7 Safety Tips for Mini-Bin Customers

Builder Putting Waste Into Rubbish Skip

If you have a freshly-delivered mini-bin in your driveway, it’s tempting to dive head-first (not literally) into your new waste management solution. Before you start throwing your construction waste into your new friend, it’s worth reviewing a few safety tips to reduce your risk of injury.

Goggles and Gloves

Anytime you work with construction waste, you should keep your eyes and hands protected. A good pair of work gloves is a small investment, and they can last for many years if you invest in a quality pair. Same goes for eye protection – buy a quality pair of goggles and you will enjoy them for many projects to come.

Proper clothing

After you protect your eyes and hands, it’s time to shield the rest of your body. A tough pair of coveralls is a cheap investment, and it will save you from injury. Why ruin your favourite t-shirt? Ideally, you can find something fashionable and affordable at your local construction apparel supply company. If you are working in very hot or very cold weather, make sure that you account for the impact of the elements on your comfort level working outside.

Even Fill

As you fill up your mini-bin, you should try to distribute the load evenly. This practice doesn’t take long, and it makes it much safer for the removal equipment operator. You’ll also have an easier time as the load gets higher towards the fill line. Take a few minutes and move the load around before it becomes unmanageable.

Leave the Moving to the Pros

Whether the mini-bin is full or empty, it’s a terrible idea to move it yourself. Safety is always the first priority, and it’s extremely inadvisable to attempt a bin move on your own. Trust the professionals and don’t be afraid to request a quick move from your supplier. It’s a better solution than dealing with broken equipment or emergency hospital visits. Don’t risk your health – rely on the experts and the proper equipment.

Know Your Waste

There are many construction waste materials that you shouldn’t put in your mini-bin. Hazardous chemicals, batteries, bio-waste, and environmental waste need proper disposal. Don’t risk it! It’s up to you to make sure the right waste goes to the right places.

Don’t Jump Around

If you need to compact the waste in your bin, it’s often tempting to climb up and start jumping on the top of the pile. This activity is dangerous, and you can easily hurt yourself from punctures, falls, and twisted ankles. The material inside the container can shift at any time, and it’s never a good idea to place your faith in a pile of garbage. Don’t jump on the pile!

Follow the Rules

The instructions and safety warnings are there to keep you safe. Follow any and all directions from your supplier, and don’t ignore the safety warnings printed on the container. If you find the need to rebel against authority, there are many healthy outlets for you. Follow the rules and be smart. It might save your life!

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