How to deal with childhood belongings when you need space

Child holding cardboard box packed with toys. Moving and growing concept

With the kids heading off to university, many parents are starting to wonder what they should be doing with their empty nest. Choosing those personal belongings from childhood that deserve a spot in your home can be tough, but not matter if you are a parent dealing with your adult children’s stuff, or your very own childhood items, the process is practically the same. Here at Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal, we have made this process a little easier with a guide on how to choose which childhood souvenirs to keep, and which to forget.

Let Go of Others’ Memories

It might be a keepsake from your best friend’s wedding or a simple picture that your nephew drew, but no matter what it is, you need to be careful before removing this item from your life. It may not have a meaning to you, but for that person, it could be a significant memory. However, if they are indifferent to the item, it is time to remove it from your home.


This is especially true if you were born before the digital camera, but old photos can add up and be a burden to anyone. If you are able, digitalization may help you not only free up some valuable space, but also allow you to keep the memories that are stored on the thousands of Polaroid’s that have been tossed into a banker’s box.

Keep Reminders of Triumph

Having positive reminders around the house is an important thing to have throughout your life. No matter if this is an MVP trophy or a college degree, you need to have these around and stored in a central location. You can get rid of those participant trophy’s that seem to pile up if you played team sports though!

Remove Event Freebees

If you have gone to a corporate walk, or simply enjoyed some travel, you know that you have collected pens, pins, badges, t-shirts and posters galore. Do you really need to keep that t-shirt from the Skip-a-thon from 2004? Probably not, and getting rid of them will provide you with a sense of relief as you get more space back in your life.

Rent a mini bin

When it comes to cleaning out from your childhood, one of the most important aspects is to have a place for these things to go. If you are getting rid of garbage bags full of things and old furniture, the best option for you will be a mini bin. At Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal we will be able to drop the bin off and pick it up, without the added headaches of dealing with renting a truck and heading to the dump. Let our experts take care of it, and make going through your childhood items just a little bit easier.

Contact our team today, and see how a mini bin can be the key to your childhood clean up. For parents, you will get some much-needed space available for storage or simply to live in, and for kids, you will get your parents off your back to go through the storage bins every time you go home. It is a win, win!

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