Stay Home Project Ideas!

The weather might have turned a little more beautiful from the earlier snow, but the team at Load N Lift Bins does realise that these times continue to be unprecedented. We are still embracing the click and collect lifestyle for everything from Canadian Tire to grocery stores. We have continued to serve our community with social distancing and an emphasis on keeping our employees and our clients safe. So, with that in mind, we have embraced the change, and can finally get some jobs done around the house. Some of them include an excellent use for a Load N Lift Bin, while others are simply essential projects you need to tackle in June to prep your home for summer 2020!

Take care of the pests

June is the month where the back is alive with plant life and critters, and it is the ideal time to spot what could be an issue later on. If you have a fenced-in yard and start to notice bunnies, or other critters getting in, it might be time for a quick inspection of the base of the fence. You may have some holes you might need to repair. As well, if your notice significant insect presence, take a look at the source, and you may have an anthill or something of the life to take care of before it becomes a significant problem.

Put down mulch

One of the best ways to ensure that your flower beds are moist during the hot summer is to put down mulch. You can use a Load N Lift bin to provide the storage, and you can shovel away for both your front and back beds. Mulch provides a layer of protection from the sun and heat while allowing plants to enjoy the water for days on end.

Remove green waste

If you slacked in May and did not want to tackle the waste and overgrown backyard, then June is a great time to do it! You can use a Load N Lift Bin as your green waste bin, and our team can hail it away once it is done! No matter if you are tackling some fickle blackberry bushes or looking to remove some significant trees or shrubs, our bins can handle it!

Time to re-do the deck!

If you are tired of looking at the worn old back deck, then it might be time to consider a replacement. A Load N Lift bin can be used to provide waste management, and we can handle any deck waste by the bin full! Then, you can focus on redesign, installation and finishing! A new deck can be yours, and we are here to help your Stay Home project!

From deck renovations to putting down mulch, Load N Lift Bins are here to support your June projects. Call us today, and see how our team can help support your next project big or small!

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