Clean Fill and Rubbish Removal Services in Belleville, ON

When you’re in the waste removal business, you begin to see the utility of a lot of things people consider waste. Many construction, renovation and demolition projects generate materials that, while they have no application for the specific project in question, can be used in other projects as clean fill. At Load-N-Lift, we offer superior clean fill services to businesses in Belleville, ON and the surrounding area.

Clean fill can consist of a wide range of materials, including topsoil, sand, gravel, clay, brick and concrete. The most important part of clean fill is the “clean” part, which means that these materials are free of harmful contaminants, like radioactive material, flammable chemicals, etc. These materials are often generated by demolition, grading of the ground surface or are simply byproducts of the construction process.

Clean fill is often recycled in construction projects to level or raise the ground surface. Clean fill can be dumped in to resurface the area where new construction projects are being built. For this reason, clean fill sites provide a highly useful service on both ends of the process.

Load-N-Lift offers clean fill services, taking in fill from construction or demolition projects and redistributing it to those who can make use of it. We provide a low flat fee for clean fill dumping, making our services much more affordable than using the regular dump.

In addition to providing dumping grounds for clean fill, Load-N-Lift provides rubbish removal services in Belleville, ON. We can easily haul away clean fill, without the expensive transportation and dumping fees charged by other waste removal services.

Our clean fill site is a part of our ongoing commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. By collecting and separating clean fill from the rest of waste materials, it can be reused in other construction projects. Clean fill is perfectly recyclable. We collect it and store it until someone has a use for it. This recycling program generates less landfill waste, and provides a valued service to the construction community in Ontario. This is also an excellent money saver for the companies who avail themselves of our services.

At Load-N-Lift, we are focused on providing our customers with the best rubbish removal services in Belleville, ON. As a responsible waste disposal company, it is our goal to reuse as much of the materials as we can, safely and effectively. As in the case of clean fill, one man’s trash can absolutely be another man’s treasure. We are happy to facilitate this transaction through our clean fill services.

If you are engaging in a project that is either generating clean fill, or you are in need of clean fill, don’t hesitate to contact Load-N-Lift for disposal, pickup and any other clean fill services you may need. As a family owned and operated business, we are always happy to contribute to the construction efforts of local businesses, and that’s why we can afford to offer superior services at lower rates than our competitors in the area.

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