Garden Waste Management Tips

Probably doesn’t matter where you are in Southern Ontario – or anywhere else in the Province for that matter – to be able to enjoy the Spring weather that’s been a long time coming around these parts. Along with the warmer temperatures and the emerging colours all around us are longer hours in the day, and there’s something unbeatable about being able to have natura light outdoors after dinnertime.

For a lot of people that time is as good as any to be in their yard or garden getting rid of all the detritus that’s built up over the winter, plus getting the areas ready for summer with plenty of planting, pruning and the like. We may be waste disposal and disposal bin rental experts here in the Trenton and Colborne areas, but you might be surprised a good number of us are avid green thumbs too.

So while we’re happy to pick up yard waste in Trenton, Colborne, or any of the surrounding areas here in Ontario or provide you with a dumpster rental, we know that many of you won’t have mounds and mounds of garden and yard waste to get rid of and you’ll be taking care of that on your own. All good, and we know how there’s always lineups at municipal waste yards with vehicle stuffed full of trimmings and whatnot every day these days.

Call us for Trenton area waste disposal or bin rentals, but here’s some garden waste management tips for those of you who aren’t keeping up an acres-long property around your home.

  1. Make Your Own Compost

Managing garden waste by recycling it yourself is a great idea. Aside from not needing us to pick up waste in Colborne, the compost you can create on your own will be very beneficial for your garden beds for the next season. And if you have more compost than you need you can offer some to your neighbours, or even sell it if you’re so inclined. Google how to compost garden waste and you’ll find this is plenty easy to do. Fallen leaves, old bedding plants, weeds, organic waste from the kitchen – it can all become compost

  • Care for your Lawn Properly

The best way to deal with garden waste is, quite honestly, to make less of it. And proper lawn care is the best way to achieve this. Using quality tools and being proactive in maintaining your lawn and garden is the best start, and from there you’ll want to learn gardening best practices. There’s a lot to this, but one of the things everyone will tell you is that you HAVE TO stay ahead of weeds and other unwelcome growths in your garden. You’ll be thankful you did.

  • Take it to the Municipal Yard

Green waste disposal facilities in Ontario are often municipal dump yards that have a separate section dedicated to yard and garden waste. Usually if you have proof of municipal residency (many people have a sticker on their vehicle indicating this) then you’ll be able to get rid of garden waste in Southern Ontario without paying a charge.

The added benefit here is not only can you get rid of large volumes of yard waste all at once, but these places have the capacity to handle it all and they will also usually compost it themselves too and use the compost for municipality gardening projects that beautify your city or town.

  • Try Grasscycling

Everybody will be familiar with recycling, but what about grasscycling? It’s another great option for managing the green waste that you produce, and what it involves is composting or recycling lawn clippings on your lawn. The mulch you create from it can provide excellent nutrition for your plants, and do this regularly and you’ll find you have much less need for buying separate fertilizers.

  • Goes into the Green Bin

Most will know that the green recycling bins are for organic matter, and that’s where households will put their food waste. If you’ve got a mound of grass clippings, those can go into the green bin too. Don’t add any type of branches or twigs that you’ve trimmed, and especially do NOT put anything with prickles or thorns into there (an example being Blackberry bushes). Leaves and pruned flower tips can go in your green bin too.

Call Load n’ Lift first for your private garbage disposal in Trenton and Colborne needs. We have the best prices on dumpster bin rentals around here too, and we both deliver them and pick them up once filled. Plus, our waste disposal services always include proper and responsible disposing of the waste we collect. We make it so that you don’t have any hassle getting rid of household waste, construction waste, or any other type of material waste that has to go, and go NOW.

3 Recycling Myths, and the Need to De-String Disposal Masks

It’s been a winter like every other here in Ontario, but fortunately Winter will be on its way out over the course of the next month. We’d like to start here by saying how much we appreciate the work done by those who keep the roads and highways of the Province drivable when there’s snow and ice build up, and the thanks we have should be a given considering what our work involves as a Trenton Colborne dumpster rental and waste disposal business.

What has been different about this winter is how all of the COVID-19 protocols put into place has changed our lives, and the way we experience life in public. As civic-minded people we always support the municipal governments and know that they make these decisions based on the based science based on restricting the spread of the virus. So we’re happy to see that most people have been wearing masks, and especially when indoors in public places as that’s where the protection is really needed.

