The Origins of the Commercial Dumpster & Choosing One

The Origins of the Commercial Dumpster & Choosing OneIt’s no secret that disposal bins are our specialty here, and if you were ever to stop by in person at either of our locations in Trenton our Colborne dumpsters are what we could talk about for hours. We can also get one out to your job site or your residence the same day when you call us and request a dumpster rental, and you’ll see why the roll-off bins we have are the best for both our trucks and your property.

Enough with the self-promotion for now though, what we’re going to do now is look at commercial dumpster design from as much of an evolutionary perspective as is possible with us. Let’s start by making it interesting and maybe a little surprising. Dempster isn’t an uncommon surname in North America, and you’ll see it as one of the predominant brands of bread at supermarkets in Canada. Back in the 1930s there was a family with that same surname in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA and they were the ones who designed and patented the first dumpster.

It’s true, and the reason they did it was there was a need for more efficient waste collection and disposal for construction sites. Nearly 100 years later we’re providing Belleville dumpster rentals and Campbellford dumpster rentals for construction sites here, but back then the nature of doing this type of business was way different and we’ll happily acknowledge that the Dempsters had to put a lot more into developing the first dumpster than we’ve ever had to do with delivering and picking up ours.

Much the Same

It didn’t take long at all for the Dempster’s dumpster to become quite popular and before long they closed their construction business and put their business focus exclusively on selling dumpsters. A near century later what is interesting – and complimentary – to note is that except for new materials and coatings there hasn’t been much change to the general configuration of dumpsters since that 1936 Dempster model became available in Knoxville.

That’s because the simplicity of the concept has had an enduring appeal and real usability. Namely, a steel container with fork pockets that can be picked up and dumped in a truck onsite for transport to a disposal facility. Before the invention of the dumpster trash and containers were hauled away as is, and as you’d expect way to much time and energy was spent taking away individual collections of trash in whatever means it had been gathered.

Dumpster use is now entirely ubiquitous for pretty much any type of larger-scale business in North America. Here in Canada the dumpster rental market regularly generates around 37 million dollars each year, and while we’re the best dumpster rental for Trenton and Colborne areas there are plenty like us serving other communities in other Provinces in Canada.

That $37M figure represents the rental of the container only and does not include other fees charged by the hauler. For haulers to capture more market share, they need to offer the best container solution for their customers and reduce operating expenses.

What Best Meets Your Needs

We have lease-to-own dumpsters here at Load n’ Lift, and this is an excellent opportunity for contractors that see the needs to get their own bin(s). There are many factors that go into choosing which type of dumpster is best for your customers and your business. Here are some common considerations when deciding which type of bin will be best for your needs:

  1. What type of climate/weather will the container be exposed to?
  2. Will the bin ever need to be moved by hand from an enclosed area?
  3. What type of materials will go into the container most often?
  4. Will an animal-proof container be needed?
  5. Will the bine need to be lockable?
  6. Can the container be repaired onsite?
  7. How easy is the container to deliver and service?
  8. What about storage space required when the bin is not in use?

The next consideration will be dumpster material, and these are the most common ones for dumpsters (though not necessarily offered by Load n’ Lift as part of our lease-to-own dumpster program or the bins sent out with our Trenton dumpster rentals)

  1. Steel
  2. Poly or Plastic
  3. Modular Steel Frame with Bag Liner

There are pros and cons of each of these dumpster types.


Steel is supremely strong and can take a beating in all kinds of weather and usually these bins can be built big enough to hold a high volume of trash. In some cases, steel is the only material strong enough to contain the type of waste being dumped such as construction debris. Steel will rust though, and rust more quickly / thoroughly in coastal areas.

Poly or Plastic

Plastic dumpsters are significantly lighter than steel and most of its components will not rust, but they can crack in extreme cold weather. The use of one-piece molded dumpsters is also much quieter than steel models. Plastic ones can also be better stacked high for shipping and storage.

Modular Steel Frame with Bag Liner

Steel frame with bag liner combines the strength of steel with the durability of a poly bag in a modular design. Modular dumpsters are repairable on site and weigh about the same amount as a plastic dumpster of similar size. The use of a poly bag as the liner for the container is not always compatible with certain use cases though. Steel dumpsters are always best for toughness and versatility, and we rent steel dumpsters here at Load n’ Lift.

Another important consideration when choosing a dumpster to buy or rent is the total cost you’ll take on over the bin’s working lifecycle. Among what you should consider here are:

  1. Initial cost of unit
  2. Profit generated by the unit
  3. How long can the bin expect to last before it will need service or replacement?
  4. Is repair or replacement parts realistic for the bin?
  5. What are the costs associated with storage and delivery?
  6. In the event the container needs repair or refurbishing, how long will it be unavailable for use and will any lost revenue resulting from it’s being out of service be an issue?

Load n’ Lift is best if you need a disposal bin rental in Trenton or Colborne areas, or for any instance where a rubbish removal service means you need a bin delivered and picked up right at the site. We’ve been in the business for many years and are in high standing with the Better Business Bureau. Plenty of people speak highly of our customer service too, and that’s something we also take pride in. We’ve got bins ready to go right now if you need them, and all you need to do is call.

New App Identifies Recyclable Products

New App Identifies Recyclable ProductsThere are more than 8 billion people on the planet, and more and more of them are being enfranchised for a 1st-world, carbon intensive, and mega consumerist lifestyle all the time. That has the potential to turn out really badly for all of us in the long run, but your Liberal globalist overlords would prefer it if we don’t think about that. But if there’s one thing we can talk about and agree upon it’s that anything and everything that has reached the end of its working life and can stay out of the trash should stay out of it.

