What to do with a Frozen Garbage Bin Lid?

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It’s January 2017, and as always the New Year finds us right in the middle of winter here in Canada. Even the folks out West are experiencing sub-zero temperatures. Folks east of BC will likely already be aware of most of what there is to know about taking out the trash when it’s freezing outdoors, but let’s have a look at one of the most common problems homeowners encounter from December to March when it comes to trash disposal in wintertime.

Trash bin lids that are frozen shut.

This of course can be problematic on a pair of levels; A) you can’t open the bin to add additional trash, and B) you’re passing on that same problem to the municipal collection workers when you take it to the curb just as frozen as it was aside your garage.

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Trash it, or Recycle It? Being a Responsible Disposer in 2017


No matter which city you’re living in, the local landfill would prefer to have as little as possible brought to its doorstep when it comes to waste material. Anything that can be recycled really should be, as keeping municipal waste down to a minimum is something every city should be striving for.

So the question becomes not only what are the best ways to dispose of waste material responsibly, but also what less-than-obvious materials can be recycled rather than thrown away? Let’s have a look at some of them and make you a little bit better informed about waste materials that AREN’T necessarily trash.

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Why do people use disposal bins when municipal waste pick-up is available?

Most people think of disposal bins as items only used by large businesses and not typical homeowners. After all, homeowners can put their trash on the curb each week and thanks to their Toronto municipal taxes, that junk is picked up and carried away.

But there are good reasons why a homeowner might want to use a disposal bin. When you use disposable bins, you don’t have to wait a whole week for your rubbish to be collected. Instead you can schedule a pickup with Load’n Lift who will collect your mountain of garbage all at the same time.

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The Argument Against Clutter: Comfort, Creativity and Peace of Mind

Junk Removal Trenton

Is it high time to clear out excess items from you home, get rid of junk, or haul a load to the dump?

Many folks might not be aware of it, but a cluttered home – or any area of it – can have a seriously negative effect on any number of aspects of your mental state. Often it’s difficult for homeowners to make the decision about what stays and what goes, and that’s true even for those of us who aren’t what they call “hoarders.”

When you only have so much square footage in your home, however, it’s pretty common to have to make those tough decisions. Studies have shown that a home that is cleaner, tidier, and features more open space is increasingly conducive to people being creative, emotionally responsive, thinking objectively, and enjoying peace of mind and a greater sense of being entirely comfortable and relaxed. There’s even more in the way of benefits to having an uncluttered home – but those ones alone should be convincing enough!

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Fall Cleaning Agenda Checklist for a Superclean House

It is September 2016 and Fall is falling upon us already. No better way to get ready for the winter than making sure your furnace is in good working condition, your windows are able to seal shut and there is plenty of insulation in your attic. We recommend to keep your house generally clean and tidy – as you will probably be spending more time indoors during the winter. A clutter-free house can really make up for the shorter hours of daylight.

Back to cleaning… below we have created a general checklist that you can use to help you declutter and clean your humble abode. We hope this will inspire many to prepare for a more comfortable winter at home.

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Insights into keeping your home simply Clutter-Free – for Good

If you often have to re-stack slip-sliding magazine piles on your living room coffee table or desk, or you find yourself actually using your dining room table as an assorted knick-knack zone, and can’t open full open a bedroom door because piles of used toys or clothes are in the way, or can’t walk a single straight path across your basement – then the writing is also on the wall that that you need (or really should) enact serious “decluttering measures” inside your home.

The ends justify the means… You will be giving yourself a ton of additional space, creating a sanctuary for finding peace of mind, and helping yourself breathe easier in your home. Really – you will also notice a freshening effect in air quality too. You will be praised by friends & family for a more minimalist lifestyle – which studies have indicated is an environment that provides a great deal of benefits.
How can you keep your home clutter-free for good? Here several tips for you:

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Junk Removal Bin Compression – Tips to get more in your bin.

There are so many diverse reasons for renting a junk removal bin in the Lower Mainland. For home renovations (or demolitions), it is an easy way to haul away construction debris: wallboard, roofing material, old windows, and other large and unsightly byproducts of the renovation process.

If you are looking forward to de-cluttering / cleaning-up big-time you can quickly & easily order a dumpster rental bin delivered right to your driveway. You can put virtually anything into it: old furniture, worn out/stinky carpets, dingy mattresses, scrap metal, etc. After you are done throwing things into it, all you have to do is call us. We will send a friendly driver to haul away the bin.

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When and Why Our Junk Removal Service Becomes a Necessity

Debris leftover at the construction site is a good example for when using a disposal bin is an absolute necessity. However, many of us have garages and backyards either fully loaded or somewhat loaded with stuff. Instead of being able to park two cars in our garages, or even one in many cases, getting rid of excess junk becomes a necessity. Disposing of any types of items becomes very easy when a professional company is used. Load-n-lift are pros at this! They drop off a bin, in many convenient sizes for any and all jobs. Some waste is even hazardous to have on your property, such as former construction material accumulated during renovation of demolition.

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Accepting the Loss of Junk Items

In this article about clean-sweeping your home we will give you some insights & tips to let go of and then rid your environment of everyday junk.

In most cases hoarding is often a reflection of anxiety, and can be raised to the nth degree of compulsion & obsession pathologically overcapitalizing on the virtue of saving.

Obsessed hoarders may have extreme habits, but we all know someone who holds onto items of little to no further use. We all do it to some degree. You never know when you’ll need that old ping pong table, or that dirty old couch, or that stomach cruncher exercise thing; although you know you really never seriously used it before and you most probably never will. It seems we have a heavy box of old magazines? There just might be an article that you’ll want to read when we have nothing else to focus on. In reality though – not.

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Renting a Dumpster Container/Bin is Surprisingly Easy

The process of renting a dumpster is not difficult. It requires a phone call though! When and if you have the need, you simply have to contact our rental firm by phone or through our website and choose a container size! We will recommend the proper container size for your project. We will then drop off the container at your property as possible for you to fill it most easily. Fill it up to the max with all your junk and rubbish and then we will haul it all away for you!

In pre-discernible cases, having the container parked on the side of the street could require a permit from local authorities. We will help you in determining if you need such permission for your area, depending on your cleaning project’s requirements – as well as the load that you will put in the container.

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