Four ways to enjoy your garden longer

We all have had a long hard winter, and spring and summer are meant for you to enjoy your garden for as long as possible. However, for many of us, this means that we need to do some work during the year to maintain and monitor how the plants are doing! In this blog, we are going to look at five ways that will ensure that you can enjoy your garden for just a little bit longer this season.


It might seem like a simple thing, but you would be surprised at how many people underwater, or overwater their plants! You can tell if you are overwatering If you plant soil is soaked, or if you notice mould or moss growing on the container. If you are underwatering, you will see rock hard soil and wilted flowers. Proper watering will go a long way to ensuring your garden lasts!


Laying down a layer of mulch does wonders for a garden, and proper mulching can help ensure your garden will last. Mulch helps with the following things:

Improves soil retention

Regulates soil temperature

Prevents soil erosion from wind and rain

Reduces weed growth

Mulch can be made up of practically any organic material, and store-bought mulch is also a great option if you do not want to make your own.


When you consider the real key to enjoying your garden longer, it comes down to maintenance. This means that a successful garden will have routine weeding and natural controls for the prevention of weeds. As well, you will need to feed your soil with manure and mulch monthly to encourage new growth and strengthening of old growth. Finally, you will need to learn to disinfect your tools before starting work to prevent soil transfer, and other biomasses infecting different parts of your garden.

Rent a bin from Load N Lift

Whether it is your first mulch of the season, or need a bigger green bin during maintenance, Load N Lift makes it easy to ensure your garden lasts. With our simple to use bins, you will be able to secure mulch, or dirt safely, and when you are ready, our truck can take the load away, that simple.

What is your go-to garden tip to keep your garden around well into fall? No matter if you are looking to store mulch, or need some extra storage for a roofing job, the team at Load N Lift can help deliver a bin that will help you out. Call our team today, and find out how Load N Lift can help you this summer!

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