Fall Cleaning Agenda Checklist for a Superclean House

It is September 2016 and Fall is falling upon us already. No better way to get ready for the winter than making sure your furnace is in good working condition, your windows are able to seal shut and there is plenty of insulation in your attic. We recommend to keep your house generally clean and tidy – as you will probably be spending more time indoors during the winter. A clutter-free house can really make up for the shorter hours of daylight.

Back to cleaning… below we have created a general checklist that you can use to help you declutter and clean your humble abode. We hope this will inspire many to prepare for a more comfortable winter at home.

Big items can go into a bin to free up more space will make for more space and openness. Perhaps that old washing machine that you will never use for parts, that couch from your college days or that old carpet that is just collecting mildew, you name it. However, it is also wise to focus on eliminating the microscopic things too, such as dust and pollen left over from this summer.

So below is a general and comprehensive fall cleaning checklist that you can print out and later check off, item by item that includes obvious matters and also the often overlooked.

General cleaning checklist

· Vacuum and/or wipe off ceiling fans
· Declutter and organize the and sweep out the attic; checking for any roof leaks and/or mold checking for any leaks in the roof.
· Wipe off blinds, wash the draperies, and clean your windows
· Dust off any ceiling light fixtures and/or chandeliers
· Clean out the dust piling up in your desktop computer and on the heat sink. Also wipe clean the printer, TV, home theatre, etc.
· Move and clean/mop under your large appliances: washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc.
· Replace all air filters (this also helps to conserve energy)
· Clean behind and under couches other furniture and other hard-to-reach places
· Sweep out the fireplace and perhaps schedule a chimney inspection by a professional
· Remove upholstery cushions, if they have covers, toss them in the washing machine, and vacuum underneath and deep into the crevices of the inner couch (if any).
· Change the batteries in smoke detectors throughout the house.
· Clean all windows streak free

Kitchen to-dos

· Clear out the freezer and defrost it, then wipe it clean…
· Plunge open, clean and sanitize sinks & drains
· Sweep & wash floors, paint over dirty or stained grout – or re-grout between tiles
· Clean the cupboards, cabinets & shelving
· Clean behind, and under appliances, and inside such as the oven & fridge

Bedroom to-dos

· Dust furniture, light fixtures, and shelves, clean under bed and dressers, tables, etc.
· Launder pillows, bedding, mattress pads
· Reorganize clothing in the closet
· Steam clean rugs & carpets
· Flip the mattress, apply new or fresh mattress pad or at least fresh sheets
· De-clutter closets & clean under the beds and baseboards

Bathrooms to-dos

· Clean and sanitize drains, sinks, tubs, showers and toilets
· Wash floors
· Clean tile surfaces and eliminate any black mildew or mold
· Wash bathmats
· Inspect and repair/refresh grout
· Clean out and re-organize your medicine cabinet
· Clean glass & mirrors
· Clean and polish light fixtures
· Restock hand towels and toilet paper

Utility room/basement/laundry room to-dos

· Clean and clear drain and laundry sink
· Clean inside, under, and behind the washer + dryer
· Dust light fixtures
· Clean or change A/C filter
· Dispose of old cleaning chemicals and unused items
· Dust for cobwebs on the baseboard and ceiling
· Sweep & clean the floor

Garage to-dos

· Dust the rafters
· Sweep and wash the floor
· Clean and/or repair snow shovels
· Tune up the snow blower
· Stock up on enough ice melts

Outdoors to-dos

· Clean out and mulch the garden
· Drain the hoses, spin them on a reel and/or store them
· Clean and cover outdoor furniture
· Rake leaves and remove yard debris
· Dig out out gutter deposits and wash out downspouts
· Wash windows (outside)
· Clean and cover the BBQ grill

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