Insights into keeping your home simply Clutter-Free – for Good

If you often have to re-stack slip-sliding magazine piles on your living room coffee table or desk, or you find yourself actually using your dining room table as an assorted knick-knack zone, and can’t open full open a bedroom door because piles of used toys or clothes are in the way, or can’t walk a single straight path across your basement – then the writing is also on the wall that that you need (or really should) enact serious “decluttering measures” inside your home.

The ends justify the means… You will be giving yourself a ton of additional space, creating a sanctuary for finding peace of mind, and helping yourself breathe easier in your home. Really – you will also notice a freshening effect in air quality too. You will be praised by friends & family for a more minimalist lifestyle – which studies have indicated is an environment that provides a great deal of benefits.
How can you keep your home clutter-free for good? Here several tips for you:

The Art of Home De-cluttering:

When it comes to dealing with clutter, the first step is usually the hardest, most challenging and daunting step. But the ball needs to be set in motion and kept rolling. Remember the end result is worth the pursuit.

Not a Place for Everything; rather Everything Needs to Have a Place

When everything has been sorted into a proper place, then it is much easier to keep clutter off counters, tables, coffee-tables, under the couch & any other surface for that matter. If you don’t have them already, install coat hook s or start with hanging up your coat in the closet when you get home. Sternly encourage your children to clean up toys right after they play with them, before dinner, them keep using your imagination.

Help from friends & family

If your place is a total hoarding zone, gain the emotional (and spiritual help) of bringing your friends & family inside your home for a spring cleaning festival. It is easier to depart with sentimental junk to friends & family, even neighbors. Such an event can be a great, productive bonding experience – and they will help hold you accountable to maintain your new improved lifestyle.

Clutters’ main weapon – it sneaks up on you…

For those that have some degree of hoarding syndrome, we take the general concept of clutter buildup for granted. We fail to recognize quickly enough the fact that clutter can and will build up: effortlessly, quickly, and quietly. It is pretty essential to be continuously aware of your surroundings.

Recreational shopping, tips on limiting rather useless spending

How often do your wind-up buying things that you really don’t need? Of course, if you are reading this article – too often. Downplaying recreational shopping is a great way to nip future decluttering before it takes root again. When you get an urge to buy something, insert a waiting period of at least a day or two of time before casting that line or net. The longer you wait the better, but for some items, your need to buy something will be replaced by an urge to buy something else instead; perhaps cutting your excess shopping in half. If you still just have to have it at the end of the waiting period, go for it – you deserve it – especially for having practicing patience.

Don’t Procrastinate putting something away…

A lot of clutter is temporary clutter – items that you have used recently (or use frequently), especially in the kitchen.

When your eyes see something that should, or even just can be put away, then seize that opportunity to put it away! In those moments you can easily insert the extra time. At the top of the list are laundry, dishes and toys. Also the dish drying rack (or even the dishwasher) should not be the general hangout for dishes. Your clean clothes should stay in the laundry basket all week…

Watch Other Hoarders

Misery enjoys company. We’re not prescribing to enjoy the suffering of others, however, watching a documentary about the pitfalls (even fire hazards) of collecting and holding onto too much stuff can aid in motivating you to make such a lifestyle change.

For big jobs, hire a Junk Removal Company

There are all sorts, in some cases literally tones of benefits to hiring an affordable, experienced, and professional junk removal company in the Eastern Ontario metropolitan area. Load-n-lift are the best at what they do. They are experienced on the spot decluttering advisors who can work quickly to help you return your home to what it once was. If you have any questions, please give load-n-lift (contact link) a call right away!

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