New Shredder Knife Technology for Superior Plastic and Material Recycling

Major metropolitan areas in North America produce a lot of domestic waste, and the same goes for the outlying satellite cites around these big cities. That’s definitely true for the GTA, and it’s also true for the communities to the east of the city and past Peterborough. Recycling needs to be a priority everywhere in Canada to keep as much waste out of landfills, and plastics and material recycling is a big part of that.

Now of course this has nothing directly to do with waste disposal and dumpster bin rentals in Colborne and Trenton, but all aspects of waste disposal in Ontario are related. The amount of disposable plastic bottles that end up at recycling depots is increasing every year and it’s difficult to stem that tide. But what municipalities CAN do is not only recycle them, but repurpose them.

This is where a new recycling technology is really interesting to people like us who are in the waste disposal and material recycling business.

The Shredder Knife allows recyclers to simultaneously shred, chip, and size on-site, which ramps up production and reduces processing costs.

Up until now recyclers have shredded bottles and various plastic products before granulating them create plastic pellets that are used in all sorts of materials built from recyclables. The extensive process of shredding, screening, and grinding the plastic to size with different equipment and separate processes is too inefficient and also slows the repurposing process.

The Shredder Knife cuts, screens, and sizes in in a single pass and because you can uniformly size plastic scrap you’re able to begin repurposing it much more directly. This also makes recycling and repurposing of plastic more profitable, and that means it will be more readily adopted by more communities in North America.

And it’s got a varied appetite – in addition to plastics it will munch and process rubber, paper, cardboard, wood, fabric, copper wire, aluminum, fiberglass. Even garbage and batteries. In the bigger picture there are so many things made from recycled plastics.

The Shredder Knife is a product from BCA Industries to the South of us here in Ontario in Wisconsin, USA. It will be interesting to see how readily this new technology is incorporated with plastics recycling all across North America.

It’s interesting stuff for us here at Load n Lift, and for waste disposal in Colborne or dumpster bin rentals in Trenton and Colborne we’re your best choice for pricing and service. Any site, any time and we always dispose of collected waste in accordance with municipal and Provincial regulations. You make it, we take it!

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