A message from load-n-lift: Spring Cleaning is here!

It is springtime 2016 and most people are either so used to the mess in their garage, basement or entire house that over time they just give up trying to keep it clean. It seems the battle has been lost or they are just too embarrassed to have a stranger in their cluttered garage. With a small investment and a bit of organizing, we can help people recapture one of the largest rooms in the house that can become a usable recreation room.

The leaves are turning green. Flowers are blossoming and the birds are constructing their new nests and laying eggs. But before all this can happen, Mother Nature hasa already been busily at work “spring cleaning”. So, if we think about what Mother Nature has been up to, we can garner alot of wisdom from her.

First, Nature’s Mother is not one for procrastination… Big mom does not wait until spring has fully arrived to do her spring cleaning! Big mom actually gets started in Fall, when the colored leaves have fallen off of the trees and the flowers shake off their seeds and the birds distribute them. She works magically, as the leaves are wilt and wither away; she is preparing the way for spring to come about beautifully.

Now what if Mother Nature waited until spring has already arrived to catch up with all her housework? If that were to happen, the typical beautiful Spring would simply have become a gigantic mess. As you can now see, ‘spring cleaning’ has been around even before humans started walking around on Earth. So every Spring, Mother Nature reminds us all that we have to let go of things that no longer serve the overall purpose.

Imagine if nature refused to let go of the dried shriveled (dusty) leaves on the trees, or the kept all wilted flowers in the yard and garden. What would the world all around resemble? There would be much less room for the new fresh surplus that the spring season brings in.

But let’s think about this: How often do we human hoarders follow Mother Nature’s wisdom? So many of us have a garage or basement chock full of things we really no longer use or need; but because we often refuse to let them go, oftentimes out of pure procrastination. The lawnmower that doesn’t start, some day, we may just have time to overhaul. After all it has only been 4 years or so – but we will get to it this year for sure, right? How about the bike you have had since you were a teenager? There it sits, taking up space, nothing more than sentimental clutter, useful to your spouse?

Both our garages & basements become so full of things that we don’t use. There is little point to take up valuable or open space… with extra junk displacing space for new things that serve a more useful purpose? In comparison to how nature works, we choose to depart with the things we don’t need any more; its like trees dropping their spent leaves on the forest floor. There is the additional added bonus, as the old leaves get recycled. In turn those leaves are now used to help the new plants grow.

For us humans, there is even an additional benefit. Do you know people that are holding on to former emotional baggage; inhibiting additional room for growth in their inner personal life? Stuff from from the past can hold us down, and make it inconvenient for us in other ways too. Since the past isn’t there anymore, other than in our memories and photos; neither should be the baggage too! Perhaps we should also shed such old issues, grudges, antiquated ideas, etc. That just weighs us down.

I am now inviting you to create a list of all of the projects you have started. Next go through this list of projects and ask yourself, am I really going to do that? If not, then take it off the list. As long as you leave it on the list, it’s just one more thing that you feel like you haven’t completed. On a subconscious level it tells us that we really don’t have the time to do all the other, more important things that we really want to do or that would serve us much better.

So go ahead, enjoy some spring cleaning, this year and maybe next year maybe get started a little earlier, as even good ‘ol Mother Nature would recommend.

Factoid: did you know that 50-60% of people with two-car garages don’t have room to park both or even one car inside them? Because instead of getting rid of stuff/excess/junk, as creatures of habit, we find ourselves turning our garages in waste bins!

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of cleaning your garage, basement, and whatever else, spring is certainly the best time to do it; before we get too busy, or it gets too hot to even consider it.

We at load-n-lift are here to help you make the tough decision to part with with your clutter and/or large items such as: old furniture, vacuum-tube tv’s, old car engines, old above ground pools, piles of old wood, rusty swingsets, etc.

With our disposal bin rentals/services there is no need to worry about building a pile of junk on the curb which the city probably won’t try to pack in the garbage truck; leaving it there for the neighbors to snicker about. So, get it all done the same day and avoid all the extra hassle.

Our crews at load-n-lift are always ready show up and take care of the job quickly. Just call us up!

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