However, it doesn’t take much to imagine how many disposable masks are ending up in the trash these days. And – as you would also expect – we are very qualified to be telling you that’s exactly what’s happening. So many of them are being thrown out that you could take 3 of our disposal bin rentals and fill all over them in just a day or two! Maybe not quite, but it’s true that massive amounts of disposal masks are in the trash these days.

The waste can be processed, but the problem is if these masks don’t end up being disposed properly they can harm wildlife. So if you need to throw out a disposable mask just take some time to quickly tug hard enough on the ear loop strings to tear one end off the mask. Both sides.

Doing so will mean that there’s no chance that mask might end up around the neck of an animal or obstructing it in another way. But an even better suggestion is to buy a good quality reusable mask and then you won’t need to use the disposable surgical masks.

So that’s one truth, and what we’ll do now to complete this short blog entry is disprove 3 common myths when it comes to recycling. The second one in particular is really good to know, as high recycling rates for food packaging plastics is something that’s really important for major urban centres in Ontario and all across Canada.

MYTH #1 – Most Canadians are good with recycling as much as possible.

You’ve got to be committed and proactive if you’re going to a good recycling household. Is there more than one location in a household to store recyclables? If not, recyclables in areas outside the kitchen may get tossed out. Is there only one person in the house who’s expected to deal with the recycling? It’s known that making recycling a whole family thing – where everyone participates – leads to the most recycling of the right materials.

MYTH #2 – Containers need to be completely clean to be accepted and recycled.

It’s better if bottles, cans, and containers are as clean and free of food or drink residue before you recycle them. But the truth is they don’t need to be squeaky clean. Just make sure they’re clean enough to avoid contaminating other materials, and usually just a fairly good cleaning of them will do.

MYTH #3 – Even if it’s not in the recycling cart, the hauler will sort everything anyway.

More and more different types and varieties of non-recyclables and items that require special handling are arriving at waste disposal and recycling facilities in Canada. When they do they must be removed by hand by staff or sorted out mechanically. This has to be done as some items will negatively affect the ability of other legit items to be recycled properly themselves.

Non-recyclable garbage and materials requiring special handling placed in recycling increases the cost of the recycling process as well as the cost of waste and recycling collection services.

And the biggest problem is plastic bags. Workers need to climb into the machinery to cut plastic bags out of gears and screens.

Place recyclables directly into your blue bin or recycling container all the time!

That’s all for now, remember to always calls us if you need dumpster rentals in Trenton or Colborne or you need waste removal and disposal around here too.

Most Valuable Items Ever Found in the Trash

We’ll start here by saying that while we do specialize in dumpster bin rentals and trash removal for Trenton and Colborne areas, over all our years in the business we have yet to find anything of any real value in the waste we’ve disposed of. A few things that are interesting for the fact they’re in the trash, but nothing that would be considered worth anything.

However, there’s always a first and so if and when one of our dumpsters does come back to us with something of value in it we’ll be sure to let you know. After checking with the Ontario disposal bin rental customer to confirm if it was intentionally tossed out, of course. We’re a reputable and honest business first and foremost, but beyond that we’d be pretty darn pleased to get something of value out of a dumpster just like the rest of you would.

So what we thought we’d do today is share 4 stories of different times when someone made a very fortunate – and maybe even profitable – discovery amongst trash that was on its way to the dump or elsewhere and might have been lost forever if that person didn’t discover it.

Not to suggest that any of you should be rifling through dumpsters. Leave that to waste disposal pros for Colborne and Trenton, meaning us here at Load n’ Lift.

  • Ancient Mayan artifacts

An American man was working at a junk removal company 16 years ago and was cleaning out the apartment of an artist who had died recently. In a cardboard barrel he found $16,500 worth of ancient Mayan artifacts. Fortunately, this treasure was given to an appropriate museum to be researched and displayed as historical cultural artifacts. Which is the way it should be, so this man is to be commended for being responsible with this very valuable find.

  • Inheritance in Recycling

Now here’s one that we can directly relate to given what we do here as trash bin rental and waste disposal pros in Ontario. It was only just a few years ago that a man in the US State of Kentucky was working at a recycling center. It was a mundane and uneventful day like any other, until he found $22K of U.S. savings bonds lying in a barrel of scrap metal.

