with a bit of space to move around. Ideally, if you could remove cars from the driveway for the drop-off, it would undoubtedly make our lives a little easier!

Lawn or Driveway?

Naturally, this will depend on your specific situation, but for the team at Load N Lift, it does not matter. Load N Lift bins are bulky metal bins and can leave some damage if left for a long time to a lawn. If you are planning a long-term project, the driveway might be better, but if you are doing work in the winter, then either the lawn or the driveway will do. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team, and we can provide some guidance for you.

If you are considering a Load N Lift bin, why not call the team at Load N Lift and inquiry. We have been providing our community with mobile bins for years and are here to answer any questions you may have!

Winter Bin Rental Tips

When you are looking to rent a bin in the winter, there are always a few things that you have to consider. We want to make sure that your home and your property is safe during the process, and no matter the size of the bin you are renting, the team at Load N Lift is here for you! Here are just a few of our top tips to remember when you are working with a Load N Lift bin during the winter here in Ontario.

Clear a Space

Before your bin arrives, it is essential that you clear the driveway to create some space for the bin to be dropped off. You want to consider making the space clear of both ice and snow, and creating either walkway to and from, or clearing the surrounding space to create a safe work environment for anyone filling the bin. If it does snow, make sure to shovel and toss down some salt to give you some grip for when you are tossing stuff in your Load N Life bin.

Protect the bin

Once the bin has been delivered, you should look to protect the various parts of the bin from the cold. This means covering the latches and fasteners if that is the style you have chosen, and you may want to warm them up before you use the mechanisms. Plus, be prepared to deal with cold metal, and it will undoubtedly be cold, especially in sub-zero temperatures!

Cover the bin

No matter if you have filled the bin, or have just started the project, you should look to cover the bin with a tarp. This will allow you to avoid having excess snow or ice build-up in the bin and ensures that your bin will be in good shape moving forward. A tarp and a rope should be enough, and make sure to tighten and secure the tarp in case the wind starts to pick up!

Use Gloves

If you are working outside for any significant amount of time, especially with a Load N Lift bin, then you should look to utilise gloves. Gloves will not only help protect you from the elements, but it will also help limit the effects of the cold steel on your hands, especially on child days. We want to avoid injuries, and injuries can certainly occur if you expose bare skin to frozen metal.

Winter bin rentals are always a good idea, but you have to prep your space and yourself for working in the elements. If you are interested in a winter bin rental contact the team at Load N Lift today and see how our bins can help with your next big project!

What kind of debris to expect during a renovation

When you are completing a renovation for the first time, you might not expect the amount and type of debris you might have to tackle. Here at Load N Lift we have seen it all, and with our services, you will be able to have your debris hauled away with ease. So, without further adieu, here are the typical kinds of debris to expect during a renovation.


Flooring is one of those things that you think will not be too bad to remove until you start. Whether you are dealing with hardwood, laminate or something worse like tile, you need to be prepared to remove a significant amount of flooring when it comes to a renovation. As well, it is decently heavy, and thus is a bit better bang for your buck to rent a bin rather than pay for your rubbish removal.


When it comes to dealing with debris, a roof renovation might be the most significant amount of rubbish during a renovation. No matter if you are dealing with a full re-do of the roof or a simple patch, you will need to get rid of the debris! Choosing the right company is essential, especially if you are dealing with asphalt shingles as they need to be recycled by the right company. Call us today and see how a bin from Load N Lift can assist with your roof renovation!


When you are dealing with drywall work, the best thing you can do before the work begins is to call the team at Load N Lift for a bin rental. Drywall is a hard project to complete, and the debris is more than significant. Whether we are talking about the removal of the drywall in the home or the removal of the drywall to the correct facility for refuse, the team at Load N Life has you covered.

Kitchen or Bathroom Scraps

During any kitchen or bathroom renovation, the amount of waste is more than significant. This is why you should look to invest in a bin from Load N Lift to assist with the hauling away of debris. We have worked with countless contractors over the years, and with our debris removal services, you will be more than able to keep up with your timelines.

