Repurposing Waste: Arqlite Smart Gravel

You’ve probably heard of the 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – and it’s a darn good thing that more and more people and more and more communities are getting behind them for better environmentally-friendly practices. Here at Load n’ Lift we are waste disposal and disposal bin rentals for Trenton and Colborne pros and when you’re in the ‘biz’ it’s natural to start taking in an interest in trends like these.

Maybe we can add one more R to that trio – Repurpose. It’s great how may products are now being broken down into other products rather than ending up in a landfill. All-season sports fields and slip-resistant playground surfaces made from repurposed motor vehicle tires are one of the more well-known examples. Used tires would be a massive overload issue if there wasn’t ways to recycle and repurpose them.

But you know what’s the probably the number one overload issue on the planet? Discarded plastics, and so much so in fact that the Pacific garbage patch is a basically a floating state out there in the ocean and it’s really sad that something like that has happened. Plastics make up a LARGE part of the patch and sadly many of them are single-use beverage bottles.

We like to keep things positive with our blog, so instead of dwelling on that let’s look at a way that plastics are being repurposed as part of better waste management and recycling.

Good Gravel

Gravel isn’t just used as an alternative to paving for driveways and the like. It’s also used to create drainage for buildings and there’s other uses too. Arqlite Gravel is really cool stuff, and it’s not made from fragmented rock at all. It’s made from plastic, and it has a lot of functional advantages that make it an even better choice for any application where conventional gravel is currently being used.

Nothing at all to do with waste disposal services for Colborne and Trenton residents, but this stuff is really impressive and having eco gravel is a sure lot better than having plastic waste floating in the middle of the ocean. This gravel is proven long lasting and safe for the environment and has already been utilized by the civil engineering industry, concrete mix companies, precast manufacturers, landscapers and even by hydroponic growers who find it excellent for nutriculture applications.

Here’s the best part – One ton of Arqlite Smart Gravel is 1 tonne of plastics deviated from the environment. Plus this recycled plastic gravel doesn’t discard any water or other pollutants during the manufacturing process and it also reduces transport contamination and can be used for better insulation in buildings to reduce the carbon footprint caused by AC and heating.

Come on Canada!

This technology is only widely used in the USA and in Argentina at this time, but hopefully civic municipalities in Canada also get on board with this material repurposing example to join the eco wave that’s building as people learn that we need to live more sustainably. So come on Canada, let’s start turning plastic waste into eco gravel too!

Another promising development is that we’re seeing more and more companies participate plastics offsets programs to neutralize their impact more. These guys actually have an equation for going plastic neutral, and you can find it at their website linked to above.

Call us here at Load n’ Lift first if you need jobsite trash collection here in Colborne or Trenton, and we can deliver dumpster rentals on site the same day. You fill them and then we pick them up and dispose of the waste properly every time. No job is too big and we always put a priority of every customer’s full satisfaction with our waste disposal service and dumpster bin rentals Ontario.

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