Garden Waste Management Tips

Probably doesn’t matter where you are in Southern Ontario – or anywhere else in the Province for that matter – to be able to enjoy the Spring weather that’s been a long time coming around these parts. Along with the warmer temperatures and the emerging colours all around us are longer hours in the day, and there’s something unbeatable about being able to have natura light outdoors after dinnertime.

For a lot of people that time is as good as any to be in their yard or garden getting rid of all the detritus that’s built up over the winter, plus getting the areas ready for summer with plenty of planting, pruning and the like. We may be waste disposal and disposal bin rental experts here in the Trenton and Colborne areas, but you might be surprised a good number of us are avid green thumbs too.

So while we’re happy to pick up yard waste in Trenton, Colborne, or any of the surrounding areas here in Ontario or provide you with a dumpster rental, we know that many of you won’t have mounds and mounds of garden and yard waste to get rid of and you’ll be taking care of that on your own. All good, and we know how there’s always lineups at municipal waste yards with vehicle stuffed full of trimmings and whatnot every day these days.

Call us for Trenton area waste disposal or bin rentals, but here’s some garden waste management tips for those of you who aren’t keeping up an acres-long property around your home.

  1. Make Your Own Compost

Managing garden waste by recycling it yourself is a great idea. Aside from not needing us to pick up waste in Colborne, the compost you can create on your own will be very beneficial for your garden beds for the next season. And if you have more compost than you need you can offer some to your neighbours, or even sell it if you’re so inclined. Google how to compost garden waste and you’ll find this is plenty easy to do. Fallen leaves, old bedding plants, weeds, organic waste from the kitchen – it can all become compost

  • Care for your Lawn Properly

The best way to deal with garden waste is, quite honestly, to make less of it. And proper lawn care is the best way to achieve this. Using quality tools and being proactive in maintaining your lawn and garden is the best start, and from there you’ll want to learn gardening best practices. There’s a lot to this, but one of the things everyone will tell you is that you HAVE TO stay ahead of weeds and other unwelcome growths in your garden. You’ll be thankful you did.

  • Take it to the Municipal Yard

Green waste disposal facilities in Ontario are often municipal dump yards that have a separate section dedicated to yard and garden waste. Usually if you have proof of municipal residency (many people have a sticker on their vehicle indicating this) then you’ll be able to get rid of garden waste in Southern Ontario without paying a charge.

The added benefit here is not only can you get rid of large volumes of yard waste all at once, but these places have the capacity to handle it all and they will also usually compost it themselves too and use the compost for municipality gardening projects that beautify your city or town.

  • Try Grasscycling

Everybody will be familiar with recycling, but what about grasscycling? It’s another great option for managing the green waste that you produce, and what it involves is composting or recycling lawn clippings on your lawn. The mulch you create from it can provide excellent nutrition for your plants, and do this regularly and you’ll find you have much less need for buying separate fertilizers.

  • Goes into the Green Bin

Most will know that the green recycling bins are for organic matter, and that’s where households will put their food waste. If you’ve got a mound of grass clippings, those can go into the green bin too. Don’t add any type of branches or twigs that you’ve trimmed, and especially do NOT put anything with prickles or thorns into there (an example being Blackberry bushes). Leaves and pruned flower tips can go in your green bin too.

Call Load n’ Lift first for your private garbage disposal in Trenton and Colborne needs. We have the best prices on dumpster bin rentals around here too, and we both deliver them and pick them up once filled. Plus, our waste disposal services always include proper and responsible disposing of the waste we collect. We make it so that you don’t have any hassle getting rid of household waste, construction waste, or any other type of material waste that has to go, and go NOW.

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