Surprisingly Valuable Items You DON’T Want to Throw Out


So as a reputable Southern Ontario waste removal and hauling service, we’re inclined to be very supportive any time a family deems it’s time to clear out some waste and have it taken for responsible trash disposal. There’s a LOT of stuff in most homes that SHOULD be thrown out, and it’s always a smart choice to get rid of the clutter.

That said, there’s definitely another side to this coin in that there’s similarly a good number of items that you SHOULDN’T throw out, even though first glance and standard logic might suggest it’s a good idea.

Here’s a few that make their way to the landfill or recycling depot pretty regularly, but could you make you a few dollars (or some serious cash!) if you decide to sell them instead:

  1. VHS Tapes

Yes, most of them are worthless, but some of them are worth quite a lot. Despite most popular movies’ availability on DVD, online or streaming services, VHS tapes have become increasingly valuable over the past few years. And it’s not the big name movies or series from decades past that are valuable.

That’s because those films and shows are widely available in pretty much every format, from the older ones to the most modern. Instead, it’s classic and cult films and shows that never made it to DVD or else wise that have big time value to collectors and the like.

For example – horror movies. “Tales from the Quadead Zone” – a 1980s horror flick, fetched nearly $700 in an eBay auction in 2011.

Take a long look at your old VHS tapes and do a little online research before tossing them.

  1. Video Games

This one is probably not a surprise, but it really needs mentioning. This is especially true of gaming consoles that date back into the ‘80s like the Intellivision, Atari 2600, Colecovision etc. They’re worth big $ if they’re in good working condition, and the same goes for the original Nintendo and Sega Genesis.

Games for these consoles are also surprisingly in demand with collectors who are willing to pay handsomely for them. If you’ve held onto one for many years, keep doing so and watch it’s value increase every year.

  1. Comic Books

Same as the above. We’ve all had them, and we imagine many of you are cringing at the thought that you may have thrown out a comic or old video game that’s now worth hundreds of dollars – if not more.

While the commonly held belief that your comic book collection could become your retirement fund may not necessarily hold true, certain copies are expected to become increasingly valuable over the next year.

For example, last year the 1938 Action Comics #1, which features the first appearance of Superman, and the May 1939 Detective Comics #27, which introduces Batman, fetched high prices (in the 1000s of $) at auction in part because of the then-upcoming “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie.

  1. Children’s Toys

There are so many children’s toys from the 80s and 90s that are extremely valuable today that it would be nearly impossible to list them all. But to give you a few examples:

  • An original 1998 “Furby” doll recently sold for $700
  • A vintage Super Soaker Monster XL, which has the distinction of being one of the largest water guns ever sold, went for $500 this year
  • I. Joe figures in as-new condition can fetch $300 on Ebay. Other G.I. Joe sets go for more, like an incomplete space shuttle complex that sold for $600. A used G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center can sell for $3000.
  • A number of Power Rangers Toys have sold for $200 or more
  1. Vintage Remote Control Cars

Vintage RC cars are worth several hundred dollars, even used. An unopened Kyosho 4Runner sold for $700 in March, while an incomplete, used Tamiya RC Ferrari from the early ‘90s sold for $140 in May 2016.

  1. Old Board Games and Sets

There are many of these. Games like MouseTrap (a classic) and Hungry Hippos from the ‘80s are worth hundreds if you have one of them, even more if the box is in good condition too. But there’s no better example here than Magic: The Gathering cards. Magic: The Gathering debuted in 1993, and some of the earliest cards produced can fetch several thousand dollars from collectors. A sealed Alpha starter deck has sold for more than $8700, while a single Black Lotus alpha-deck card–one of only 1100 ever printed, considered the “holy grail” of Magic cards–is worth more than $27,000.

So, while we do rely on household waste being disposed of, we’re also fans of our customers enough that we really don’t want to see you throw away something that could be turned into hundreds of thousands of dollars – much to your surprise! Have a long look at your stuff and do some research on whether or not it might be valuable.

For everything that should be marked for trash disposal in the Colborne and Trenton areas of Ontario, please be sure to call Load n’ Lift and get the job done right for a fair price.

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