Load-N-Lift Participates in Fun Springtime Events

With summer just beginning, it’s fun to look back at all of the good times Load-N-Lift has had participating in our community’s springtime events. From classic cars, to men in kilts, this has been an interesting and eventful season for Load-N-Lift.

The Colborne Apple Blossom Tyme Festival was a blast this year. Load-N-Lift was proud to sponsor the event, and even contributed our own parade float. The “Apple Blossom Princess” was a lovely and festive tribute to the people and town of Colborne. Every year, the Colborne Apple Blossom Tyme Festival coincides with the flowering of the local apple trees, which give off a sweet fragrance and make for a beautiful, festive time. Our float depicted a lovely garden scene, capturing the beauty of the apple blossom season. The “Apple Blossom Princess” was built on the bed of one of Load-N-Lift’s trucks, and was a centerpiece of the town’s parade.

The Apple Blossom Tyme Festival’s car show was also an incredible hit, with more than 180 classic cars appearing on display. Other highlights of the festival included a tractor parade, a bakeoff, a soapbox derby and a fun children’s spelling bee. Many of the town’s local vendors were present to offer their various goods to the people in attendance at the festival.

Load-N-Lift was also proud to take part in the 50th Annual Cobourg Highland Games. The Highland Games celebrates the traditions brought by the early Scottish settlers who came to Canada to seek out new opportunities. This year marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Highland Games in Cobourg. Load-N-Lift contributed to the festivities by providing waste container rentals in Cobourg, ON, and helped to keep the grounds clean throughout the festivities.

Some of the highlights of the 50th Annual Cobourg Highland Games included exhibitions of traditional Scottish dance and performances by over thirty pipe and drum bands from all over Canada. The event kicked off with 200 pipers marching on the pier, playing traditional Scottish folk tunes.

The 50th Annual Cobourg Highland Games also featured some truly impressive feats of strength as clans squared off in heavy lifting and tossing competitions. The events included such backbreaking competitions as the caber toss, the 56lb. weight throw, the height toss and the sheaf toss.

As the springtime comes to a close, Load-N-Lift looks back fondly at all the good times we’ve had at local seasonal events like these. We also get to look forward to the upcoming summer, and all the fun times that it will bring. You can be certain that Load-N-Lift will be present at every one of the entertaining summer events that are in store this year.

Load-N-Lift is committed to exercising responsible environmental practices, and we provide waste container rentals in Cobourg, ON and the surrounding areas to help keep our festivals and gatherings clean and fun. Proper waste disposal is a crucial element to any outdoor gathering, and Load-N-Lift is proud to be your choice in waste disposal services for all of your fun summertime events.

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