Prepping Your Lawn for the Fall Season: Why Trash Bins are Essential

From clipping dead branches and dying foliage or dead annuals, to removing decaying yard material, there is plenty to do to get trees and plants ready for the colder months. However, you’re likely to end up with a massive amount of unwanted yard debris to deal with. So, when it comes to prepping your landscape for the fall season, be prepared with trash bin rentals in Northumberland County, to hold all of the yard waste you will accumulate.

As a homeowner with a yard, you are well aware of the work that it takes to maintain it. Keeping in mind that any size property with a lawn, trees and other plants will require routine maintenance on a regular basis, you have to be on the up and up as the seasons change. Why? Because your landscape changes with the warmer or cooler months, as in growth and plant survival.

Start your prepping with the smaller things first. Mow the lawn and pull those weeds so you can see what you are doing with the rest of the yard. Deadhead perennial flower blooms–this means to pinch or cut off remaining dead flowers from year-round plants–to promote healthy growth for the next season and snip away the dried up portions of ornamental grasses. Grass clippings and weeds can go into your green waste bin or compost pile, but if you have a huge yard that creates a lot of clippings, put them in your Northumberland County trash bin rental.

Pull out spent summer vegetable garden plants (roots and all), clear out drying foliage from around your property and cut dead foliage from larger plants. Not removing dead foliage from plants can cause it to not grow back healthy leaves and branches in the spring or cost you more time to have to deal with clean up after the cooler months have passed. Dispose of mulch if it is moldy or appears decayed so that possible disease doesn’t spread throughout your yard.

It’s also important to trim back or lightly prune trees and shrubs in preparation for the colder months. Inspect trees all around and remove dead limbs or branches that have the potential to crack or split in cold weather. You will be amazed at the volume of green debris that comes from a single medium size tree! Also, what if it turns out you have a completely dead tree? Even if you could cut it down yourself, you’d still need to get rid of it. This is why it’s essential to have trash bin rentals in Northumberland County dropped off before you undertake a massive yard clean-up.

Let’s face it–prepping your yard for fall will save you from having to look at an eyesore of dead landscaping until spring. Start your yard clean-up now with the convenience of trash bin rentals in Northumberland County from Load-N-Lift Disposal. You load all the green waste from your property, we haul it off for disposal!

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