What kind of debris to expect during a renovation

When you are completing a renovation for the first time, you might not expect the amount and type of debris you might have to tackle. Here at Load N Lift we have seen it all, and with our services, you will be able to have your debris hauled away with ease. So, without further adieu, here are the typical kinds of debris to expect during a renovation.


Flooring is one of those things that you think will not be too bad to remove until you start. Whether you are dealing with hardwood, laminate or something worse like tile, you need to be prepared to remove a significant amount of flooring when it comes to a renovation. As well, it is decently heavy, and thus is a bit better bang for your buck to rent a bin rather than pay for your rubbish removal.


When it comes to dealing with debris, a roof renovation might be the most significant amount of rubbish during a renovation. No matter if you are dealing with a full re-do of the roof or a simple patch, you will need to get rid of the debris! Choosing the right company is essential, especially if you are dealing with asphalt shingles as they need to be recycled by the right company. Call us today and see how a bin from Load N Lift can assist with your roof renovation!


When you are dealing with drywall work, the best thing you can do before the work begins is to call the team at Load N Lift for a bin rental. Drywall is a hard project to complete, and the debris is more than significant. Whether we are talking about the removal of the drywall in the home or the removal of the drywall to the correct facility for refuse, the team at Load N Life has you covered.

Kitchen or Bathroom Scraps

During any kitchen or bathroom renovation, the amount of waste is more than significant. This is why you should look to invest in a bin from Load N Lift to assist with the hauling away of debris. We have worked with countless contractors over the years, and with our debris removal services, you will be more than able to keep up with your timelines.

No matter if you are dealing with drywall or flooring, the team at Load N Lift is here for you! With our full range of bins, and our convenient pick-up and drop-off services, you will be in good hands when you choose the team at Load N Lift! Call us today and find out how our bins can help deliver debris removal with ease.

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