Selecting a Responsible Rubbish Removal Company in Trenton, ON

We’ve all seen them driving along the streets at one time or another–unlicensed rubbish removers. You usually see them driving the typical beat-up pickup truck that’s overflowing with a poorly secured load of random junk. Aside from changing lanes when driving behind one, most people don’t give them a second thought–that is, until they have rubbish that needs hauling.

A lot of people hire unlicensed rubbish removers because they often provide their services at a cut rate, and because they are usually small startup operations–and we tend to celebrate entrepreneurship in all of its forms. However, if you go with an unlicensed rubbish remover, more likely than not you’ll get what you paid for.

Unfortunately, most unlicensed rubbish collectors are unlicensed for a reason. A lot of these unlicensed collectors fail to follow regulations for disposal, and frequently resort to illegal dumping to save money. Illegal dumping is a huge problem that costs taxpayers millions of dollars to clean up each year. Many rubbish removers simply choose a relatively isolated site and unload right then and there. When an illegal dumping site is discovered by the police, they will usually sift the site for any indication as to where the trash came from. If the police find that any of the illegally disposed rubbish is yours, you can end up paying a lot of money to clean up the entire area.

In addition to the illegality of this practice, there are serious ecological concerns as well. Most unlicensed rubbish collectors do not sort the materials they collect. This means that they will often dump hazardous materials along with regular rubbish. These hazardous materials can then leech into the ground water, poisoning the local fish and wildlife and contaminating the water table.

In order to avoid playing a part in any illegal dumping or the degradation of the environment, it is important to know who you’re hiring to perform your rubbish removal in Trenton, ON. Request to see the company’s license and proof of insurance. It’s always helpful to contact local construction firms asking for a reference for a good rubbish removal company.

When you are looking for a reputable rubbish removal company, it is usually a good idea to hire locally. They will often be able to provide you with better service than larger franchises, and can help you with any questions you may have. A quick search by address will usually turn up one or two locally owned and operated businesses in your area.

If you are looking for a rubbish removal company in Trenton, ON, consider going with the experts at Load-N-Lift. We are fully approved by the Ministry of Environment and are locally owned and operated. Load-N-Lift is a proud member of the community, and we are committed to providing the best service to our customers and the local environment.

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