The amount of waste being produced by so many people living a super-modern, ultra-urban lifestyle isn’t realistically going to be curbed, but if there’s anything that can be done to promote more recycling and repurposing then we should all be getting behind that 100%. Our expertise is with dumpster rentals for the Trenton and Colborne region here in Ontario, and the extent of our understanding of Apps is that there’s thousands of them in the Google Play Store.

But there is now an app that has been developed that can let you know if an item is recyclable by simply aiming your smartphone camera lens at it. Some especially smart Swedish developers are the ones behind it, and not surprisingly at all they got some help from those folks at Google that make the Play Store available to you.

We’ve seen more than a few things in our disposal bin rentals that could have gone into recycling, and more than a few times we’ve done our good deed for the day by making sure they do get recycled and don’t end up in regular garbage or eventually a landfill. So we think this new app is about as noteworthy as it gets, and this is what we’ll focus on with this blog entry.

Recycle Ready & How

Bower – the Swedish company’s name – was happy to accept a €1.75M contribution and free support from a team of Google engineers to develop the app over the course of six months. With the app on their phone anyone can use the device to identify everyday items and not only immediately learn if the item is recyclable or not, but also how it can be recycled.

Better yet, the app is free and downloadable on both Android and iOS and the estimated 680,000 people worldwide who are already using it means that is definitely being well received and put to good use. What users do is log a product by scanning its barcode, and then they are rewarded with money and coupons once that item is recycled.

It really is that simple to use – you aim a smartphone camera at an object and the app can immediately detect the item’s type, material, size, and product specifics, and can do it whether the item has a barcode or not. It will also calculate the CO2e savings that can be made by recycling the item and how best to dispose of it, and for a lot of people this is a nice way to help them feel good about what they’re doing and knowing they’re making a difference.

It’s the furthest thing from a waste pick and up disposal service for Colborne and Trenton, and it’s about a thousand times smarter or more than a dumpster rental. Look no further than the fact that the open-source Computer Vision Model used by the Bower app achieves 85-90% accuracy for manual recycling accuracy.

Where, and What

There is more to the superb functionality of this smart recycling app. Bower users will be able to point their smartphone cameras at any form of recycling station and bin anywhere in the world and promptly be informed as to what can be recycled at that location and if an item is a match then it will let you know the best – and fastest – way to recycle it. to do this.

For a rubbish removal service in Trenton you’ll be best served with roll off disposal bins, and we can have them at your site the same day 90+% of the time if you call us in the AM. That’s fast, but this new technology is even faster with an app that identifies recyclable products in seconds. We’re not tech gurus in the slightest, but our writers know of this stuff, including Gemini – a family of multimodal large language models developed by Google’s DeepMind.

Partnerships with over 600 global and local brands is another integral part of the app’s growing success. What this does is help them engage users to increase recycling rates. The estimates are that Bower has helped users recycle over 100 million packages over the last nearly 5 years.

And again, this technology was earmarked to be open-sourced from the beginning, with the idea that other organization can build off it to add future innovations to improve recycling rates globally. Consider as well that Bower and Google have leveraged machine learning technology to make recycling information as accessible as possible, with an aim to incentivize people disposing of items properly.

That’s something that we’ll be keen to see more of here in Ontario, and it would be great to see both Provincial Governments in Canada make efforts to encourage use of such technology. As well as possible implementing any upcoming offshoots it in municipal waste collection and recycling services. We’ll continue to do our part with dumpster rentals for Trenton and Colborne and with mini-bin rentals that are better for challenging locations. However small that may be, we always make sure that waste is disposed of properly and according to Provincial regulations.

Who knows, maybe there will be smart dumpster some day!

If you need a bin for jobsite waste disposal be sure to get in touch with our front desk people here at Load n’ Lift. CFB Trenton members and families receive a 5% discount on all disposal bin rentals, and we also have that same 5% discounts for senior citizens. We want to be the provider you call EVERY time you need a local rubbish removal service.

New Battery Sorting Technology Being Utilized in Ontario

New Battery Sorting Technology Being Utilized in Ontario The nature of battery use to power devices and other tools of all sorts has changed a lot over recent decades. The fact that there’s been more of a shift to rechargeable ones from disposable ones has been hugely beneficial when seen in the frame of waste management, plus with fewer of them being disposed of improperly. But the rechargeable batteries – especially the larger lithium ones – are definitely presenting their own sets of problems.

Ones that exist far above and beyond the scope of our expertise here at Load n’ Lift, which of course is dumpster rentals in Trenton and Colborne and waste disposal for this entire are of Ontario to the east of the GTA. That’s not to say we haven’t collected batteries before in the course of our services, but one thing that is important to know is that we always dispose of ALL waste responsibly as per Ontario Provincial regulations related to waste disposal.

What we do to be proactive in that sense is encourage people who have ordered disposal bins for delivery online here to keep recyclables like batteries out of their dumpsters and more readily accessible for proper disposal. This is what we’ll advise and you’ll find every other waste disposal provider doing junk removal in Havelock or Roseneath too. We serve every community in the area and remember we’ve been voted as the best junk removal company here 3 times by ThreeBestRated.

But enough about that and our reputability for dumpster rentals in Colborne, let’s segue back to batteries and look at a new battery recycling technology that is being readily embraced here.