No matter if you are dealing with drywall or flooring, the team at Load N Lift is here for you! With our full range of bins, and our convenient pick-up and drop-off services, you will be in good hands when you choose the team at Load N Lift! Call us today and find out how our bins can help deliver debris removal with ease.

How a Load N Lift Bin can help you this winter

With old man winter starting to rear its nasty head, it might be time to think about how a Load N Lift bin can help you and your family ours. In this blog, we are going to look at some of the best uses of a Load N Lift bin during the harsh winter months.

  • Green Waste Removal

For those who have put off the last of their garden or yard cleanup, a Load N Lift bin is the best option to get rid of that waste once and for all. With our wide variety of bin sizes, and convenient puck up and drop off services, you will be able to load at your own pace, and have it taken away with ease. Green waste removal is a breeze with Load N Lift, and since we get rid of your waste as well, it is even better!

  • Rubbish Removal

If you are like most homes, sometimes you need a Fall clean up before the winter blues hit. This could mean finally cleaning out that spare room that has been plaguing your home with junk, or you want to get that pesky garage cleaned out, the team at Load N Lift is here for you. We have been providing our clients with flexible rubbish removal services for years, and no matter if you are looking to complete a winter cleanup or something else, the team at Load N Lift is ready and waiting to assist.

  • Snow Removal

If you are looking to free up some of your space in your backyard or are looking to finally clear those snowbanks that have been growing since the first snowfall, then Load N Lift has you covered. Our drop-off and pickup options will allow you to shovel at your own pace, and the best part is we haul all of the snow away!

  • Construction Debris

Our team has been working with the construction industry for some time, and no matter if you are looking to do a renovation or are gutting a home, the team at Load N Lift can help, even in winter. Our services allow you to plan to your needs, and our convenient drop-off and pickup services ensure that our bins are only on-site when you need us. No matter where the job site is, our bins are waiting!

Here at Load N Lift, our team is always here to help and assist you with any project that you may be looking to tackle. We have been deeply involved in the community, and whether you are looking for green waste removal or snow removal, our bins, and our teams are here for you!

Four ways to enjoy your garden longer

We all have had a long hard winter, and spring and summer are meant for you to enjoy your garden for as long as possible. However, for many of us, this means that we need to do some work during the year to maintain and monitor how the plants are doing! In this blog, we are going to look at five ways that will ensure that you can enjoy your garden for just a little bit longer this season.


It might seem like a simple thing, but you would be surprised at how many people underwater, or overwater their plants! You can tell if you are overwatering If you plant soil is soaked, or if you notice mould or moss growing on the container. If you are underwatering, you will see rock hard soil and wilted flowers. Proper watering will go a long way to ensuring your garden lasts!


Laying down a layer of mulch does wonders for a garden, and proper mulching can help ensure your garden will last. Mulch helps with the following things:

Improves soil retention

Regulates soil temperature

Prevents soil erosion from wind and rain

Reduces weed growth

Mulch can be made up of practically any organic material, and store-bought mulch is also a great option if you do not want to make your own.


When you consider the real key to enjoying your garden longer, it comes down to maintenance. This means that a successful garden will have routine weeding and natural controls for the prevention of weeds. As well, you will need to feed your soil with manure and mulch monthly to encourage new growth and strengthening of old growth. Finally, you will need to learn to disinfect your tools before starting work to prevent soil transfer, and other biomasses infecting different parts of your garden.

Rent a bin from Load N Lift

Whether it is your first mulch of the season, or need a bigger green bin during maintenance, Load N Lift makes it easy to ensure your garden lasts. With our simple to use bins, you will be able to secure mulch, or dirt safely, and when you are ready, our truck can take the load away, that simple.

What is your go-to garden tip to keep your garden around well into fall? No matter if you are looking to store mulch, or need some extra storage for a roofing job, the team at Load N Lift can help deliver a bin that will help you out. Call our team today, and find out how Load N Lift can help you this summer!