New Technologies Promise Better Repurposing of Waste in Canada

At this point of the 21st century we’re seeing all sorts of technological advances that are improving the way we live together in urban centres in Canada. Waste management is no exception, and here at Dumpster Rentals by Load-N-Lift Disposal as a waste disposal provider for Trenton and Colborne we’re especially interested in those sorts of advances as they pertain to our industry.

We thought we’d write a new blog post to talk about all these new waste management technologies and the ways they’re making it so that less waste is disposed of and more of it is reused, recycled, or otherwise. So let’s have a look, and keep in mind that the new waste management approaches we’re going to discuss here aren’t exclusive to Ontario. Rather, they’re being implemented across Canada and North America as a whole.

Landfill Biomass and Gas to Electric Energy

Up until recently, landfill gas would otherwise be released uncontrolled to the environment or flared, but now each different Province in Canada has specific plants where it is converted into electric energy. For those of us in Ontario who have suffered through crazy hydro rates, we can certainly appreciate anything that can provide more of the electricity the Province needs. Most of the electric energy created from the repurposing of waste biomass and gas is used to power street lights and traffic signals, as well as other necessary public utilities that need consistent supplies of power. This type of technology is even being used in lesser populated provinces like the Northwest Territories. It’s a very beneficial development.

Bioreactor Technology

Bioreactor Technology is still in its infancy across North America, but it’s something that holds great promise and most municipalities are very excited about what it will be able to do. It involves using controlled fluids, waste input and isolation to reduce wastes in much less time than is normally required. This means less money required by the municipality overall for processing wastes, and bioreactor technology also generates useful landfill gas to power energy conversion engines.

Considering most large municipalities around here collect around 300 tonnes per day of municipal solid wastes, there really is a lot to be excited about here.

Microturbine Technology

Microturbines set up in large fields have yet to be seen around here, but they’re likely to become more commonplace around North America in the future. They too generate electric energy from landfill gas, with the gas being the fuel that turns the turbines. Small, light, portable and easily assembled, microturbines are an efficient means to generate electricity from landfill gas that would otherwise be released without any repurposing benefit.

Fuel Cell Technology

Fuel cell technology has been in development for a long time, and the most well known example of it is hydrogen cell fuel technology which was supposed to be the automotive fuel of the future. We know that hasn’t worked out as planned, but we can expect fuel cell technology to still be a part of smart waste repurposing in Ontario and elsewhere. Converting methane gas into the hydrogen components for fuel cell operation is a work in progress, but it’s worth the amount of money the Provincial and Federal governments are putting into the development of it. Biodiesel is another example. It is a nontoxic, biodegradable replacement for petroleum diesel that is made from vegetable oil, recycled cooking oil and tallow (animal fat).

Biodiesel technology rounds out our listing of the ways waste can be converted into useable substances and energies. Converting cooking oils and grease into a functional clean-burning diesel fuel substitute is another way we can be a little greener in the future.

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