Finding the Right Waste Container Rentals in Cobourg, ON

If you’re looking to renovate your home, demolishing or ripping out rooms will most likely be part of the equation, and it’s necessary to have a place to throw all of the waste. Sure, you can make a pile of it in your backyard and hope it magically disappears; however, it’s probably a better idea to rent a waste container in Cobourg, ON.

When we say “container,” we mean those rolloffs or dumpsters you typically see near construction sites. These are helpful because all of the waste can fall into them and can easily be disposed of. But how does one go about renting a container? We have all you need to know about renting the right container for your renovation needs right here.

Know your stuff

Container companies typically deal with professional contractors and construction companies, but there’s nothing stopping a private homeowner from doing the same! Before you do start inquiring about disposal bins, however, it’s best to know what you’re asking for and the terminology that goes with it.

Your best bet when calling and inquiring about this product is to refer to them as “containers” or “rolloffs.” Calling them “dumpsters” is a less frequent term.

When it comes to sizing, containers are built in standard cubic yard sizes. As opposed to saying “cubic yards,” stick to saying “yard” or “yarder.” For example, if you were looking to rent a 40 cubic yard container, you would want to say, “I’m looking to rent a “forty yarder.”

Confirm with proper authorities if containers are on the street

Obviously these containers will take up more space than a regular garbage can, so if you are putting the container on the street make sure you confirm with your local parking enforcement officer or permit office that it is ok. If you are keeping the container on your personal property then you don’t need to worry about this.

Keep open space in front of the container

Whether the container will be on the street or on your personal property, it’s imperative that the truck dropping off and picking up the container has room to move. It’s recommended you get traffic cones, or something similar, to put in front of the container to keep that space free.

Finding the correct size

Depending on the size of the renovation you are planning on doing, the container you choose must be one size larger than what you think you’ll need. There needs to be room for all of the waste products such as wood, drywall, carpeting and any other throwaway materials.

You also want to make sure you have the right dimensions. There are four common sizes that people tend to go with:

10 cubic yard container: 10 yards may sound like a good amount of space, but a 10 yard container is only twelve feet long by eight feet wide by four feet high. That’s not going to get you very far unless you’re only doing a small room, such as a bathroom or closet area.

20 cubic yard container: A 20 yarder is a little bit larger and is probably the smallest you’d want to go. Its dimensions are twenty-two feet long, eight feet wide, four and a half feet high. This would have the ability to hold waste from a smaller bathroom without having to cram anything in.

30 cubic yard container: Most renovation projects will require a 30 yarder. This can accommodate carpeting, drywall and wood without much trouble. Also, if you’re disposing of heavy materials such as concrete or rock, a larger container will be required since you can’t fill the container up very high due to the weight.

40 cubic yard container: The 40 yarder is meant for true renovation work and will suffice for any home renovation project. This size has the same length and width as the other containers but is a full eight feet tall.

There are other sizes available that can help get your renovation job done, but we wanted to give you the basic knowledge before renting a waste container in Cobourg, ON.

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