The Fall Season Brings with it a Need for Construction Bins in Trenton, ON

Now that summer is coming to a close, the sweltering temperatures and high humidity are stepping aside to allow the cool temperatures of fall to move in, making it the perfect time to take on some home renovation projects in preparation for the cold winter ahead.

Winter is not the season you want to be caught in when dealing with a leaky roof, broken concrete or poor insulation. Taking the time to make the necessary improvements before winter hits will help you in the long run, and using the right equipment can make these renovations much easier.

Construction bins in Trenton, ON provide ample amount of space to throw waste and materials that are to be discarded without making a huge mess. Below are some of the home renovation projects that the fall season brings where construction bins come in very handy.

Installing new windows

Windows do more work that simply allowing you to see in or out of your house. Windows also have the ability to retain a significant amount of heat, which can be incredibly helpful in the winter; however, this isn’t possible if you have older, single-pane windows.

Older windows are just fine in the warm summer months because there is no need for them to retain anything. Your windows are usually open and letting air in to cool the house down, but when it comes to winter, restoring or installing new windows can help save your heat and save you money on your monthly heating bill.

Replacing and repairing roofing

Replacing and/or repairing your roof can be a hefty task, but if your roof is in bad shape it can be even more of a difficult task and cause serious damage if not taken care of. Updating, repairing and replacing things like shingles can help not only keep the roof sturdy, it also keeps water from leaking in and causing damage.

Another potential problem area is your gutters. Once the leaves have fallen, make sure to clean out the roof gutters. This can save you from dealing with built up ice damns that can lead to more damage. Take a leaf blower and blow out the remaining leaves or take a hose and wash them out.

If you think your roof is in bad shape, we recommend bringing in a roofing contractor to assess everything and determine whether the roof needs to be replaced prior to winter hitting or if it can be pushed off until spring.

Re-insulating your home

Insulation is a key component in conversing both energy and utility costs. Without proper insulation, air can leak through the walls, windows, doors and other openings throughout your home which wastes a lot of energy and increases your utility costs.

Tightly sealing your home and adding the right amount of insulation is sure to make a difference on your utility bills.

Why use construction bins for your fall projects?

Updating the interiors and exteriors of your home as the seasons change is a great way to keep things fresh and different, but it’s no easy task.

Renovating interior rooms like bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms or exterior areas like the driveways and landscape, more than likely will include things like ripping up carpet, putting up or taking down walls, getting rid of old materials and replacing them with new ones.

Where do those old materials go? You can’t just toss them on the side of the road and hope they magically disappear. Construction bins will be your biggest help. Find construction bins in Trenton, ON to help with your renovation projects this season and they will make your life much easier!


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