Ways to Repurpose Old Garbage Bins

Most people are talking about opinions when they say everyone has one, but we’re talking about garbage bins. They fit that qualification too, as every household probably even has a few of them. Garbage bin technology has improved over the years just like it has for any consumer item While the bins at your home are dwarfed by the ones we send out to sites all around Trenton and Colborne as a disposal bin rental provider they still provide the same value. Just on a much smaller scale.

Every type of item has a working lifespan, and when your garbage bins come to the end of theirs you have a decision to make; do your bins go in a bin of their own? Not realistic or practical to begin with, so why don’t you give some thought to repurposing your old garbage bins? This is the kind of topic that we can really get into given what service we provide and it’s actually really interesting to see all the ways they can be reinvented and continue on with a service life of a different sort.

This will be one blog entry of 2 on the topic, as there are quite a number of options for garbage bin repurposing for us to look at here. Call us for dumpster rentals near CFB Trenton or Colborne, but if you have much less grand waste disposal needs like everyone else here’s our first of two lists for what you can do with old trash bins.

  1. Make it into a Composter

Composting is a very rewarding practice for anyone who grows their own crops of any sort at home, and when done right composting can provide you with the means for some extremely nutrient-rich soil. There’s plenty of information online for how to do this, and the only real challenging part is to do surgery on the lid to add the proper ventilation for the unit to function as it should.

2. Leaf Storage

A garbage bin is an ideal spot to store excess leaves for your compost, keeping them dry and on your property to easily supplement your compost year-round. If you’ve got 2 bins that are ready to be retired from active service, how about making a composter out of one bin and use the other bins to store leaves and other organic waste?

3. Empties Storage

Recycling is just as important as job site waste disposal Trenton and Colbone and one of the things everyone recycles often is empties, because you get your deposit back on them. Old garbage bins are perfect for storing empty beverage containers for recycling. Use them for your bottles and you can eliminate the need for plastic bags when bringing them into the depot! Well, that is provided you have a truck or a van. Likely won’t work in a passenger vehicle. But this is something to think about.

4. Rainwater Collector

Another good idea for anyone who’s a green thumb and wants / needs to conserve water. Transforming your old bin into a rain barrel! This can be clever way to keep your bin from going to waste while cutting down on your water bill at the same time. One tip though – keep it out of direct sunlight to discourage any leaching from the garbage bin.

5. Planter Box

Here’s one you likely would never have thought of. You can use your bin to grow your own produce and if you do a quick search you’ll find that one of the popular options for people here is to use the depth of the bin to allow for growing corn in a bin. Do check if the type of plastic is food safe first, and don’t forget to drill drainage holes in the bottom.

Here’s another possibility – cut your bin in half and make two mini raised garden beds.

6. Dry Firewood Holder

Have a fireplace in your home, and not one of the electric ones that so many newer homes do. If you burn logs in yours then you likely cut your own cords of firewood in the fall to prepare for winter. Get really cold here in Ontario and nothing to do with Colborne dumpster rentals or waste disposal service but one thing you can do with an old garbage bin is keep dry firewood in it to keep it dry and readily accessible when those sub-zero days do arrive.

7. Garden Shed Storage

Old garbage bins can be turned into tool and odds n ends or whatever storage in your garden shed. Some people even keep kids’ summer lawn toys and the like in them. The possibilities are wide here for this use for an old garbage bin.

That’s the first half of our list of potential old bin repurposing options, and we’ll list out the next 7 in our next entry. Need a dumpster rental in Trenton or Colborne? Get the best service around with bins dropped off and then picked up when full when you call Load n’ Lift.