The five keys to getting your grass back to normal

With the last remnants of winter starting to melt away, the time is right for you to start looking at your grass. You might notice some patches or even some bare spots, and if that is so, you need to start looking at reseeding options. In this blog, we are going to look at the five keys to get your grass back to normal!

1. Rake

When you are looking to reseed, one of the best things you can do is to start anew. This is why we always suggest raking any dead grass, leaves or debris off of the area you are looking to reseed. This will give your lawn the ability to get much-needed sunlight and moisture to spur on growing.

2. Rent a Load N Lift Bin

If you are starting to wonder where you are going to put the compost and new topsoil for your reseeding mission, skip the tarp on the driveway and rent a Load N Lift Bin. With easy access and accessible storage, the bins at Load N Lift are ideal for helping clients with reseeding.

3. Level your compost

As grass seed needs some help to grow, compost is the ideal base layer when laying seed. Spread 2 to 3 inches of compost, or 5-7 cm, of compost over the area, and smooth with a back of a rake. You want to ensure that the entire area is covered and level with the surrounding soil.

4. Mix the seed with equal parts sand

One of the keys to growing grass on the Canadian Shield is sand. It might be surprising, but equal parts of sand and seed will do wonders on your reseeding project. The moisture from the sand will help speed up the germination process of the seeds and will help keep the seeds in place during windy days. Make sure to buy wetter sand, as playground sand or other coarse sands are not great for this job.

5. Keep the area moist, but not wet

Finally, it would help if you kept the area that you are trying to grow moist, but not soggy. Grass seed needs to be germinated regularly, but not so much that they drown. The rule of thumb is to run a fine spray of water two or three times during the day, and that should be enough to spur on growth.

Growing grass is an art, and to help you become a master, the team at Load N Lift here to help you with your outside chores. Call our team today, and find out how a Load N Lift can help your next project!

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