Again, a good ending to this one as the man tracked down the rightful owner and returned his savings bonds to him. But this is a great indication of just how possible it is to dispose of items when you don’t intend to. If you’re going to choose an ideal spot to ‘stash’ something, better to choose something that might not get tossed out in the trash some day. Especially if long-term memory is not your strong suit.

  • Lost Work of Art

A woman walking along a street in Manhattan, New York saw a painting that was resting up against a pile of trash and obviously intended to be collected along with it. She decided to pick it up and take it home for one reason only – she liked the colors. After doing a little research at home she was surprised to find out it was a lost masterpiece named ‘Tres Personajes’ and painted by Rufino Tamayo, a famous Mexican artist. The painting sold at auction for a $1 million! No doubt this woman looks back on picking up that discarded painting as one of the best things she’s ever done in her life!

  • Million Dollar Dumpster Dive

In the early 2000s a man named Edward St. John was a regular around a certain convenience store in the US state of Massachusetts. A little down on his luck, he would search through the dumpster there and see if he could find anything that he might be able to make use of. There were always plenty of lottery scratch n’ win tickets in there, and with not much better to do Edward would collect them and see if someone had mistakenly discarded a winner.

Well, in 2005 someone did. And the discarded ticket turned out to be worth $1 million! We can assume Edward St. John has no regrets about his dumpster diving ways, and he probably hasn’t dove into one for 15+ years now! Good on you Edward.

Now of course not everyone can be this lucky with finding treasures in trash, but anyone needing dumpster bin rentals in Colborne or Trenton plus waste disposal services can get it right the first time by always calling Load n’ Lift to have dumpster bins on site and then removed with the very best in pricing and service AND waste disposal done properly as per Ontario provincial regulations. Call us anytime!

Promising New Waste to Energy Technologies

Shouldn’t come as much of a surprise here. A company that specializes in dumpster bin rental for waste disposal in Trenton and Colborne, Ontario taking an interest in technological advances in waste disposal. Such is the case here at Load n’ Lift. While that trash-eating river man in Baltimore we highlighted a month or so ago is plenty interesting, there’s no better example of waste management for productive purposes than WHP (waste heat to power) technology. That’s part of what we’re going to talk about here.

Sound good? Right then, let’s get into it.

Waste to energy technology can be described as a process of using organic waste material to produce heat or electricity. This technology gets the hype it does because it converts solid waste substances like paper and plastic into energy, cost-effectively and sustainably. This is good stuff, because improper waste removal negatively impacts the environment in a big way and has problems with global reaches that extend beyond our backyards.

Thermal-Based Waste-to-Energy Technology

Development in gasification and incineration technologies has made it possible to operate large-scale thermal combustion facilities while minimizing polluting emissions. The straightforward process makes the technology highly appropriate for producing energy and there are now over 100 facilities in the US and many more in Asia and Europe.

Among these promising developments are direct combustion, pyrolysis, plasma arc gasification, and conventional gasification.

High Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Plenty of environmental pollution stems from the growing population and commercial activities in urban areas. This means high municipal solid waste (MSW) providing what’s needed for the waste-to-energy market. These days thermal-based conversion of waste to energy will contribute to growing economies, particularly in Asia Pacific region where there are more ecological protection concerns.

Increased economic development, construction, and industrialization also contribute favourably to this.

Biological Technologies

Biological technologies convert waste to energy in a way that’s more ecologically friendly compared to thermal based ones. As you’d expect, these technologies get high marks from environmental experts, and the segment is likely to penetrate the market.

Hydrothermal Carbonization Waste-To-Energy Technology

Geothermal conversion of liquid waste has great potential as a waste-to-energy technology. What this involves is the transformation of wet biomass feedstock through heat. Acid is then added in a highly-pressurized environment to be the catalyst speeding up the process and stimulating the generation of hydro-char. What’s really exciting with this one is the properties of hydro-char are identical to that of fossil fuels, and this technology produces the same amount of energy. This technology is not dependent on any kind of energy input either

The furthest thing from disposal bin rentals in Trenton and Colborne? You bet, but this has real potential when it comes to helping humanity reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reigning in climate change.

