Unusual uses for Load N Lift Bins

As one of the leading bin rental companies in Ontario, the team at Load N Lift is your go-to option for all of your bin needs. However, we like to see how our clients can use our bins, and sometimes they are downright unusual. In this fun blog, we are going to look at some of the more unusual uses for Load N Lift bins.

Swimming Pool

It might seem a little crazy, but we have seen our bins used for everything, including a swimming pool. Our bins are not watertight, nor are they are designed to be a swimming pool, but with a little ingenuity, they can certainly be used for anything. Our client, who used our bins for a pool, threw a watertight tarp and filled it up. Seems simple, but that is part of the reason that we love this! Simple does it, and a Load N Lift ban can undoubtedly be used with a swimming pool.

Snow Removal

If you are trying to dig out after the last snowstorm and realise that you ran out of the room, you might need a Load N Lift bin to help. With our drop off and pick up services, a Load N Lift bin can be an excellent option for simple and efficient snow removal. We have helped out during massive storms, and we know there is a max to how much snow you can pile up. With a Load N Lift bin, you can either have us haul the snow, or use it as a storage spot before dumping the snow in another location. Snow removal is done simply, and that is a Load N Lift great use for your bins!

Soil Storage

If you are thinking about completing a yard refresh, you might need to get some new dirt for your lawn or gardens. This means that you will need to get some topsoil, and that means you need storage. Instead of the classic tarp on the driveway, and praying it does not rain, you could step up your soil storage. With a Load N Lift bin, you will be able to store the soil without having to worry about run-off or soil erosion from storms. The best way to do that is to tarp off the bin and use it when you need it. With a Load N Lift bin, your yard work will be simple as ordering a bin.

From soil storage to swimming pools, the team at Load N Lift is here for you! If you need a bin rental, call our team and see how Load N Lift can help you out.

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