The Benefits of Lease to Own Bins

Load-N-Lift Disposal and Haulage, in conjunction with Easylease Corporation, is offering a great new alternative to owning your own construction bins in Trenton. Lease to own offers a great new way small businesses can benefit from using construction grade bins, without all the hassle of immediately owning one. You might be asking, as the old saying goes, what’s in it for me?

For contractors, roofers, home builders, and landscapers, this program can help take your business to the next level, while also making aspects of your business easier. Sound too good to be true? Read ahead for some of the ways leasing to own your own construction bin in Trenton can benefit you and your business.

Costs: The costs for you to do business can be greatly reduced by leasing to own a construction bin. First, the initial expense to have a construction bin is reduced. Typically you would have to pay completely out of pocket, or pay a large down payment for a construction bin. This is replaced by a much lower out of pocket cost and allows you to pay as you go. Insurance costs are also minimized by leasing a construction bin, as are maintenance costs, not to mention the possible tax benefit you may get from leasing instead of owning. Reducing overhead costs is the key to a business’s success, big or small, so leasing to own a construction bin is a great way to get ahead.

Work Load: Your workload can actually decrease as a result of leasing a construction bin in Trenton as well. For a small fee, Load-N-Lift Disposal and Haulage will handle taking the construction bin for emptying. Think about it, you no longer will have to load it on a vehicle yourself, drive all over for the right place to dispose of it, and spend all that time unloading. This can reduce workplace injuries, time spent on the job, and gasoline expenditures. Further, the construction bin can be dropped off and picked up whenever you need it to be, making both the beginning and the end of a project that much easier. Work load accounts for everything from how long you work to how much energy you had to expend during the day. A small fee can be worth dramatically reducing time spent on the job and the pains of having to unload garbage after a long day.

With flexible terms available, any company, from large to small, can lease to own their own construction bin. By reducing overhead costs and decreasing work load, leasing, instead of immediately owning, can be a great choice for anyone involved in construction or landscaping services. Even better, you can still customize your construction bins with the name and logo of your company, along with contact information, so your construction bin can still advertise your business to curious onlookers. Before you decide to buy a construction bin, contact Load-N-Lift Disposal and Haulage to determine if leasing to own is a smart choice for your business.

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