Five Ways to Make the Most of Dumpster Rentals in Port Hope, ON

Are you ready to dive into your project? If it will require dumpster rentals in Port Hope, ON, there are important things to keep in mind. Using a dumpster can save you time, effort and hassle. It’s an advantageous option for big jobs. But, to make the most of this advantage, you should know the best ways to make use of your dumpster. To get the biggest bang for your buck, follow these five tips:

1. Place your dumpster as close as possible to your debris removal area.

Having a dumpster on site will save you from making multiple trips to a disposal site. Don’t undo this time-save by spending extra minutes hauling debris to the dumpster. Keep it close. Those minutes add up, and so does the labor. Save yourself steps, effort and time by placing your dumpster nearby.

2. Make sure you have space to maneuver around a dumpster.

Remember, people and vehicles will need space to get around the dumpster. Don’t make the mistake of placing your dumpster in a location that blocks access for vehicles or makes it hard to get to. You will need room to get the debris into the dumpster. It also shouldn’t block other work that needs to get done. While keeping it as close as possible to your debris removal area, be sure you allow space to work.

3. Consider your potential debris versus bin sizes before you rent.

How big is the mess you plan to make? With many options available, you can select the disposal bin that best matches your needs. You want to avoid over-spending on a huge container for a minor debris pile, but you also want to ensure you don’t run out of room in your dumpster. Are you working on a small project? Load-n-Lift Disposal and Haulage offers four-yard containers to fit your job. Are you in it for the long haul? 25-yard dumpsters are also available for you! Load-n-Lift is ready with 4, 7.5, 8, 11, 16, 17, 20 or 25-yard containers.

4. Determine whether to dump it or wheel it.

Two methods can be used to get your debris into the dumpster. You can dump it in (sides of container are closed) or wheel it in (sides of container are open) This will depend on the type of job you have to do, the location, space available around the dumpster and other equipment you will be using. Dumping the debris in is often easier and simpler. However, walking into the bin and placing items more intentionally can help maximize your loading capacity.

5. Figure out your rental timeline before you rent.

How long will your project take? It’s important to know the amount of time you will need the dumpster. You don’t want to pay extra rental fees for longer than you need, and you don’t want the dumpster sitting around longer than necessary either. Underestimating your timeline can result in bad situations as well. You may be rushed to complete a project, or realize too late you have returned the dumpster before you should have.

Take the time to sit down and draw up a timeline of when you will start, a well-thought estimate of how long it will take, and what date you can expect to finish and have the dumpster removed. Having this solid plan in place before you begin will save you time and money on dumpster rentals in Port Hope, ON and make the process as smooth as possible.

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