Time for a Spring Cleanup!

Now that Old Man Winter has returned to the snowy north, it’s time to take a look around and see what’s beneath all that melted snow. Spring is a great time to reassess what you want inside your house and what you need outside your house. The flowers and trees don’t have to be the only things that renew themselves in the warmer weather. If you’ve got spring fever, a great way to treat it (and yourself) is to throw out the old and create the new. All it takes is an eye for new ideas to get down to some rubbish removal in Trenton, ON!

Do a little landscape improvement

With the grass still growing and the flowers coming back to life, take a look around the grounds to see what areas can be improved with a little landscaping. Replacing sod adds green space to the areas between your sidewalks. Fresh flowers add bold colors to any returning plants in your gardens. Replacing outdoor furniture and other fixtures will get tenants excited to come outdoors again and start up picnics and cookouts. Projects like this often generate large amounts of rubbish, and throwing it in with the regular trash may not clear it out in a timely manner.

Remove unwanted eyesores

As winter changes to spring, bits and pieces of winter debris start poking up from the ice. It doesn’t take long for cigarette butts, pet waste, and other pieces of trash to seemingly appear out of nowhere after severe cold months bury them away from the naked eye. A big cleanup day can make all this go away in one big rubbish bin. Pick a day or two where the yard waste becomes your main spring-cleaning target and have it whisked away by waste management professionals.

Get everyone involved in springtime cleanups

Residents often decide to throw out their old items once the weather gets nicer. Furniture, old TVs and other big pieces end up on the curb and block out the regular trash area. Instead, organize a spring clean day where everyone brings out their big trash on the same day and celebrates the new season in style with a cookout or block party. Encourage cooperation on moving big items down to the curb. For those pieces that can be recycled or donated, organize with a local charity to accept whatever donations your residents may be ready to give. Having a professional company come in and clean everything up on the same day saves time and money.

Spearhead a cleanup effort

Now is the time to spruce up your residential property with the help of rubbish removal in Trenton, ON. Get your outdoors ready for resident events and parties by removing winter debris from the walkways and green spaces. Refresh your natural areas with some light landscaping and replanting. Connect with your tenants by organizing a big spring cleaning day on the same day to get all the old things out. The flowers are blooming, the sun is out and the grass is ready to renew itself… are you?

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