Dendro Liquid Energy (DLE)

DLE is all about producing electricity from waste, and the zero-emission discharge it offers gives a lot of potential for use a cleaner electricity generation source. Germany has been the primary pioneer and ground breaker for DLE technology, and it really is something that the entire world should borrow from them if it continues to be a prominent source of cleaner energy for use with densely populated urban areas.

DLE is 4 times more efficient in terms of electricity generation, and has the additional benefits of no emission discharge and effluence problems at plant sites.

A lot to look forward and think positively about with technology based on different waste disposal approaches. For waste disposal in Colborne and Trenton, Ontario make sure you call Load n’ Lift first and get your disposal bin rentals delivered and picked up along with responsible disposal that is always in adherence with Provincial guidelines and best practices for environmental preservation and making sure everything ends up where it should.

And Happy New Year to all of your from all of us! Hope 2021 is a good year for you.

How About Baltimore’s Mr. Trash Wheel?

We’re fortunate here in Canada to have Americans as our neighbours because they’ve got some pretty smart Cookies down there and America has always been a world leader when it comes to ingenuity in solving urban problems. That’s not to say we don’t have similarly talented people up here in Canada – we certainly do. Anytime someone makes a real splash when it comes to waste collection and disposal you’re going to catch our attention here at Load n’ Lift, no matter where you’re located.

We do waste disposal and disposal bin rental in Trenton and Colborne, Ontario. But not too far away from us in the good State of Maryland there’s a new fellow who’s doing one heck of a job cleaning up local waterways. We can have disposal bin rentals at your job site in no time at all, but we’ve never conducted waste disposal while floating in any manner whatsoever.
Who are we talking about exactly? Let us introduce Mr. Trash Wheel

This ingenious – and seemingly animate – invention is the work of an engineer named John Kellett, a man who spent 20 years cleaning up trash along the Baltimore waterfront before he had the idea that eventually lead to Mr. Trash Wheel.

How does Mr. Trash Wheel work? That’s a good question, and here’s how he does his thing; in Baltimore Jones Falls is an 18-mile long stream which flows into the harbour. Mr. Trash Wheel is situated just before the entrance to it and 2 booms on either side extend from it to make sure no trash can escape this civic-minded character.

Water can continue on into the bay, but the trash can’t. Cups, bottles, plastic bags and floating debris are funneled toward the mouth of a conveyor belt on the barge. It’s then moved into a dumpster for proper disposal. The current of the water provides most of the power, but there are solar panels powering Mr. Trash Wheel too.

All Sorts of Trash

The good man has collected well more than 1100 tonnes of trash so far, and among that has been an estimated 11 million cigarette butts. He’s also gobbled up a few more interesting items too – including a discarded beer keg and even a guitar. The fact that he’s also kept an estimated 850, 000 plastic bottles out of the ocean is big plus too and yes he’s got all of this on his resume.

Mr. Trash Wheel has impressed to the extent that other countries around the world have expressed interest in Kellett’s invention, and it seems that Indonesia has already placed an order!
What’s more, you can even follow this fantastic fellow on Twitter if you like. Not your average tweeter, that’s for sure!

This type of innovation in waste management is the kind of stuff the whole world needs more of, and so we say Bravo to Mr. Kellett and the city of Baltimore for introducing this kind of device to the world. There are definitely more than a few waterways in Canada that could use something similar, and it will be interesting too see if we have our own Mr. Trash Wheel sometime in the not too distant future.

Need a dumpster rental for Colborne job site or a dumpster rental in Trenton for the same purposes? Make sure to call us first for the best in prices, service, and usually same day delivery of the bins. You fill them, we get rid of them and all waste is disposed of appropriately and in full accordance with Province of Ontario guidelines.

Creative Approaches to Trash Disposal Around the World

Here at Load and Lift we’ve never thought much more of ourselves than reliable waste hauling and dumpster rental services for the Colborne and Trenton area of Ontario. We’re also very aware that we don’t do what we do with any measure of uniqueness or creativity. It takes a certain type of person to even be capable of bringing anything out of the ordinary to waste disposal, but they do exist.