Big Processing Rate Increase

This new battery sorting technology has been rolled out by Call2Recycle and Electronic Distributors International Inc., a well-known electronics recycler. It is one of four of its type in the world, and the only service provider in North America using this technology is EDI. With it the plant’s capacity to sort used batteries is increased 2x, supporting the increasing volumes of batteries recycled by Call2Recycle in Ontario (+58% in 2023), where Call2Recycle serves as the largest battery Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO).

What is most impressive and beneficial here is the EDI’s facility ability to now process nearly 500 kilograms of used batteries each hour, and this increase is double the output that a traditional sorting line would be capable of. It is setting a new benchmark for industry standards.

The functional key to this better battery recycling in Canada is X-ray technology that precisely identifies and sorts each battery type. The scanners are capable of doing this even when the battery chemistry or label is unidentifiable. This greatly enhanced accuracy works to streamline the sorting process and also minimizes the chances of safety incidents due to sorting errors and improper chemistry identification.

Absolutely nothing do with dumpster rentals and deliver in Trenton, but we are like every civic-minded and environmentally responsible Ontarian in that we like seeing how innovations like this are bolstering efforts to increase Ontario’s battery recycling infrastructure and also promoting better efficiency with the collection of larger volumes of batteries.

Better Sustainability

Obviously this is going to minimize environmental impact, but it also has benefits for supporting the local economy too. EDI is one of many waste management technology companies that are aiming to modernize the recycling industry plus investing in solutions that are in line with the sustainability needs of a modern society with a growing population base that is inevitably going to produce more waste.

And this is very much building on existing successes, as for 27 years now the Call2Recycle there has been more than 45 million kilos of batteries collected and recycled as part of their program. In most cases these are batteries that otherwise would have ended up in Canadian landfills.


If you have a jobsite in Trenton or Colborne and need waste pick up and disposal then our roll off dumpsters are ideal because of the way they can easily placed onto any area of any jobsite or private property where a large amount of waste is too much for the average individual to handle on their own. We can usually have the dumpster delivery done the same day you call for them, and the way the same truck that delivers the bin then collects it and takes it away makes for the ultimate in convenience and tidiness for owners or site managers.

Check out our Load n’ Lift customer reviews from people just like you who needed to rent a dumpster and were very pleased with the service we provided for them. Containers are always clean and outfitted with rollers to ensure that your property remains unmarked, all bin doors open to ground level for easy loading.

We have disposal bins in in 7,8,11,16, 20 and 25 yard sizes so you’re able to order the size you need and not pay more for one that you might not fill to capacity. Call us at your convenience and we will be happy to answer every question you may have, and we have a 5% discount for military members at CFB Trenton and all senior citizens too.

Trash Traps Keeping Toronto Harbour Cleaner

Trash Traps Keeping Toronto Harbour Cleaner Here in our part of Ontario we are quite a ways from Canada’s biggest and most densely populated city, but anytime there’s new technology put into use for waste collection and recycling we’re going to take note no matter where in Canada that’s happening. Our specialty may be with dumpster rentals for Trenton and Colborne areas of the Province, but we always take interest in waste management trends of any type.

With Toronto being the Canadian city with the highest number of people residing there means a whole lot of trash is produced there, and like any big city some of it is going to end up where it shouldn’t be. No one is going to select disposal bin rentals and have them set up along the harbour front on Lake Ontario there, and even if the city would allow it a lot of trash would still end up in the water.

That has been a problem in the city going back all the way to the 1960s, although with detrimental population boom seen in Toronto over the past 20 years the problem has become magnified a thousand times over.

Well over a year ago now we wrote a blog here about an invention that was patrolling the harbour and collecting trash in Baltimore, MD, USA and it may be that engineers up here in Ontario took note. The reason we say that is Toronto has had its own floating trash collectors doing the same type of admirable work over the last year and some. For jobsite waste disposal in Colborne we’ve got you covered, but our roll off bins don’t float and our trucks don’t either.

Enough about that though, and let’s take the rest of this blog entry to talk about this impressive new civic-minded initiative that has been put into use and it making for a cleaner and much more inviting harbor for Toronto.

Skim and Collect

From May through October 2023 residents in Toronto may have seen the eight Seabins and two WasteSharks at work over that time removing 43 kg of litter from the Toronto Harbour. This included 62,996 pieces of small plastic pollution and there’s been a lot of information in the news recently about how microplastics are the absolute worst with the way they are started to get into nearly everything – including the bodies of fish and other water life and even into us humans through a number of different means.

All of this was part of the 2023 Trash Trapping Program, and we’ll admit it certainly is a lot more newsworthy than trash removal for Belleville or jobsite bin rentals for Ameliasburg. But staying on topic the official review of the project included the conclusion that while floating debris and plastic pollution in the water is a problem in Toronto, there are plenty of other bodies of water in or alongside major metro regions in other parts of Canada where this is an ongoing problem too.

Further, the unfortunate truth is that it is prevalent in urban waterways all over the world. We agree that Toronto has been fortunate to have a coalition of like-minded organizations that have collectively offered innovative solutions that leverage new technology and local research and trades to help make a difference in addressing the problem. And quite the problem it with the floating trash collected including bottle caps, plastic pellets, food container remnants, cigarette butts, and fatbergs.

If the last term there is foreign to you then allow us to explain. It’s not something used to refer to your neighbour, even though it might be appropriate. Instead fatbergs are huge, congealed clumps of fat and other mucky stuff that are built in large part from quicky-wipes and similar products that are flushed down the toilet when they really shouldn’t be. Furthest thing from dumpster rentals for Castleton or Cherry Valley, but this is the kind of the stuff that can end up floating in Lake Ontario near the Toronto shoreline.

