Moving or Renovating in Belleville, Trenton, Cobourg or Port Hope?

Are you moving to or from the Belleville or Trenton area? If you are, chances are, you’re also going to need to get rid of a few things along the way. Moving is never easy, but it’s considerably easier when you take some of the junk you’ve accumulated out of the equation! Load-N-Lift makes it simple to get rid of your excess junk by offering garbage bin rentals to Belleville, Trenton, Cobourg or Port Hope residents!

Plus, Load-N-Lift proudly supports our Canadian Forces Base (CFB) and Trenton Canadian military families with a five percent military discount on all bin rentals–so getting rid of rubbish is even easier if you’re a moving member of the armed forces!

How do I get rid of the rubbish?

Load-N-Lift takes the stress out of getting rid of years of accumulated junk. How, you ask? Well, thanks to our convenient garbage bin rentals in Belleville, Trenton, Cobourg and Port Hope, knocking off your old junk is as easy as giving us a call and letting us know when you need a bin! After just one phone call, we’ll have your bin delivered on time and put exactly where you want it, quickly and courteously. It’s as easy as that!

What about my property?

One of the most common concerns of homeowners–especially those people who are moving to or from a home–is the question of property-friendly equipment. Load-N-Lift is proud to offer property-friendly bins that won’t mark driveways or tear up your landscape! In fact, our unique Hook Lift system gently guides the bin off the truck while we deliver it and picks it back up smoothly when you’re done, ensuring that there’s no collateral damage done to your brand new property or the land you’ll soon be leaving behind.

The upside to tossing your junk!

Spending some time de-cluttering means you’ll have less to pack and less to unpack when you reach your new home. De-cluttering also saves you money, as most moving companies charge per square foot based on the materials being transported. The more you have, the more it costs to relocate and if there’s a good amount of junk that you’re hauling from one place to another, you could be paying for it in more than just time spent packing.

Plus, you don’t want the same clutter in your new home that you’ve lived with for years, do you? Clutter makes it difficult to find items you need and can make unpacking a nightmare. What happens when you’re looking for a specific item that you’ve packed and it’s buried under layer after layer of boxes filled with junk?

Renovate from the start

Garbage bin rentals in Belleville, Trenton, Cobourg or Port Hope are more than just useful for people getting rid of their junk–they’re also great for remodeling projects. Load-N-Lift can help take the stress out of renovating by providing one of our handy bins for the duration of your project–you just throw all of the rubbish and scrap into the bin, without the worry of how or where to get rid of the debris. Leave it to the professionals at Load-N-Lift: we’ll take care of it for you!

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