How you can use a Load N Lift this Fall

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Look, we all have been putting off a few jobs around the ol’ homestead, and now that Summer is quickly finishing up, it is about time that we did something instead of BBQing and drinking wine! With that in mind, the team at Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal has some great tips of what you can do with one of our amazing bins this fall. Remember, Load N Lift bins come in a variety of sizes, and with our convenient drop-off and pick up services, you are practically losing money by having to haul your stuff to the dump!

Fall Cleanup

If you and the misses have been trying to figure out the best solution to deal with a full Fall cleanup, look no further than a Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal bin. With our bins you will be able to take care of that pesky old chair, or the old living room couch and finally do away with it for good. Plus, as you will let us know when to pick it up, you have all the time in the world to finish up your weekend of cleanup, even if it takes a few weeks.

Yard cleanup

As the Summer comes to a close, as does your yard. Unfortunately, many cities around the province have been limiting green bin collection to only a handful of bags, and no one likes dealing with smelly old leaves and decaying green material over a couple of collection periods. Instead, call the team at Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal and let our team take care of the hauling of your green waste. Plus, with our bins, you can pack it as high as you need to, and finally take care of that stump too!


Naturally, as the Summer ends, your precious perennials will need to be treated to a bit of a dirt bath. Instead of dealing with the standard dump of dirt on the driveway with a tarp, why not give the team at Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal a call. We have been supplying smart homeowners with bins that can make for easy loading of dirt, and no mess at the end for you to clean up. It is a win-win for you and your driveway.

Hold a sidewalk sale

We all have stuff that we should throw out, and sometimes you need to take the initiative. Why not chat with your neighbours and see if they want to hold a sidewalk sale. In the end, order a Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal bin and take care of the excess garbage the smart way. With a Load N Lift bin, the cleanup is a breeze, and better yet, as soon as the sale is made and the bin is loaded, give our team a call to come and pick it up. It is that easy, and you can finally make room for that fantastic gym you have wanted for the last five years!

From Fall cleanups to dirt, the team at Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal will help deliver a better fall experience with our workhorse Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal bins!

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