It is tiny debris including microplastics that are the most problematic, and fortunately this is where the Seabins have excelled at collecting trash that would otherwise find its way to more remote areas of the Lake over time. Plastic items in the environment eventually break down into microplastics and it becomes difficult to determine their origins. This year the 2023 Trash Trapping Program team has seen decreases in the amount of microplastics collected in the ports. Again you may have seen Seabins deployed at four locations on the Toronto waterfront and at the Outer Harbour Marina.

If you want to rent a dumpster in Trenton you should call us, but if the trash you’d like to see gone is of the unsightly type and marring the waterfront you enjoy so much then it’s definitely a job for a Seabin.

Sharks at Work

The WasteSharks have been just as much a part of the efforts as the Seabins, and a lot of people seem to think they have much cooler names. These sharks don’t get excited with blood in the water, and instead what gets them fired up is any manmade trash that is unwelcomingly floating on the Lake near Toronto. The WasteSharks are equipped with a large catch basin and in comparison to the Seabins they capture mostly large plastic fragments.

They’re great for grabbing large pieces of foam from construction and food containers, hard plastic fragments, and ready to gobble up water bottles, caps, cups, lids and straws too. Even the biggest and most voracious sharks might need to take a doggy bag with your neighbor, but these sharks also had fatbergs as top ten most commonly found items inside them when they returned from a day’s work.

Over the course of three expeditions in October 2023, the Toronto WasteSharks collected 19.2 kilograms of floating trash, including nearly 600 pieces of microplastics, as part of the ‘ebb and flow’ program that began once the technology was proven and the Sharks were deemed ready to start working to clean up the harbour.

With a larger capacity and remote controlled agility, these guys are able to collect a higher volume of debris in a shorter period compared to the Seabins. They collected nearly the same amount as all the Seabins combined over the entire field season, and another big advantage with them is they can be piloted into problem areas such as the corners of slips/ These are areas where we debris and other material accumulate in volume more naturally.

Cleanup on Land

Interesting stuff for anyone who’s like us and attuned to the need to have waste disposed of properly. If that’s a need for you at your home, a jobsite, or anywhere else where you’ve got too much trash and other materials that need to go to the dump it makes so much sense to rent a dumpster from us and have it delivered anywhere in the Marmora area or elsewhere near here.

We can usually have our mini-bin system delivered the same day, and once it’s filled we’ll pick it up and dispose of the waste properly and directing it to the right facilities based on accordance to Provincial bylaws that regulate waste disposal. If we’ve had the pleasure of providing you bins for the first time and you’re happy with the service we encourage you to leave us positive feedback here at the website.

Need waste gone and with a disposal bin rental? One call does it all and we can have your bins at your site just as soon as you need them when you call on weekday mornings. We’ll see you soon, and you can expect the very best service.

Biomass Energy Production Potential Spurring Ontario Provincial Investment

Biomass Energy Production Potential Spurring Ontario Provincial Investment Being a dumpster rental service provider for Colborne and Trenton we have seen pretty much everything being dumped into our delivered disposal bins as all types of waste that needs to be collected and disposed of properly. We’ve built a good reputation for service with waste collection and disposal in this part of Ontario, and you may well have seen red trucks with the Load n’ Lift logo on the side driving down the highway delivering one of dumpster bin rentals to a job site of any sort in this part of the Province.

As you’d expect, the one type of disposal waste we don’t see much of with our waste bin collection is bio waste, but when we look at what’s produced as waste on the Provincial level there’s been a real trend where this type of waste is increasingly redirected in recycling and disposal channels to be processed into biofuels. Now it’s also been expanded into biomass energy production, and as we can all know these days finding alternative and perhaps cleaner energy and fuel sources is something that’s important.

Governments are investing in research into the technology to capture biomass energy effectively, and that’s true here in Ontario too. Our area of expertise is always going to be dumpster rentals for Ameliasburg and area and rubbish removal services for this part of the Province between Peterborough and Kingston. But we’re always keen to learn more and then share with our blog readers about waste and recycling management technologies that are happening in the greater industry.

So let’s dig deeper on the way biomass energy potential is spurring the Provincial government here in Ontario to invest it. Right now it’s as interesting a topic as any in this sphere that we’re working in as a smaller contributor but still one that is contributing to the greater collective effort to collect and manage waste better.

Forest Biomass

The Government of Ontario is making an investment of $60 million in the Forest Biomass Program, and over the course of the next few years there will be major targeted investments in forest sector initiatives that are likely to promote both environmental sustainability goals and economic potential when making better use of underutilized wood and mill by products. Forest biomass is one of a few types here, but it’s the one that apparently has the most potential.

The expectation is that this new Forest Biomass Program will grow businesses, strengthen communities and create work opportunities that should be another beneficial spinoff coming from this investment.

Ministry statements collected have been along the lines of investing in technology, people and expertise and making smarter and more fruitful choices when the Province decides how it’s going to drive the forestry section into the future and hopefully make it a smart part of the switch to greener fuels and energy sources.

The announcement of additional funding follows the Forest Biomass Program’s third phase of investment, which committed more than $6.1 million to 12 research, innovation and modernization initiatives.

Better Waste Utilization as Fuel

The funds earmarked for this investment are primarily going in 3 directions.

$500,600 to Millson Forestry Service for equipment acquisition to support forest sector integration and specifically for converting wood residues into mulch, fulfilling local demand for mulch and compost and providing an on-site heating source for the facility’s greenhouse.

