Creative Approaches to Trash Disposal Around the World

Here at Load and Lift we’ve never thought much more of ourselves than reliable waste hauling and dumpster rental services for the Colborne and Trenton area of Ontario. We’re also very aware that we don’t do what we do with any measure of uniqueness or creativity. It takes a certain type of person to even be capable of bringing anything out of the ordinary to waste disposal, but they do exist.

In fact, some people or organizations have done trash disposal so differently that they’ve received some acclaim and attention for their efforts. We might be able to draw a smiley face in chalk on the side of any of the dumpster rentals in Colborne and Trenton we send out to you, but that’s really about it. So instead of making light of our shortcomings in this regard, how about we put the spotlight on those around the world who are really getting it done with creative approaches to trash disposal.

Trash for Healthcare – Indonesia

It was a little more than 5 years ago that a doctor in Indonesia saw a potential connection between general health and the way that less than half of the 55K tons of garbage gets collected in Malang City, Indonesia. The resulting Garbage Clinical Insurance program in Indonesia now involves using trash as currency. People can collect the garbage and trade it for medical services and medicines. All ‘trash cash’ collected is then converted into money which is put back into his healthcare network.

Waste management and philanthropy together. How about that!

Garbage Converted into Useable Energy – Sweden

Sweden has an impressive waste-to-energy system that is super efficient and provides direct heating to over 900K Swedish households plus electricity to more than a quarter million individual homes. They’re so into it that now they even see garbage as a commodity, Sweden imports trash from other European countries to fuel its power needs, with 700 kg of rubbish having the potential to turn into 250 kg of energy and fuel.

Amusement Park Made of Rubbish – Uganda

Ruganzu Bruno is an artist and environmentalist in this African country who brings ecological art to the slums of Kampala. He worked with Eco Art Uganda to create an amusement park for children that’s built from discarded materials. Recycled swings and life-size board games made from plastic bottles are just some of the attractions found here, and it’s really quite something to see both the smarts in it and just how much the kids love playing there.

Plastic Paved Streets – India

An Indian chemistry professor has come up with a way to transform common plastic litter into a bitumen substitute for paving roads. This is good all around, not just environmentally. It’s a better coast alternative too, with this plastic substitute replacing up to 15% of the more expensive bitumen usually used.

Landfill-Turned-Eco Park – Hong Kong

The Sai Tso Wan Landfill Park held up to 1.6 million tonnes of waste previously, and the mound of unwanted waste stretched up some 65 metres into the air. They stopped adding to it and closed and sealed it in 1981, but it wasn’t until 2004 that work began on converting it into the playground. They utilized wind turbines, solar cells and energy derived from methane generated from the decomposed trash.

Impressive stuff folks, and wouldn’t it be nice if we had a Made in North America example to add to this list. Maybe we will eventually. In the meantime if you have waste hauling and disposal needs in Colborne or Trenton or need to rent a dumpster bin here, be sure to give us a call for the best in pricing and service.

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