In fact, some people or organizations have done trash disposal so differently that they’ve received some acclaim and attention for their efforts. We might be able to draw a smiley face in chalk on the side of any of the dumpster rentals in Colborne and Trenton we send out to you, but that’s really about it. So instead of making light of our shortcomings in this regard, how about we put the spotlight on those around the world who are really getting it done with creative approaches to trash disposal.

Trash for Healthcare – Indonesia

It was a little more than 5 years ago that a doctor in Indonesia saw a potential connection between general health and the way that less than half of the 55K tons of garbage gets collected in Malang City, Indonesia. The resulting Garbage Clinical Insurance program in Indonesia now involves using trash as currency. People can collect the garbage and trade it for medical services and medicines. All ‘trash cash’ collected is then converted into money which is put back into his healthcare network.

Waste management and philanthropy together. How about that!

Garbage Converted into Useable Energy – Sweden

Sweden has an impressive waste-to-energy system that is super efficient and provides direct heating to over 900K Swedish households plus electricity to more than a quarter million individual homes. They’re so into it that now they even see garbage as a commodity, Sweden imports trash from other European countries to fuel its power needs, with 700 kg of rubbish having the potential to turn into 250 kg of energy and fuel.

Amusement Park Made of Rubbish – Uganda

Ruganzu Bruno is an artist and environmentalist in this African country who brings ecological art to the slums of Kampala. He worked with Eco Art Uganda to create an amusement park for children that’s built from discarded materials. Recycled swings and life-size board games made from plastic bottles are just some of the attractions found here, and it’s really quite something to see both the smarts in it and just how much the kids love playing there.

Plastic Paved Streets – India

An Indian chemistry professor has come up with a way to transform common plastic litter into a bitumen substitute for paving roads. This is good all around, not just environmentally. It’s a better coast alternative too, with this plastic substitute replacing up to 15% of the more expensive bitumen usually used.

Landfill-Turned-Eco Park – Hong Kong

The Sai Tso Wan Landfill Park held up to 1.6 million tonnes of waste previously, and the mound of unwanted waste stretched up some 65 metres into the air. They stopped adding to it and closed and sealed it in 1981, but it wasn’t until 2004 that work began on converting it into the playground. They utilized wind turbines, solar cells and energy derived from methane generated from the decomposed trash.

Impressive stuff folks, and wouldn’t it be nice if we had a Made in North America example to add to this list. Maybe we will eventually. In the meantime if you have waste hauling and disposal needs in Colborne or Trenton or need to rent a dumpster bin here, be sure to give us a call for the best in pricing and service.

Bill 197 and the Pressing Need for New Landfills in Ontario

Here is one of the realities that there’s no getting around these days. With population growth and increasing urbanization, there’s a whole lot more needed in the way of responsible yet effective waste management for metro regions. The GTA and Southern Ontario is a good example of this in the same way you’ll find it is for big cities in pretty much any country anywhere.

As a waste disposal service provider in Colborne and Trenton, the need for more waste disposal facilities to handle the increases in volume is something that we can definitely relate to.

Most people, however, won’t be in the know the same ways as those of us doing dumpster rentals in Colborne and Trenton. But there’s probably a whole lot that your professional specialty makes you knowledgeable about that we wouldn’t have the first clue about.

But here’s the thing, if you’re a homeowner living anywhere in Southern Ontario you’ve probably heard about how there’s an increasingly pressing need for more and / or expanded landfill facilities in Ontario.

So all of our dumpster rentals in Trenton and Colborne are only a drop in the ocean with everything they contribute to waste disposal volumes here, but in the bigger picture it’s becoming clear that politicians can’t be pushing this issue down the road any longer.

Problem in the Making

If you’re not familiar with Bill 197 here in Ontario, it’s the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act. Obviously there’s good intentions there, but what it does is put the provincial economy and the health of the environment at risk.

How? By making it virtually impossible to build new landfills in Ontario. Something the Province needs, whether you approve of them or not.

What the act has done is created a requirement for approval of local councils in municipalities within 3.5 kilometres of a proposed landfill. Almost every major landfill proposal in Ontario is essentially killed by this, including projects that are already under review by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.

What’s the problem? Well, this will have a negative impact on all residents and businesses in Ontario. Let’s keep in mind that we send 70% of our waste to landfills every year. Waste disposal costs will increase, and local disposal options are going to be increasingly harder to find.