$250,000 to Apitipi Anicinapek Nation to work to improve community readiness and expand on the capacity to participate in forest biomass opportunities that will deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to Indigenous communities and local municipalities.

$250,000 to Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve to establish local community energy production by examining the feasibility of an advanced biochar/biocoal product that would begin development at a proposed fuel pellet plant facility in the territory.

$100,000 to Walker Environmental Group to invest in further advancements for forest biomass innovation plus financing the pursuit of environmental benefits by exploring cost-effective options to use biomass as a source of renewable natural gas and other low-carbon energy products.

Over the last 10+ months the Forest Biomass Program has committed over $17 million to 41 projects here in the Province, and that certainly suggests they see great potential in this and that it is something that has promise for being much more of a conventional approach to alternate fuels production in the future.

As of later this month and the official start of Spring for 2024 the Forest Biomass Program is set to begin receiving applications for businesses, municipalities, Indigenous communities and not-for-profit organizations in Ontario ready to lay out the details of any project that will also contribute to greater and more far-reaching use of forest biomass and enhancing the forest biomass supply chain so that this also becomes increasingly viable moving into the future.

Choose Load n’ Lift first for a dumpster rental in Trenton and Colborne, plus for other communities in this region including Garden Hill, Corbyville, and Springbrook. We are Ministry of Environment approved for rubbish removal and disposal and we can often deliver dumpsters to job sites in this part of the Province the same day you call and place your order for them.

Our mini-bin system can be placed in challenging locations and the all bin doors open to ground level is a big plus too. Check out our offers including dumpster rental discounts for seniors and Canadian Forces members serving at CFB Trenton.

Last but not least, all containers are on rollers so that there is little to no surface level degradation at job sites. You can also lease-to-own disposal bins with us, and many contractors have taken advantage of that opportunity so far. Call us with whatever needs you have today and we’ll make every effort to give you the best service..

Leading Waste Management Trends for 2024

Here we are well past a full month into 2024 and one of the things that’s been very notable in Canada is how it hasn’t been as cold as normal this winter. And hearing tLeading Waste Management Trends for 2024 hat Toronto has banned tobogganing in the city has certainly come as a surprise as here in Ontario outdoor winter fun has always been a big thing for us. Some people don’t mind that there hasn’t been as much snow as year’s previous, but most of us know it’s not something we should be happy about. Climate change is concerning, and the waste management industry is one of the many that need to be part of addressing that concern.

We are a dumpster rental provider in Trenton and Colborne and we’re still free to do as much sledding as we please, but we adhere to the belief that we all need to be better about what we throw away and there needs to be much more in the way or recycling or repurposing. It’s a good thing that most waste disposal providers in Ontario are as stringent as they are about making sure waste goes into the channels it should when it is taken to municipal facilities, and of course we’re one of them.

Based on a recent report we had a chance to look over, this month’s blog entry here is going to be for a number of leading waste management trends that are expected to be at the forefront of the industry this year, and it should be of interest to anyone who likes to know about what goes where and why it does when ‘trash’ is created.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Managing waste is an extensive process with scheduling pickup, trucking, sorting and more. The massive volume of waste that municipalities produce nowadays makes the process cumbersome and creates inefficiencies, particularly for the proper recycling when applicable for items. Integrating AI into workflows automates waste management and improves operational efficiency and we are starting to see AI-based solutions that determine the optimal route for garbage trucks. The benefits of the reduced fuel usage and traffic delays is clear to understand.

Plus we may before long see AI-driven autonomous garbage trucks in operation and they will likely reduce the risk of occupational injuries to drivers. Computer vision and machine learning (ML) algorithms will be used to distinguish between different types and sizes of waste materials for better accuracy and speed of sorting, especially for plastic recycling companies. Operating conditions in hazardous waste facilities will also be monitored by AI. We will also likely see AI being incorporated into waste management technologies of other sorts, and that may factor into Colborne area disposal bin rentals too.

The OneBin from New Zealand based Arcubed is a good example of AI in recycling bin. When it detects an item, the bin automatically segregates the waste into the aforementioned categories using AI and machine vision so all eligible items are recycled properly and with less waste ending in landfills.

  1. Robotics

Manual waste sorting has been a hugely inefficient process over decades and human inefficiencies increase the amount of trash ending up in landfills. But more and more often waste management facilities are using robotic waste sorting and industrial robots are showing a lot of promise here with sensors, computer vision, and other AI-based technologies. We are set to see better automation of waste segregation practices, and this also ensures material-specific disposal.

Angsa Robotics from Germany has made an autonomous trash-picking robot that uses AI and machine vision to identify and automatically pick up trash like cigarette butts, bottle caps, domers, and plastic scraps in public parks. It also utilizes sensors to avoid collisions as it navigates autonomously. Chinese company Clearbot are building robots that will collect waste on the ocean, and that’s something we can really get behind too.

  1. IoT (Internet of Things)

Conventional waste collection methods have predefined routes and schedules and because of this trucks often empty bins that are not filled or ones that have been left so long they are overflowing. IoT-based waste management has the potential to change these inefficiencies and make for better civic service to residents when it comes to collecting and better processing the waste they generate.

IoT-based temperature sensors monitor the temperatures of dumpsters to prevent explosions and fires and RFID tags will be used in garbage trucks allow tracking of the location of these vehicles. This provides companies with highly relevant data that enables better decision-making and plan optimization.

IoT-enabled sensors for waste containers from Norwegian startup Sensorita use machine learning to provide users with data-driven insights into their container fleet. This allows waste management companies to cut costs and ensure efficient asset utilization.

