Why do people use disposal bins when municipal waste pick-up is available?

Most people think of disposal bins as items only used by large businesses and not typical homeowners. After all, homeowners can put their trash on the curb each week and thanks to their Toronto municipal taxes, that junk is picked up and carried away.

But there are good reasons why a homeowner might want to use a disposal bin. When you use disposable bins, you don’t have to wait a whole week for your rubbish to be collected. Instead you can schedule a pickup with Load’n Lift who will collect your mountain of garbage all at the same time.

An instance where a typical person may use disposable bins when they are undertaking a special home renovation project which makes their rubbish overflow and they don’t want to wait for the municipal waste truck to collect their eyesore.

Letting rubbish overflow is unsightly and could invite pests, in order to avoid that, some opt for disposal bins. This also allows for the disposal of larger and heavier items that the local trash pickup may not be able or willing to collect.

People often underestimate the advantages of using waste disposal bins. These bins can be beneficial especially when doing home renovations, landscaping or deep cleaning. When planning projects in the home or anywhere for that matter, it is highly advisable to take disposable bins into consideration.

If you start a project without having them in place, you may end up doing more work than expected.

Typically garbage is collected once a week. A huge cleaning project may produce more rubbish than usual, you wouldn’t want that rubbish lingering in your driveway for long, junking up the front of your house. Neighbors may have a scarred impression of you for years. Waste bin rentals keep everything neat and tidy until it can be carried away, it also prevents pests from gaining easy access into garbage.

Below are some reasons to use a waste disposal service, despite the availability of weekly municipal waste pick up:

  • Disposable bins can increase safety because they are large enough to accommodate small and large junk. Keeping junk contained can help prevent accidents – especially if there are neighborhood children who might decide to play or hide around a tempting looking junk pile.
  • Using a disposable bin gives you more room to work because you can throw trash directly there, rather than creating a junk pile that will have to be cleared away later.
  • At the end of your project, you will have less mess to clear by tossing the junk in the trash as you go along. It is better to clean up as you go along than to leave everything until the end.
  • When planning projects, it’s important to take into account the things that make jobs and tasks run more smoothly. Using disposable bins should be included in the planning process. Load’nLift offers disposal services in a wide variety of regions in Eastern Ontario.

We will carry all your junk away and dispose of it, so you can complete your project with no extra hassles.

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