Six Questions to Ask About Trash Bin Rentals in Trenton, ON

Once you have decided that you need trash bin rentals in Trenton, ON, finding a high quality and affordable service should always be your first step. When you think you have found the right business for you, it is important that you ask them a few questions, both to ensure the service is reputable and to prevent any misunderstandings from occurring further down the road. With that in mind, here are six questions you ought to always ask about your trash bin rentals in Trenton, ON. We hope this guide proves useful for our valued customers.

What does the quote include?

Some trash bin rental services will be very upfront in their pricing, while others will only show you the flat rate quote. Does your offered quote include pickup and delivery options? What about a tax and a security deposit? This is all very important information for you to have from the start.

How many bins do you recommend for my job or project?

Your trash bin rental service has more experience than virtually anyone when it comes to knowing how many bins can hold a certain amount of stuff, meaning that their advice will be valuable to you. If they are reluctant to give you their input, or make you feel pressured into springing for the more expensive option, you might want to find another rental service.

Do you offer pickup and delivery options?

Pickup and delivery for trash bin rentals will make your job or project a whole lot easier, but not every service offers it, and some will charge extra for it. Make sure you know what options are available to you, how much it will cost and how to get in contact with the service should your pickup and delivery needs change.

What is included in the rental agreement?

Whenever you rent a product, it is to be expected that you will sign some sort of agreement, and possibly pay a security deposit. It is important to understand what is included in the agreement, so that you can avoid being charged or held responsible for anything that wasn’t your fault. If the agreement seems suspicious, ask an experienced friend for a second opinion.

What time will you be arriving?

What time can you expect your trash bins to arrive? Is it an exact time, or only a two-hour window? If you end up needing an extra hour with the bins, will you be charged an extra fee? Knowing how the timing will work will allow you to effectively plan out your project.

Is there anything I should not put in these bins?

Electronic waste often needs to be disposed of in certain ways, and some rental services require you to separate the trash and recycling yourself. Ask ahead of time what is and is not okay to throw away, so as to avoid any trouble or extra charges.

When you choose to get your trash bin rentals in Trenton, ON from Load-N-Lift Disposal & Haulage, we will be happy to answer all of the above questions and more.

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