Cottage Renovation Made Easy: Load-N-Lift’s Waste Container Rentals in Cobourg, ON Help Local Remodeling Efforts

A concerted remodeling effort is often what separates a “cottage” from the common horror movie trope of “creepy cabin in the woods.” Cottage remodeling does present more than a few issues, however. Once you’ve decided to undertake a renovation job, there are tons of logistics to consider. Since the inherent charm of most cottages is their remoteness, one of the biggest obstacles to a cottage remodel is simply getting materials in and out of the job site.

As you renovate your cottage, whether you’re replacing an old deck, tearing out an old boathouse or just performing a long-overdue cleanup, you’re inevitably going to generate a lot of waste materials. One of the biggest follies you can make is leaving these materials in a heap somewhere on your property. These heaps often become homes to pests and animals like mice, opossums and raccoons. Once those little guys have moved in, waste disposal becomes a whole lot more difficult, and can often require the help of a professional wildlife management service.

Load-N-Lift has been involved in a number of cottage renovations, providing waste removal services for a number of cottage sites in Hastings, Trent Hills, Picton, Wellington, Consecon, Campbellford and West Lake. One of the most noteworthy of our renovation clients is the famous Doors Guest House in Hastings. Load-N-Lift was there with them throughout the entire renovation of the historical site, and has provided waste removal services to the Doors Guest House whenever they’ve needed to avail themselves of waste container rentals in Cobourg, ON.

Our fleet of bin transport trucks is nimble enough to navigate the often small and winding roads leading up to the remotest cabins in the area. This allows us to provide the level of service you need to get your cottage looking the way you want.

Our trucks utilize a special hydraulic lifting system that allows us to pick up and set down your rented waste containers without damaging the surrounding landscape. Competing rubbish removal companies often drag bins away from their location, which can severely scar the ground underneath. With Load-N-Lift, your yard will look the same before and after we complete a pickup or drop off.

Load-N-Lift also provides flatbed moving services for heavy machinery or materials. Often, the biggest concern people have when renting a bobcat or lift truck to complete their renovation is exactly how they are going to get it to the job site. Unlike most job sites, cottage renovations are usually located in areas where overhead clearance and truck bed width can present unique challenges for transporting small machinery. With Load-N-Lift, you can leave these concerns to the professionals, letting us do the heavy lifting, so to speak.

With the help of Load-N-Lift, you can have your cottage looking exactly the way you want it. By taking care of the tedious tasks of waste removal and small machinery moving, Load-N-Lift can free you up to focus on the more important and fun aspects of cottage renovation. For waste container rentals in Cobourg, ON, contact Load-N-Lift today.

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