Clean Up Your Yard for Winter with Garbage Bin Rentals in Trenton, ON

If you’re like many homeowners, chances are you’ve made every effort throughout the summer and fall to ensure your grass is cut, weeds are picked and your garden is in great shape. After seasons of maintenance, you will most likely be gearing up to prepare your property for cooler winter temperatures ahead.

When it comes to preparing your lawn and garden for the changing seasons, the amount of trash involved can be overwhelming. The larger your property is, the more trash you’ll have. Garbage bin rentals in Trenton, ON can be a huge help when it comes to cleaning up your yard for the winter. It’s important to keep your local bin rental service in mind when completing the following seasonal tasks:

  • Clearing out the rain gutters:When a winter with a lot of snow and moisture hits, you’ll want to have clear rain gutters. Fall is the time to remove clogs with a hand shovel or hose so that drainage can take place.
  • Trimming trees and plants:The last thing you want is a branch to break from the snow’s weight and fall onto your house. Trim heavy branches back with a chainsaw and clip smaller branches with shears.
  • Watering your lawn:You’ll want your lawn to breathe during the winter, so watering before freezing temperatures hit is important. The first time you water your lawn in the fall, soak it until you see the water seep into soil, and then repeat the process. From there, monitor the lawn and water when appropriate.
  • Giving your lawn a close cut: Before winter, cut your grass extremely short. The longer the grass, the harder it is for your lawn to grow. Keeping your grass at a low height helps your lawn breathe, especially before the ice and snow hit.

During each of these preparatory steps, garbage bin rentals provide an easy and convenient way to dispose of yard waste. Simply place your materials into the rental bins, and the removal service will take the waste to dump. Rubbish removal companies also provide a great way to get rid of big, bulky branches and bags of little items like twigs and leaves.

Without the help of garbage bin rentals, you may have to load your car with small bags of yard waste and make multiple trips to the dump. This process is not only time-consuming, but it can also ruin the interior of your car. Don’t waste all day dirtying your vehicle and traveling back and forth from the dump; hire a garbage removal company to gather the rental bins, clean up the mess and take your yard waste to the disposal center.

Using rental garbage bins can save you time and energy as you prep your yard for winter. Keep in mind that while making the outside of your house look good for the holidays is necessary, spending time with family and friends indoors is what’s really important this season. To learn more about how garbage bin rentals in Trenton, ON can help your wintertime preparations, speak with Load-N-Lift Disposal & Haulage today.

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