New Battery Sorting Technology Being Utilized in Ontario

New Battery Sorting Technology Being Utilized in Ontario The nature of battery use to power devices and other tools of all sorts has changed a lot over recent decades. The fact that there’s been more of a shift to rechargeable ones from disposable ones has been hugely beneficial when seen in the frame of waste management, plus with fewer of them being disposed of improperly. But the rechargeable batteries – especially the larger lithium ones – are definitely presenting their own sets of problems.

Ones that exist far above and beyond the scope of our expertise here at Load n’ Lift, which of course is dumpster rentals in Trenton and Colborne and waste disposal for this entire are of Ontario to the east of the GTA. That’s not to say we haven’t collected batteries before in the course of our services, but one thing that is important to know is that we always dispose of ALL waste responsibly as per Ontario Provincial regulations related to waste disposal.

What we do to be proactive in that sense is encourage people who have ordered disposal bins for delivery online here to keep recyclables like batteries out of their dumpsters and more readily accessible for proper disposal. This is what we’ll advise and you’ll find every other waste disposal provider doing junk removal in Havelock or Roseneath too. We serve every community in the area and remember we’ve been voted as the best junk removal company here 3 times by ThreeBestRated.

But enough about that and our reputability for dumpster rentals in Colborne, let’s segue back to batteries and look at a new battery recycling technology that is being readily embraced here.

Big Processing Rate Increase

This new battery sorting technology has been rolled out by Call2Recycle and Electronic Distributors International Inc., a well-known electronics recycler. It is one of four of its type in the world, and the only service provider in North America using this technology is EDI. With it the plant’s capacity to sort used batteries is increased 2x, supporting the increasing volumes of batteries recycled by Call2Recycle in Ontario (+58% in 2023), where Call2Recycle serves as the largest battery Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO).

What is most impressive and beneficial here is the EDI’s facility ability to now process nearly 500 kilograms of used batteries each hour, and this increase is double the output that a traditional sorting line would be capable of. It is setting a new benchmark for industry standards.

The functional key to this better battery recycling in Canada is X-ray technology that precisely identifies and sorts each battery type. The scanners are capable of doing this even when the battery chemistry or label is unidentifiable. This greatly enhanced accuracy works to streamline the sorting process and also minimizes the chances of safety incidents due to sorting errors and improper chemistry identification.

Absolutely nothing do with dumpster rentals and deliver in Trenton, but we are like every civic-minded and environmentally responsible Ontarian in that we like seeing how innovations like this are bolstering efforts to increase Ontario’s battery recycling infrastructure and also promoting better efficiency with the collection of larger volumes of batteries.

Better Sustainability

Obviously this is going to minimize environmental impact, but it also has benefits for supporting the local economy too. EDI is one of many waste management technology companies that are aiming to modernize the recycling industry plus investing in solutions that are in line with the sustainability needs of a modern society with a growing population base that is inevitably going to produce more waste.

And this is very much building on existing successes, as for 27 years now the Call2Recycle there has been more than 45 million kilos of batteries collected and recycled as part of their program. In most cases these are batteries that otherwise would have ended up in Canadian landfills.


If you have a jobsite in Trenton or Colborne and need waste pick up and disposal then our roll off dumpsters are ideal because of the way they can easily placed onto any area of any jobsite or private property where a large amount of waste is too much for the average individual to handle on their own. We can usually have the dumpster delivery done the same day you call for them, and the way the same truck that delivers the bin then collects it and takes it away makes for the ultimate in convenience and tidiness for owners or site managers.

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