No Roofing Job is Complete Without Dumpster Rentals in Port Hope, ON

Having your beaten down roof dismantled and rebuilt before the winter months arrive is a great way to ensure that your home is protected against the onslaught of elements that await it–the wind, snow, cold temperatures and freezing rain that Ontario is no stranger to. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to fit this project in during the fall months, you might find that you’re getting a bigger mess than you bargained for!

Roofing, in and of itself, is a messy job. At any given time, shingles are being torn off your roof, old materials are being ripped up in favor of newer ones and debris is everywhere–but during the fall months, you also have to deal with falling leaves, windswept debris and anything else that the season brings with it. This is why ensuring that you have proper dumpster rentals in Port Hope, ON is so crucial to a fall season roofing job.

Quick and easy

Without a safe, secure and easily accessible place to drop in old roofing materials, they’re going to end up somewhere you’d rather not have them: in a pile in your yard or on your driveway. And while it might not seem like a big deal to pile everything up, sweep up the debris and take care of it when the project tis finished, the fall months can make it hard to keep track of loose debris.

Blustering winds can easily whip up small pieces of debris and scatter them across your yard or the surrounding yards, falling leaves can hide potentially harmful chunks of old roofing and the many colors of the fall season can cause old materials to blend into their surroundings, leaving them to rot under the impending snow that’s soon to fall.

All of these things pose hazards in and of themselves, but can quickly be eliminated if your debris goes straight from the roof into dumpster rentals in Port Hope, ON. With no need to track down debris or any concern when it comes to cleanup, a dumpster rental streamlines the roofing process by eliminating any extra cleanup work or safety hazards!

Disposal and haulage

In the same vein as preventing any loose debris from your old roof escaping and rotting over winter, dumpster rentals in Port Hope, ON also make proper disposal easy. Rather than have to sit on bag after bag of old shingles and dangerous roofing materials, you can watch with peace of mind as your dumpster rental is properly hauled away for disposal by Load-N-Lift at the end of a job. We’ll make sure that your materials end up where they’re supposed to and no where they can cause harm or environmental damage!

While it’s easy to focus on the new roof you’re investing in before winter rolls in, it’s equally as important to make sure that you’re seeing your old roofing through to the proper end. Instead of pushing it out of mind the moment it’s ripped off of your roof, ensure that its final stop is in a rental dumpster and not anywhere else.

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