RFID Waste Bin Tags

Homeowners in any city in Canada are probably going to think their property taxes are too high, but when you think about all that you get for yours it’s really still a fairly good deal for anyone who owns a home. For starters you can imagine what life would be like without trash collection, and if you think that would be a hassle you’re right. Not to mention how stinky it could be too. There’s extremely hot weather all over Canada right now, and when the mercury climbs high you’re going to extremely thankful that your green garbage goes at the very least!

Waste bins are an integral part of that equation, and most homeowners will have ones provided for them by the municipality. Most people don’t ever produce enough trash of any sort to find their waste bins aren’t enough, but for those that do here and Load n Lift we are best for dumpster rentals in the Colborne and Trenton areas of Ontario, and as you might guess we don’t have much of a problem with these bins going missing.

They’re kind of large and heavy, and if anyone is capable of tossing one of them into the back of a pickup truck we’d love to see it.

All joking aside, most people don’t have their bins stolen but it does happen from time to time. What does happen more often and is more troubling maybe is when garbage doesn’t get picked up when it should be. Especially when it’s hot like it is these days, but one of the things that’s very interesting is the use of RFID technology for waste bin tracking.

Superior Tracking

Most people will associate the term RFID with the sleeves some people keep their credit cards in so they can’t be scanned while they’re unaware of it. RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, and the basic explanation for it is that it uses electromagnetic fields to auto identify and track tags attached to objects.

The reason RFID tags are being attached to municipal waste bins is because it allows city sanitation departments to determine what bins have been emptied, at what times, and in what locations. It works with GPS, another fantastic technology for anyone who has interests in fleet management. These city services should be working with maximum effectiveness and reliability for homeowners who want to get full value for those property taxes they’re paying.

Having RFID tags on them allows managers to monitor participation levels by route, street and individual homes. RFID technology also enables automated asset tracking and scanning of real-time service verification to determine collection and utilization trends related to these waste containers all through their working lives.

The benefits of RFID bin collection data on routes also lets managers monitor all sorts of different aspects of route operations, including progress on the route, missed stops, driver performance, vehicle condition and safety-related situations with real-time data that maximizes fleet productivity, safety and availability.

And yes, if bins start going missing they can be tracked via the tags too. Fortunately they don’t have the appeal shopping carts do, but that may change someday. RFID tags have a lot of beneficial applications for all sorts of industries, and waste disposal in Colborne and Trenton may be one of them too eventually.

Real Potential for Private Service Providers

Anywhere that’s not too far from Toronto and the ‘Big Smoke’ as it’s called is still going to be considered relatively urban. If you get into more of the reaches of the province it may be like certain areas of Canada where some municipal services are contracted out to private contractors. Waste collection is one of them often, and RFID tags for waste bins are going to have even more appeal in these scenarios when utilized by these private providers.

In addition to the same tracking and overseeing abilities, being able to fine tune the logistics of operations with the information gathered from the waste bin tags can be a strong part of convincing municipalities that they’re the provider for the job.

In the bigger picture one of the biggest benefits of RFID tags will be for recycling bins. Having more far-reaching information about the bins usage and collection trends will make for more effective and successful municipal recycling efforts and considering how many recyclables the average household produces in a year that’s really a huge plus.

And if RFID tags ever make sense for trash removal and dumpster bin rentals in Trenton and Colborne you can be sure we’ll get on board quite readily

Anyone needing waste pick up and disposal in Colborne or Trenton or dumpster delivery and pick up can get it right the first time by always calling Load n’ Lift. We can have dumpster bins on site and picked up once they’re full with the very best in pricing and service AND waste disposal done properly as per Ontario provincial regulations. Call us anytime!

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