How Garbage Bins in Belleville, ON Can Make Downsizing Easier

For older adults looking to move into smaller living quarters–and for the adult children of those older adults–the prospect of downsizing brings along with it many advantages and things to look forward to. Not the least of these is having a safe, more easily accessible living space free of the challenges of extra staircases, high shelves, lawn care and other things that become more difficult to deal with as we age.

But there’s also a downside to downsizing: actually doing the work of getting rid of things. While it’s easy to say, “You should really get rid of these clothes you haven’t worn in 30 years,” or, “No one needs three cabinets full of commemorative coffee mugs,” it’s a lot harder to take action, particularly when you know that cleaning out a cabinet or two will barely make a dent in the overall project.

This is when garbage bins in Belleville, ON should enter the picture. For many older adults who have lived in their homes for decades, the process of shedding possessions may be much more emotionally difficult than it is for younger people. There may even be the temptation to hang onto items that have long since passed their useful lifespan, just because they have sentimental value, when those items should really just be thrown out. As you and the older adult in your life begin the massive undertaking that is downsizing, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Emphasize the value of getting started now: Particularly if the older adult’s home is full of belongings that hold genuine value to your family, it’s a good idea to downsize because the process can help ensure that valued belongings are properly identified and either distributed or otherwise gotten rid of. Emphasize that this is preferable to being faced with the task after the older adult is gone, when the temptation to dump everything will be greater.
  • Take pictures of items your loved one wants to remember: As an alternative to hanging onto older items, particularly those that are no longer in useful condition, it can be helpful to assemble a photo album containing images of treasured belongings that the older adult can look at and reminisce. This way, they can preserve memories without having to preserve clutter.
  • Plan accordingly for disposal: When you’re getting ready to help your older adult downsize, you should plan ahead to ensure you have the tools you need, such as garbage bins. Not having to create temporary piles, or shift clutter from one room to another, will make the process go much more smoothly.

Getting rid of old, damaged belongings, as well as stuff that by anyone’s definition constitutes trash, only gets more difficult if you have to think too much about how to dispose of it. Thankfully, Load-N-Lift Disposal & Haulage can help you. By providing garbage bins in Belleville, ON, we’ll make the process of discarding old and unwanted items much easier. We’ll bring you the bins, you’ll fill them and we’ll haul them away–it’s just about as simple as that. Call us today and learn how we can make downsizing less of a nightmare, and more of an opportunity to spend time with an older loved one!

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