What will happen instead is that Ontario will rely more on trucking waste to landfills in Michigan and other U.S. states. Instead the Provincial government should understand that Ontario needs new landfills to manage the growing amount of waste generated every year.

Consider this – at the current rate of waste generation and remaining disposal capacity of 122 million tonnes, Ontario will run out of landfill space by 2032 if no expansions or refits are done.

Need more facts? With projected population growth and economic trends taken into account and with average waste generation levels per-year continuing as they have, Ontario will need to build – or find – 16 new or expanded landfills by the year 2050.

Balance Required

If you find yourself calling us or any other waste disposal service in Colborne and Trenton for dumpster rentals or drop off and pick up, give some thought to how much waste is being created with just one demolition job or whatever else it is you’re doing that requires job site clean up in the Trenton or Colborne. Waste reduction initiatives are important, but we also need to take into consideration some of the unavoidability.

Need dumpster rentals in Colborne and Trenton? We are your best choice with same-day delivery and pick up and proper waste disposal here. Have an upcoming job? Give us a call now and we’ll set you up with everything you need for trash disposal.

New Shredder Knife Technology for Superior Plastic and Material Recycling

Major metropolitan areas in North America produce a lot of domestic waste, and the same goes for the outlying satellite cites around these big cities. That’s definitely true for the GTA, and it’s also true for the communities to the east of the city and past Peterborough. Recycling needs to be a priority everywhere in Canada to keep as much waste out of landfills, and plastics and material recycling is a big part of that.

Now of course this has nothing directly to do with waste disposal and dumpster bin rentals in Colborne and Trenton, but all aspects of waste disposal in Ontario are related. The amount of disposable plastic bottles that end up at recycling depots is increasing every year and it’s difficult to stem that tide. But what municipalities CAN do is not only recycle them, but repurpose them.

This is where a new recycling technology is really interesting to people like us who are in the waste disposal and material recycling business.

The Shredder Knife allows recyclers to simultaneously shred, chip, and size on-site, which ramps up production and reduces processing costs.

Up until now recyclers have shredded bottles and various plastic products before granulating them create plastic pellets that are used in all sorts of materials built from recyclables. The extensive process of shredding, screening, and grinding the plastic to size with different equipment and separate processes is too inefficient and also slows the repurposing process.

The Shredder Knife cuts, screens, and sizes in in a single pass and because you can uniformly size plastic scrap you’re able to begin repurposing it much more directly. This also makes recycling and repurposing of plastic more profitable, and that means it will be more readily adopted by more communities in North America.

And it’s got a varied appetite – in addition to plastics it will munch and process rubber, paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, copper wire, aluminum, fiberglass. Even garbage and batteries. In the bigger picture there are so many things made from recycled plastics.

The Shredder Knife is a product from BCA Industries to the South of us here in Ontario in Wisconsin, USA. It will be interesting to see how readily this new technology is incorporated with plastics recycling all across North America.

It’s interesting stuff for us here at Load n Lift, and for waste disposal in Colborne or dumpster bin rentals in Trenton and Colborne we’re your best choice for pricing and service. Any site, any time and we always dispose of collected waste in accordance with municipal and Provincial regulations. You make it, we take it!

True or False – Containers Cleaned of Food Residue are Recycled More Consistently

  • Everyone’s busy these days and has a thousand things ‘on their plate’ as the expression goes. But when it comes to recycling the plastic containers that a lot of food comes in now, some people say it’s a good choice to do as much as you can to get the residue of what went onto your plate off of those containers. What we’re talking about here is the food residue that’s often left on the container insides and will remain there in the recycling box unless you take some time to wash it off.

It’s been said that if you’re a person who cares about plastic waste in the landfills and – perhaps more importantly – the extent of plastic pollution in the ocean – then this is something that you want to get behind. But is that actually true? There are people who insist that a lot of food containers that have food residue on them don’t get recycled because of that reason. They insist further that what happens then is that containers with food residue on them end up going into landfill and not getting recycled.

Considering how important recycling efforts are around the world to curb the explosion of manmade waste coming from nearly 8 billion people, no one’s going to debate that food container recycling IS very important. But should we actually be spending a lot of extra effort cleaning every last bit of food residue from containers our food comes in? Being a Trenton area waste disposal provider in Ontario, this is an issue we can take a real interest in, and we thought you might too.

