Huge Promise Seen Across the Board with Advanced Recycling Practices

One thing a disposal bin rental provider in Trenton or anywhere else in Canada, North America, or the world will be able to tell you is that the nature of what we do gives us a real insight into how keeping as much as possible out of landfills and other waste collections sites is hugely beneficial. We’re all doing much better with recycling, although the unfortunate truth is that a whole lot of what needs to be recycled doesn’t end up where it is supposed to. But continuing to make efforts to improve on that is what needs to be done.

There is a lot of talk about advanced recycling these days, and for job site cleanup in Colborne or any other task where a lot of material must be removed, you’ll be best to get a dumpster rental from Load n Lift and fill it before we remove it the same way we delivered it. Along with disposing of OR recycling the materials collected, we are firm about doing what we can to contribute positively to better waste disposal and management of it here in Ontario.

Plastics are always going to be a big part of that, as we are entirely addicted to the use of disposable plastics in our consumerism and that is not changing anytime soon. But better plastics recycling is a huge part of advanced recycling and it’s a good starting point for us to talk about with our blog entry this month.

Moving Along with Demand for Circular Polymers

As industries continue to shift away from fossil fuels and toward sustainability the demand for circular polymers is rapidly increasing—but capacity can’t keep pace with demand. Advanced recycling is recent technological developments meant to complement mechanical recycling— which relies on high-quality and relatively clean sorted waste. That’s not the reality with a lot of the waste being produced

Advanced recycling has the ability to accommodate the types of plastics that are recyclable as well as produce other plastics that have tailored molecular weight distributions and comonomers that are suited for high-value applications. The most noteworthy being flexible packaging for food.

This pushes demand for recycled polymers based on increased consumer awareness, CPG pledges, and regulations. What makes mechanical recycling different from advanced recycling here is that instead of plastic waste being washed, shredded, and pelletized (mechanical), it is now changed chemically and eventually becomes more ready-to-use plastic.

By 2025 more than 80 global CPG, packaging, and retail companies have made public commitments to reach recycled content in their packaging between 15 and 5%. Here in North America, legislation in the United States varies from State to State, and Canada is slightly ahead in terms of overall recycling requirements as compared to our US neighbours.

There are too many tangents to potentially break off onto around this subject, and this is a blog entry not a paper, so we’ll stick to talking about recycled plastics in food-grade materials. Plus, we’re a Trenton and Colborne dumpster rental and pick up service and not any type of recycling industry expert.

Return to Hydrocarbons

Contaminants must be a concern if plastics are recycled into food containers. Advanced recycling gets around this by converting recycled material back into hydrocarbons and precursors that other processes can use as chemical feedstocks. Advanced recycling uses technologies like pyrolysis, gasification, solvolysis, and microwave. Some polymers can’t be manipulated this way, but most can.

Sustainability benefits are a big part of this too, as using waste itself as the production medium rather than fossil fuels is not only reducing the reliance on the petrochemical industry, but it is also huge for diverting plastic waste away from landfills and incineration. This is big, as even here in Canada landfills are nearing capacity in some regions and burning plastics is obviously bad for carbon emissions.

Advanced recycling requires further development of key technologies and waste collection, plus the as right new partnerships and investments. Advanced recycling technology needs to be improved, infrastructure needs to be more widespread and effective, and scaling partnerships across the value chain needs to be prioritized. This is likely something we’ll say even more headway made around in coming years here in Canada.

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