Junk Removal Bin Compression – Tips to get more in your bin.

There are so many diverse reasons for renting a junk removal bin in the Lower Mainland. For home renovations (or demolitions), it is an easy way to haul away construction debris: wallboard, roofing material, old windows, and other large and unsightly byproducts of the renovation process.

If you are looking forward to de-cluttering / cleaning-up big-time you can quickly & easily order a dumpster rental bin delivered right to your driveway. You can put virtually anything into it: old furniture, worn out/stinky carpets, dingy mattresses, scrap metal, etc. After you are done throwing things into it, all you have to do is call us. We will send a friendly driver to haul away the bin.

How can you get the most bang for your buck when you rent a removal bin?

Here are some tips:

1st a safety tip: Be very light on hazardous materials

You can physically toss almost anything in your dumpster but should shouldn’t include everything. You should not dispose of hazardous liquids in the bin rental. Certain types of substances, oil for example, are dangerous to health and the environment. Anything flammable, such as cans of gas or propane tanks should not be tossed in either. For obvious reasons Hazardous materials require proper procedures to be followed.

If you organize your junk first, you will be able to fit more of it in the bin.

Our bin rentals are based on capacity size. So once you run out of space to toss more things in, it’s time to have it hauled away even if there are many pockets of air inside it. So to avoid the swiss-cheese effect, don’t just throw stuff in randomly.

Most people just want to get a junk removal or demolition project wrapped up as quickly and effortlessly as possible; fair enough – if that is the goal.

However, that typically means that a lot of stuff is going to get carelessly tossed into your bin – and that might mean losing a lot of cubic space along the way. By organizing things before strategically throwing into the bin – you’ll be able to get much more inside a single bin.

Avoid Overloading

Overfilled bins can cause more problems than it solves. Overloaded bins can turn into transport hazard. It is best to load large items first, then pack in the smaller items. If you have more junk than can safely fit in your dumpster rental, don’t worry. Call us to pick up the full bin. We will remove the bin and negotiate rent for a second bin (usually at a reduced rate). Call Load-N-Lift for all your junk removal projects!

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