  1. Circular Economy

Circular waste management is something that can be easily connected to Trenton and area dumpster rentals too, as it is the kind of service where it is part of a conduit where it is important to ensure minimum waste by reusing and repurposing existing products into new raw materials or products. This allows optimal utilization of materials instead of discarding them before end-of-life, and with a more circular economic approach they reuse their production waste to create new products.

Reusable packaging containers from German startup Vytal is a good example here. Users borrow their packaging containers when required and return them after use. The startup then cleans them and puts them into use again, and these promotes less accumulation of disposable waste. Something that all municipalities should be aiming for and a measure that waste disposal Colborne providers will support too.

  1. Advanced Recycling

We also expect to see waste management facilities integrating advanced recycling solutions like material scanners and autonomous waste picking systems into their operations for better efficiency. Increasing waste stream quality and allowing recyclers to recover more materials through mechanical recycling is very possible with this trend. The ongoing innovations in chemical recycling are exciting too, and particularly with the way it makes it possible to recycle materials without losing quality.

UK-based startup Blue Green Vision makes optical sorters for plastic recycling that use infrared light to differentiate between different plastic types like polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS).

  1. Big Data & Analytics

The implementation of big data and waste analytics advances operational efficiencies continues to be so important for the waste management industry worldwide. The data from the smart bin sensors provides insights into the frequency of bin emptying based on the locations so collection providers can identify the type of waste based on specific locations and ensure timely waste collection. This is also something that should factor into what we do as providers for disposal bin rentals in Colborne and area.

The cloud-based digital waste management information platform from Thai startup GEPP is a good example here. It analyzes waste data of companies to track if materials are recycled or not and calculates greenhouse gas emissions to enable a data-driven reduction approach.

  1. Decomposition Technologies

Decomposition technologies are a lesser-known contributor here but there is so much to be excited about regarding them and what they’ll be able to do for repurposing organic waste. These technologies utilize natural mechanisms to break down organic materials into useful products and in some cases they will use bacteria or fungi. The resulting compost enriches the soil with beneficial nutrients and prevents soil erosion. Startups deploy composting to reduce the amount of food being thrown away.

The shift to compostable bio-based plastics to reduce plastic pollution is noteworthy here too, with innovative approaches to compostable that ensure maximum organic matter reuse, which will reduce the amount of solid waste ending up in landfills.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain is also going to increasingly be a part of waste management technologies in the coming years. Blockchain technology enables responsible waste management by bringing transparency and traceability to the value chain and also promotes better compatibility with environmental regulations. This allows waste management facilities to divert more waste away from landfills.

Blockchain will also be better at verifying waste management information at each step. One example will be when a company delivers waste to a carrier and places all the information in a digital document validated by the carrier. The final waste recipient will be much more confident in confirming they have received the waste and this ensures the security of transactions.


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New Penalties for Landfill Polluters in Ontario are Very Welcome

Burgeoning urban populations are very much the trend worldwide and especially so here in North America. One of the inevitabilities that comes with this is increased waste management challenges based on the fact that so many more people are producing household and other waste and it is accumulating in greater amounts at the same locations. That volume stands to become unmanageable unless civic and municipal governments pivot to accommodate it accordingly, and here in Ontario our Province has done well with it to this point.

Waste disposal sites will include landfills, and of course as a Colborne and Trenton dumpster rental service we’re explicitly familiar with the workings of them. We also know that regulations limiting what can and cannot be entered into a landfill need to be enforced with a lot more teeth, and the good news is that new penalties for landfill polluters here indicate that may be starting to happen. Call us first to rent a dumpster with delivery here, but let’s use this month’s blog entry to take a look at these new environmental protection laws and what they will entail.

40, 000 cubic metres of site space is considerable, and that’s the type of size that landfills need to be nowadays to accommodate the average production of waste that SHOULD be going into them from the municipal regions they serve. But the problem is that some of that valuable space continues to be taken up by material that has entered the landfill illegitimately, and the Provincial government has decided this needs to stop.

Targeted Enforcement

These changes will allow the province to take stronger action against illegal activity by giving enforcement officials the ability to issue monetary penalties to open and closed landfilling sites with an approved capacity of this size. And enforcement of the new legislation will allow monetary penalties to be levied, something that is needed because without them the ministry must take violators to court. That means a lengthy and costly process that can often take years to get results.

With an expansion of environmental penalties to protect landfill facilities, the hope is that it will give governmental regulatory agencies more of an ability to take stronger actions to protect Ontarians through swift financial consequences for breaking the law. Building on existing frameworks for environmental violation penalties, what we can also expect to see here is more targeted enforcement of specific landfill disposal violations that have the greatest detrimental effect on the operation of these facilities.

Further compliance and enforcement efforts will be seen at facilities that emit pollution or discharge effluent directly to land and surface waters, and petroleum facilities that discharge sulphur dioxide into the air. It’s notable that the past 3 years have seen more than 95% of facilities issued penalties with those facilities being able to demonstrate actions to prevent or mitigate the violation and/or for having an environmental management system in place.

The expectation now will be that they need to meet a performance metric, and efforts will be made to ensure there’s no lack of clarity on what that metric is. Much more involved that ordering a dumpster rental in Trenton and getting a disposal bin delivery in Colborne, but that’s the way it should be.

Suitably Stiff Penalties

Possible environmental penalties could range from $1,000 per day for more minor violations to $100,000 per day for ones that are deemed more serious. The funds collected will then be reinvested in impacted communities through the Ontario Community Environment Fund to pay for shoreline cleanups or tree planting.

