Happy Holidays from Load-N-Lift Disposal & Haulage!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time for presents, delicious food, ornaments, menorahs, general merriment… and lots and lots of trash. We here at Load-N-Lift Disposal & Haulage would like to take the opportunity to sincerely extend our warm wishes to you and your friends and family this holiday season.

We know that this is a great time full of excitement and joy, but we know that it’s also a time when a lot of waste gets produced. Dealing with excess trash when you’re trying to enjoy yourself can be a big inconvenience, so we thought we’d put together a list of tips to help reduce your waste this holiday season, which will hopefully help you avoid needing extra waste bins rentals and junk removal. Read on to find out how to cut down on your trash production this holiday season.

  • Bring reusable bags when shopping. Imagine all the shopping bags you carry around over the holiday season, and now picture where they all eventually end up: first your trash can, and then a landfill. Do your part in cutting down on waste by remembering to use reusable bags this holiday shopping season. If you’re the type of person who always forgets, keep some bags in the trunk of your car at all times, or purchase a bag that can fold up and fit in your purse, briefcase or backpack.
  • Recycle your gift wrap. Similar to shopping bags, gift wrap can create a huge amount of waste over the holidays. To cut down on excess waste, try reusing wrapping paper, or use alternative sources of wrapping like newspaper comic sections, colorful magazine pages, or old unwanted posters. Maybe even have a contest in your family to see who can come up with the most creative repurposed gift wrap!
  • Skip the disposable dishes. Using paper napkins and dishes and plastic tableware is certainly the easiest option in the moment, but it creates a lot of unwanted trash to deal with afterwards. When you’re hosting a big holiday meal, use your permanent dishes and cloth napkins, and then enlist your guests in the cleanup process.
  • Be thoughtful about your gifts. Over the holidays, store shelves are filled with enticingly cheap stocking stuffers and goodies. But all the packaging that goes into those small trinkets can add up to a lot of waste, and the gifts themselves are often made poorly and may soon end up in the trash themselves. Instead of buying a mountain of small presents, give each of your loved ones a quality gift made of durable materials. They’ll likely end up using it for years to come, and will think of you when they do.

We hope these simple tips come in handy during the hectic holiday season. If you do ending up having more waste than you can handle–and it can happen, even with the best of intentions–remember that you can find reasonable solutions, including waste bins rentals and junk removal, at Load-N-Lift Disposal & Haulage.

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