Five simple ways you can reorganise your space

Whether you are in a townhome or a house, there is always something you can do to give you a little more space. As one of the premier bin rental companies in Ontario, we have helped out hundreds of homes with their reorganisation process! So, since we have gone through this a couple of times, we have picked up a few tips and tricks over the years. Here are five simple ways you can reorganise your space.

Declutter one room at a time

The reorganisation of a home can seems like a huge task, but when you divide it by room, you can tackle your space, room by room. Look to start in the kitchen and move to some of the smaller rooms. You will be surprised to see how fast you get through the home!

Organise one room at a time

After you declutter, you will need to move to the organisation. This will allow you to find excess stuff and ensure that you and your space are at their peak. From getting rid of excess furniture to cleaning up old books or magazines, you will start to find more and more making its way to the throw-out pile as you move through your home.

Assign a home to every object

This may seem like a Mary Kondo style exercise but finding a home for every purpose in your house is a great way to see if you need something. You can utilise new furniture such as double use furniture or use cupboards and other underutilised spaces to find new homes. Yes, this means that each blanket, pillow and trinket need a home, and if not, it needs to go!

Add some shelves

If you are looking to reorganise, one of the best ways is to add some additional storage spaces. Whether this is adding a couple of floating shelves on your wall, or adding in other bookshelves, you can find some new homes for your things. This will also help you declutter and organise; it is a win-win.

Find a bin

When you need to get rid of your stuff, skip the trips to the dump in your neighbours’ truck, and trust the experts at Load N Lift to provide you with a bin that fits your needs. From larger bins that will handle furniture, to smaller ones meant for household garbage, we have the bin for your reorganisation!

If you need a bin, then it is about time that you called Load N Lift. From reorganisation to construction, the team at Load N Lift has hauled them all. Call our team today and see how Load N Lift can help you the next time you need to haul something!

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