There is also a hope that over time enforcement of this type may also help to make some landfills less odorous as waste material that shouldn’t be there to begin with starts to become less prevalent or eliminated from the landfill entirely. The change came about after consultations with the public, industry associations, the agricultural sector, environmental non-governmental organizations, the municipal sector, and First Nations.


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Aim For 1/3rd Yearly Reduction in Single-Use Plastics in Canada

Aim For 1/3rd Yearly Reduction in Single-Use Plastics in Canada

Aim For 1/3rd Yearly Reduction in Single-Use Plastics in Canada

Most of us learn at a young age that plastic is the furthest thing from biodegradable, and you had to have turned the deafest of ears to the media to not know that improperly disposed of / recycled plastic is an even bigger problem than it needs to be here in North America. We say bigger than it needs to be because the sheer ubiquity of plastic in our lives makes it pretty much impossible than massive volumes of it get thrown out daily. But the reasons it is more of a problem is just that; plastic is going to be around for a long time and that means it needs to be recycled and reused as much as possible.

Plastic waste mismanagement is a problem here too, and while our area of expertise is always going to be with Colborne and Trenton dumpster rentals we are always going to take an interest in waste management and recycling methodologies here and elsewhere in the world. That’s why talk of Canada reducing its single-use plastics by 1/3 every year going forward is definitely going to get our attention, and it’s what we’ll talk about with this month’s blog entry.

Part of responsible waste disposal and jobsite cleanup in Ontario is directing recyclables to the right place when they end up in the general refuse collected in bins. It’s been that way for decades, but if there can be less single-use plastic going into the trash it is going to make a lot of jobs easier, and that will include ours with Trenton and Colborne area waste disposal. So let’s dig into this and perhaps it will make some of you aware of what you can be done individually to improve plastic recycling.

Frameworks in Place

The overarching belief based on findings is that despite population growth and associated demand, existing federal policy tools should be sufficient for promoting a significant reduction. This comes from Oceana Canada, and independent charity that aims to promote healthier oceans on either side of our country, and the fact we all know what the Pacific garbage patch is indicates how much of a problem discarded plastic is for the world’s oceans. That definitely applies to us in Canada too.

In fact, plastic pollution is the 2nd biggest threat to the planet after climate change, and there’s a firm and very real link between the two. 90% of Canadians surveyed by Oceana Canada support a single-use plastic ban. To that end Environment and Climate Change Canada has already banned six categories of unnecessary single-use plastics last year and plans to put recycled content requirements in place, along with improving plastics labelling and making sure that major grocers across Canada get onboard with smart changes too.

So what will be needed for making this type of progress with reducing plastic waste. It will start with implementing bans on unnecessary and hard-to-recycle items and pollution prevention plans for key sectors to establish plastic reduction requirements, refill and reuse provisions, and proven recycling targets. There are 7 sectors that are the greatest sources of single-use plastic collectively generating 41% of plastic packaging waste in Canada.

Grocery stores generate more than 382,430 tons of single-use plastic each year, and this suggested plan will call for reduction in single-use plastic SUP generation by way of unwrapping products, bringing back refill systems and removing all non-recyclable packaging from store is required. The belief is that by doing so we can collectively reduce plastic packaging waste by 45% by 2040.

Drink Containers

Next up are beverage containers, and 178,000 tons of single-use plastic waste are generated on their behalf each year. Pop and water are the leading products that contribute to this waste. The suggestion here is for improved and more incentivized deposit return systems that should result in 70% of bottles being refillable and reusable by 2040.

An especially bad contributor to the problem is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polystyrene (PS). Canada produces nearly 135,000 tons of single-use plastic that cannot be recycled or reused made from these materials, but expanding on current shifts to recyclable materials for packaging and other interests will go a long way here too.

Dine-out food service creates 125,000 tons of plastic packaging waste each year, and dine-in food service generates more than 70,000 tons of single-use plastic each year. What is suggested here is a distribution ban, and again with incentivization measures for consumers using the services.

Grocery retailers are going to need to be on board too if we are going to realize major reductions in plastic waste in Canada, and in the summer of 2023, the government notified major grocers of a P2 plan to reduce unnecessary plastics in their operations.

All of this is just formative planning at this stage, but it’s a positive that there are efforts being made to develop a roadmap for having the country produce a lot less plastic waste year after year.


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Move to Have Recycling Instructions of Packaging Gaining Momentum in USA

One of the more promising things from a practical environmental stewardship perspective these days is the push to restrict the extent to which perishables are packaged in plastic. People at ground level in any number of different occupations can see the genuine nature of the need for that, and that applies to use here at Load n’ lift to at least some extent too. It’s not uncommon for us to see plastic waste that needs to be properly redirected when we pick up our disposal bin rentals in Trenton and Colborne Ontario areas and we always like to stress with our business how ALL waste is always 100% disposed of properly after it leaves the site.

Getting back to a bigger picture perspective though, here in Canada and all along our massive border with the USA we are always happy to have Americans as our neighbors. We have always learned a lot from each other, and it’s indeed always been a very mutually beneficial relationship between the two countries. In this instance we may well be wise to take the lead from what’s going on down South if we want to improve plastic recycling rates in Canada, and rates for all types of recycling actually.

We may specialize in dumpster rentals in Trenton and Colborne and waste disposal is definitely what we do best. But for this month’s entry we’re going to look at a really smart trend that is starting with goods manufacturers in the USA who make products that need to come in some type of hard-shell packaging.

