Out of the box ideas on how to use a load-n-life bin

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When it comes to traditional views on how to utilise a load-n-lift bin, we have seen it all. However, in this blog, we decided to have some fun, and showcase some of the outs of the box ideas in which you could potentially use a loan-n-lift bin. Now naturally, these are not to be done, and you always need to pay attention to our contracts, but as it is yet another cold winters eve, let’s curl up and discuss some ridiculous out of the box ideas in which you could use a load-n-lift bin.

Hot Tub

We have all seen the incredible back of the truck hot tubs popping up across the internet, and well naturally one of our bins could potentially be used for a hot tub. You will need some tools and a bit of patience, but it can be done. You will need to secure the water with a thick tarp and run copper tubes at the bottom of the tub that will go through a wood burning stove to heat them. This method does take some hours, but if you get it started in the morning, you could be enjoying a cold beer and a hot tub in the afternoon.

A ball pit

Skip the inflatable ball pit, and make your ball pit with one of our bins. This will take a couple of hours but might be an excellent addition for a child’s birthday party, or a BBQ in the summer. To ensure the bin is safe for kids to make sure to wrap the outside with pool noodles and make sure any edges are covered as well. Next, you will need to secure a large number of plastic balls. Amazon or a ball manufacturer will be your best choice. Finally, you will need to grab a short step stool and ensure that you are looking over the kids while they play in the ball pit. Simple does it, and when it comes to ball pits, who does not love using a load-n-lift bin!

Foam Pit

If you were ever a kid who loves to do amazing tricks, you could always use a foam pit. Well luckily for you, the larger load-n-lift bins are the perfect substitute for a foam pit in winter or summer. Simply fill your bin with foam pieces, and secure the edges with foam. Then add a ramp, and you are set!

As noted above, do not try any of these with a load-n-lift bin. Instead, we are looking to have some fun in the depth of winter, and sometimes you have to think of the out of the box ways in which people could, but should not, use load-n-lift bins.

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