Four Reasons to Not Move Your Own Small Machinery

Most small businesses–contractors, landscapers, roofers–assume they need to move their small machinery equipment to a job site by themselves. If they own the machinery, or even lease it, then it’s their responsibility to get it to their next job location, right? Think again, because there are four great reasons you should leave hauling small machinery equipment to a professional service in Trenton.

Safety: Loading and unloading small machinery equipment can be dangerous. Just because you are a professional at constructing homes, replacing roofs, or landscaping yards, doesn’t mean you are a professional at moving heavy machinery. Even small skid loaders or bulldozers weigh thousands of pounds. If a truck isn’t positioned correctly, or the equipment isn’t correctly sized in relation to the truck carrying it, a tragic accident can occur. Hundreds of work place injuries are caused by incorrect lifting, loading, or hauling. Injuries can cause insurance nightmares and failed businesses. Instead of taking the risk, use professional small machinery moving in Trenton.

Damage: Just as incorrect loading can be a concern to personnel safety; it can also result in damaged machinery. Maintenance costs on small machinery are high enough, but breaking things on accident just shouldn’t happen. Incorrect loading can damage everything from tracks, to the undercarriage, or exhaust pieces. If the damage is bad enough, it may require replacement and delay a job while it’s being serviced. Either way, unexpected expenses or delays can sink businesses. Experienced professionals who load small machinery for a living know how to get it done properly.

Costs: If you insist on moving your own small machinery, then you’re also insisting on all the added expenses that come along with it. If you’re moving it, then you also have to own trucks capable of that amount of tonnage, trailers that can adequately carry it, and all the maintenance that goes into keeping everything in top shape so that problems don’t occur. Your gasoline expenses also have to be taken into account, the more weight you pull the more gas you burn. When you add it all together, you quickly realize how much economic sense it makes to hire professional small machinery moving in Trenton to handle all of your carrying needs.

Timeliness: If there is one concern most contractors, landscapers, and roofers have about hiring out for their small machinery transport, it’s whether it will be timely or not. Often times that small machinery getting there on time is critical to the overall timing of a job. Rest assured that professionals in the business of moving small machinery have a reputation for picking up small construction equipment on time and getting it to the job site immediately. In fact, by using the right equipment, and with years of experience with loading and unloading, you can guarantee the equipment will get there faster than had you done it yourself.

If you want your business to succeed, then consider increasing safety, lowering the exposure to damage of your equipment, reducing costs, and increasing timeliness. Even better, you can do all of this just by having someone else move your small machinery. If that isn’t a bargain, then we don’t know what is!

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