Make Senior Home Renovations Easy with Waste Bin Rentals and Junk Removal in Belleville

Did you know that the most popular time of year for home renovations occurs just after the holiday season? It’s true! And, recent studies have shown that the types of home renovations undertaken during this time focus more on convenience, specifically for the elderly or those people living with disabilities. Renovating homes to make them wheelchair accessible, more easily navigable for seniors and to simplify the layout overall allows for independent living in the long term.

If you’re thinking about undertaking renovations to make a home more accessible for the person living there, don’t forget about the need for waste bin rentals and junk removal in Belleville! Not only is renting a bin a convenient way to expedite your remodeling project, it’s also a far more effective way to ensure that renovations are completed to the highest degree of safety.

Simplifying waste disposal

Let’s say that you’ve decided to undertake a kitchen remodel, to make navigating this frequently used room of the home easier for someone with a disability. When you’re knocking down walls, taking out unused cabinets or tearing up slippery flooring, all of these old materials have to go somewhere! Thanks to the waste bin rentals and junk removal services in Belleville offered by Load-N-Lift Disposal, you’ll have the ability to park your bin right outside of the back door, allowing you to simply toss rubbish into the bin with minimal walking distance. You’d be surprised at how fast a renovation can take shape when you eliminate material transport!

Another great facet of Load-N-Lift bins is the ability to open the rear hatch of the bin, which allows for wheelbarrows and skid-moving materials to be dumped right inside! No more heaving hefty materials over the top of a bin–now, you can exert minimal effort when it comes to disposal and save your energy for the renovations at hand.

A renovation that lasts

Renovating a home to accommodate an elderly tenant or someone with a disability is a great way to allot that person more independence in their own living space. Instead of taking away a person’s freedoms by placing them in an elderly care facility or moving them into your home, you can tailor their living space to fit their needs. The cost-savings from a few simple renovations, complete with waste bin rentals and junk removal services in Belleville, is tremendous when you stack up the cost of assisted living or other senior services!

The holiday season bring families together and if you notice that your elderly family member isn’t moving around their home as well as they used to, consider giving the gift of independence through a minor home renovation. Load-N-Lift Disposal is happy to help by providing a simple solution to your renovation disposal needs! We’ll deliver your bin, no matter what size you require, and place it wherever best fits your needs. Plus, when you’re done, we’ll pick it up and haul it away, making quick work of any job!

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