Not As Big Deal as You Might Think

It turns out that while recycling clean food containers is best, it really doesn’t mean that it if it dirty with food residue that it will be tossed out of the recycling facilities. Some here in Ontario will be deemed to be unrecyclable due to being contaminated, but much of the time a container with residue is still processed by the recycling facility.

That said, here’s one tip – don’t put pizza boxes with food residue in your recycling. They’re nearly guaranteed to not be recycled the way regular cardboard boxing would be and here’s why:

When paper is recycled, it is mixed with water to form what’s called ‘slurry.’ Oil and fat from food residue don’t mix with water. They float on top of the slurry and mingle with the paper pulp. Oily pulp makes very poor quality paper and is, in effect, unusable. Paper products with grease or food residue can and should go right into the trash.

But back to topic, the general consensus is that dirty food containers are nearly always recycled to the same extent as ones that remain clean. In 2014, there was a study that found that there was little correlation between the cleanliness of a container and whether it was recycled/.

Still Something You Should Do

With that said, it’s important to keep in mind that this seems to be changing, and there does appear to be some evidence that food residue contaminated containers are not getting recycled as often as they used to. A few years back several countries in Asia – China most notably – stopped purchasing recyclable waste from Canada.

While recycling is mostly coordinated by the municipality, there is also the issue of individual sort stations having different protocols and then there’s also the fact some of the regional district’s recycling program can involve private contractors in some areas of the country.

Now that much more of this recyclable waste is increasingly difficult to get processed (or purchased – as is often the case with clean recyclable packaging that has monetary value) more if it is backlogged for recycling and this may be leading to some facilities throwing food-residue containers into different bins if they know the stuff may start to stink later on.

There’s other reasons whey food packaging containers with food residue might not get recycled because of the food residue, so it is in fact a good idea to wash food residue off packaging before putting it in recycling.

The last thing we’ll say about this is related to the above link and the mention of clean plastic recyclables having $ value – many municipalities all over the world do sell plastics domestically (maybe not internationally the way they did before as we mentioned above too) and do make some money from that that goes into the ‘public coffers’ as the expression goes.

So if you’re the type who’s inclined to wash food containers clean before recycling, go right ahead and continue on with that.

Stay Home Project Ideas!

The weather might have turned a little more beautiful from the earlier snow, but the team at Load N Lift Bins does realise that these times continue to be unprecedented. We are still embracing the click and collect lifestyle for everything from Canadian Tire to grocery stores. We have continued to serve our community with social distancing and an emphasis on keeping our employees and our clients safe. So, with that in mind, we have embraced the change, and can finally get some jobs done around the house. Some of them include an excellent use for a Load N Lift Bin, while others are simply essential projects you need to tackle in June to prep your home for summer 2020!

Take care of the pests

June is the month where the back is alive with plant life and critters, and it is the ideal time to spot what could be an issue later on. If you have a fenced-in yard and start to notice bunnies, or other critters getting in, it might be time for a quick inspection of the base of the fence. You may have some holes you might need to repair. As well, if your notice significant insect presence, take a look at the source, and you may have an anthill or something of the life to take care of before it becomes a significant problem.

Put down mulch

One of the best ways to ensure that your flower beds are moist during the hot summer is to put down mulch. You can use a Load N Lift bin to provide the storage, and you can shovel away for both your front and back beds. Mulch provides a layer of protection from the sun and heat while allowing plants to enjoy the water for days on end.

Remove green waste

If you slacked in May and did not want to tackle the waste and overgrown backyard, then June is a great time to do it! You can use a Load N Lift Bin as your green waste bin, and our team can hail it away once it is done! No matter if you are tackling some fickle blackberry bushes or looking to remove some significant trees or shrubs, our bins can handle it!

Time to re-do the deck!

If you are tired of looking at the worn old back deck, then it might be time to consider a replacement. A Load N Lift bin can be used to provide waste management, and we can handle any deck waste by the bin full! Then, you can focus on redesign, installation and finishing! A new deck can be yours, and we are here to help your Stay Home project!

From deck renovations to putting down mulch, Load N Lift Bins are here to support your June projects. Call us today, and see how our team can help support your next project big or small!