Scan Code / In the Know

We have similar entities in Canada that serve the same purposes as the Consumer Brands Association and Recycling Partnership in the USA. But at this time it’s only the 2 in the States that are teaming up to provide American consumers with up-to-date, localized recycling instructions that are found in plain view directly on the product’s packaging. And all of this is made possible with one of the more notable technological developments in recent memory – QR code scanning.

Consumer brands has introduced a program called SmartLabel, and it is based on a digital QR code labeling platform that lets consumers scan the thousands of products already using SmartLabel to access The Recycling Partnership’s Recycle Check. There they will find a package-specific, data-driven information to help them identify and move forward with the best and most responsible method for recycling the product and / or its packaging.

This is obviously a huge plus, as there has been plenty of consumer confusion about how and where recycling is best done, and by incorporating local recycling information too SmartLabel allows consumers to determine how the proper recycling products may differ based on the ZIP code where they live. This should eliminate common questions about what is acceptable for recycling and relevant information like whether a cap should stay on, or a label should be peeled off.

Darn good thing jobsite cleanup with dumpster rentals in Belleville and elsewhere in Ontario doesn’t require anywhere near as much of you when you’re getting rid of waste on a much larger scale. Keep in mind our Colborne and Trenton disposal bin rentals are fully insured and always placed with your property integrity in mind, but these same people will probably keen to be better with recycling as it is.

Getting It Right

Consumers can scan the QR code on any package for SmartLabel products that now have Recycle Check integrated, and they then enter their zip code or allow location permissions to receive clear instructions on how and whether to recycle that product in their specific location.

This is getting off the ground slowly, but that’s to be expected. The current, fragmented recycling framework across the US currently has a patchwork of nearly 10,000 local recycling programs throughout the country. But each tends to have their own set of rules, and there’s research that indicates that 78% of respondents look at packaging labels to know whether a product is recyclable. But of them 63% report still being confused about proper recycling methods, even after looking at the label.

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40 Million Kilos of Batteries Recycled in Ontario Since 1997

No debating that power is a precious thing here in North America and all over the world. Portable power is equally as necessary, but the unavoidable reality is that there’s waste creation involved in that in a way that doesn’t exist when you can just plug something into the wall. AA batteries lead the charge for years when it came to batteries that were ending up in the general trash and landfills very regularly, but that’s not the case anymore.

We’ve got our own area of expertise with Trenton and Colborne dumpster rentals and waste pick up and disposal, and the folks at Call2Recycle Canada Inc. have their own in improving recycling rates for harder-to-recycle products like batteries. While most of what we gather with jobsite trash pick up or waste disposal following major home renovations can be directed to traditional waste management sites among the different municipalities.

With batteries that’s never going to be the case, and that’s why it’s both newsworthy and impressive that these guys have recycled more than 40 million kilos of used batteries over the past nearly 26 years. And we’re not only talking about batteries for handheld electronic devices like flashlights and TV remotes here.

Buying rechargeable batteries is a smart and cost-saving move in the same way calling us for Colborne and Trenton disposal bin rentals is, but we’re also even talking about batteries for e-bikes and other more modern and advanced consumer products that are being more effectively recycled in the Province, and we all stand to benefit from these improved recycling initiatives in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada.

Collective Efforts

Call2Recycle has been working with battery manufacturers, retailers, provincial governments, and municipalities over many years and with greater success every year with regard to building efficient collection program and support battery initiatives across the country. Let’s look at this through the lens of the way Canada is gearing up for net-zero emission strategies towards 2050, and improving battery recycling diversion rates in the coming years is definitely going to be a part of that.

Discarded batteries have far too often been sent into landfills where they create the potential for environmental harm and worsening Canada’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. The largest amount of emissions from Canada’s solid waste sector from landfills, and this number is routinely around 80% or more of total waste emissions each year. The 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan identifies waste prevention, reuse, and recycling as key sources of potential for GHG reductions.

These continued efforts have included expanding the horizons for recycling infrastructure that is better set up to accommodate battery recycling, and so the focus is also on continued innovation and expanding our recycling infrastructure. Which will be needed as the country’s expanding use of many different types of batteries that can be recycled seems like a trend that is only going to grow in strength.

Much Less Contribution to Atmospheric CO2 Emissions

No better time than now to remind you that we also have lease to own dumpster bins available for contractors who need disposal bins and don’t want to assume an upfront cost. Trenton area dumpster rentals and disposal bins in Belleville will make sense for 1-off jobs, but if you are in a trade where you produce plenty of jobsite waste then it may be a good idea to rent to own a dumpster bin in Ontario.

Recycling batteries properly means fewer waste storage fire risks, plus the chemical and metal components of batteries do not end up in landfills and harming the environment. Estimates are that the environmental impact of diverting 40 million kilograms of batteries from landfills can work out to to preventing approximately 6,260,000 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-eq) emissions.

Used batteries can also be repurposed. You might be surprised to learn that they can be incorporated into the manufacturing process for golf clubs, silverware, and cooking pots and pans. Those are just a few examples of how recycled batteries can be repurposed.


Advances in recycling are always impressive and it is nice to hear of waste being better handled. We’d like to think that for waste disposal in Colborne and Trenton, Ontario we are part of that too, and so make sure you call Load n’ Lift first and get your disposal bin rentals delivered and picked up. Also including responsible disposal that is always in adherence with Provincial guidelines. Check out our Offers Page where you can learn about senior citizen discounts on Ontario disposal bin rentals and ones for Canadian military members serving at CFB Trenton.